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Adrenal Exhaustion

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


(Myristica fragrans)
Traditionally used to stimulate appetite, to ease minor muscle and joint aches and pains and to support healthy digestion, gallbladder, immune, hormone and nervous system function.



Traditionally used to support mental clarity, brain function and soothe minor stress and nervous tension.


Revitalize is used to support energy levels, adrenals, immune response and red blood cell production and ease inflammation.


May support healthy hormone and thyroid function and ease symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and weight gain.


Zest is a mentally stimulating blend to promote mental alertness and boost energy. It is uplifting and stress relieving.


Article: The Kalish Method - An Effective Way to Address and Heal Adrenal Fatigue
“What we find is that if we just restore what’s missing in the person for a period of six months or maybe at the most 12 months, the adrenal glands and the internal production of these hormones comes back,” Dr. Kalish explains. “So, we’re actually restoring the normal production of these hormones in the body. The treatments, therefore, are relatively short-term; six months to a year. The only way we’ve found to do this real repair process is to use these really low dosages of DHEA and pregnenolone over a period of time."

"What’s interesting about the thyroid and the adrenals is that as the cortisol levels go up, one of the normal body mechanisms is to downregulate thyroid,” Dr. Kalish says. “So, most everybody with high cortisol is going to have lower than ideal thyroid hormone levels. At that point, it becomes a decision as to if you want to work on the adrenals, work on thyroid, or work on both together...

More than 90 percent of the time, the adrenal program is enough to restore thyroid function. The biggest reason [for doing] the adrenals first is that when you start taking thyroid hormones your internal production of thyroid hormones drop. With the adrenal glands, it’s the opposite. When you start to take these adrenal-support products, your internal production of adrenal hormones comes back. If you can restore adrenal function, you can save the person from having to be on thyroid medications potentially for the rest of their life."

Adrenal Fatigue Center by Michael Lam, M.D., M.P.H., A.B.A.A.M.

How Adrenals Can Wreck Havoc by Stop the Thyoid Madness

Adrenal Fatigue vs Hypothyroidism by Marek Doyle DipAET, a nutritional therapist and allergist 

Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. James Wilson

The Methylation Cycle - This article addresses the cause of symptoms and suggests supplements to resolve the adrenal issues.

Iodine, Adrenals, Thyroid and Cysts by Nourishing Plot

Adrenal Fatigue: Iodine Deficiency and Bromide Toxicity

Pantethine/Pantothenic Acid "Pantethine is critical to the management of auto-immune disorders as well as adrenal fatigue. Pantethine allows the adrenal glands to generate more cortisone which is an anti-stress hormone. With more cortisone produced, the body's inflammatory response is reduced. For maximum effect, it should be used in conjunction with a high dose nutritional cocktail of vitamin C, lysine, proline, bioflavonoids, pine bark extract, glycine, carnitine, magnesium, frutooligosaccharides, glutamine, and ascorbyl palmitate."

Magnesium Deficiency
Magnesium is a mineral used by every organ in your body, especially your heart, muscles and kidneys. Low magnesium may be the cause of:
- unexplained fatigue or weakness
- abnormal heart rhythms
- muscle spasms
- eye twitches
Researchers have also found that people who consume higher levels of magnesium tend to have lower blood sugar levels and insulin levels. 
Sources of Magnesium 
Green leafy vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard
Seeds, like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. 
Juicing your vegetables is an excellent option to ensure your getting enough of them in your diet.
Adrenal Cocktail 
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar (source of potassium) or Potassium Bicarbonate
4 oz Orange Juice (fresh squeezed is best to utilize the Vitamin C complex)
1/4 tsp Himalayan or Sea salt or Celtic salt (source of sodium and 90+ minerals)
Take 2x daily on an empty stomach close to 10AM and 3PM and anytime you feel anxious.
People report that this reduces anxiety, increases energy and helps with adrenal fatigue. If you try this, please let us know your experiences with it.

The following anecdotal testimonies have not been reviewed by the FDA.
The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease.
Information shared on the HEO website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice given by your trusted health care provider.
We believe that essential oils are provided by the Lord to support our health and well-being.
The Lord is our wisdom, protector and healer.
(Genesis 1:29-30, Ezekiel 47:12) 

1. I had adrenal exhaustion caused by a very chronic pathogenic illness. For the adrenals to recuperate, I needed a lot of protein with every meal. I regressed terribly when I tried to do a cleanse or vegetable juicing. I had to do cleansing very, very slowly and listen to my body. Potential essential oil blend helped with the brain fog. Since I am very sensitive to heat, I also sprayed my body with a mixture of peppermint and water to cool myself. A liquid vitamin and mineral supplement was very important to my recovery.

2. My daughter-in-law complained of feeling "dense" in thinking. I sent her Potential, put told her to put a little on her fingertips and run it gently through her hair above her forehead, lightly touching her scalp. She really likes this blend and says it helped clear the “fog.”

3. My entire adrenal, pituitary, thyroid “loop” was off and so were the rest of my hormones. I was such a mess that my family was afraid that I’d die on them. I could hardly stay awake for any length of time, and naps were over two hours long! I saw a long list of allopaths and specialists and was diagnosed with environmental sensitivities, a tick bite infection, mineral deficiencies and on and on. I started using Frankincense and Vitality, and after just three days, my brain function clicked back in. I cleaned my house and cooked a meal for the first time in months. I was very tired afterwards, but I did it. In just a few weeks I weeded the flowerbeds and did a little part-time work. I’d come home and take a quick nap and be ready to go again. After six weeks I noticed that my eyesight was much clearer, I could think clearly and quickly, my hearing even seemed better! I put Vitality on my ankles and thyroid and diffused Frankincense as well as applied it to my temples, base of neck at hairline, thumbs and big toes.

4. Adrenals need a lot of B vitamins and minerals – more than you can imagine. They seem to gobble them up! Feed your adrenals. Take a look at an easily absorbed liquid vitamin/mineral supplement. Nutmeg and Clove both have cortical steroid action, although I didn’t try using the Clove. I took Nutmeg orally - 1-3 drops until my energy returned, and then I stretched it out to 1 drop hourly until I felt over the hump. Nutmeg helped me so much; it far exceeded what adrenal glandulars did for me. I’ve read that it takes 2-4 months to heal an organ, so be patient and don’t give up.

[HEO's Comment: You can fit about 15 drops of oil in a "0" capsule. You may combine several different oils into one capsule. To avoid risk of irritating the throat, esophagus or stomach, we only use up to 3 drops in a capsule and fill the rest with a carrier, which may make the essential oil more bioavailable. More does not equal better. The maximum daily limit of Nutmeg is one drop (See the specific detail page for specific cautions.) Start slowly and see how your system tolerates ingesting the oils. Ask yourself: "Why do I need to take internally? Unless otherwise noted on the detail page (e.g. Pennyroyal), our oils are suitable to be taken internally/orally with wisdom and understanding of safety issues involved with the specific oil. Typically 1-2 diluted drops is all that should be taken at a time, no more than 3 times daily, unless under the care of a health care provider who has experience with essential oil ingestion. We feel that in most cases, topical use or inhalation are the best methods to address issues. I typically save oral use for flu or other infections. Taking daily is not recommended especially if you have liver or kidney issues, as those organs have to filter. Otherwise, a few drops with a carrier oil (or on bread) is fine occasionally as needed.]

5. My husband had a heat stroke and was really in bad shape. He couldn't lift a fork to feed himself. After about a week of no significant improvement, a friend suggested that we diffuse Frankincense essential oil. In less than 24 hours my husband was able to get out of bed and walk into the living area. He fed himself, and then returned to bed for a nap. The turn around was remarkable. We continued to diffuse Frankincense for the next 6 weeks, and he grew stronger every day. - L.B.

6. Revitalize blend has literally turned my life around. After using it for a few weeks, I felt like a new person. When I ran out, I didn't replace the bottle right away because I was feeling so good. But within a few days, I dipped and fatigue overtook me again. I know my body is dealing with a number of health issues and gaining ground, but I'm not ready to go without this blend just yet. It keeps me going while my body is healing on the other fronts. All I have done with the blend is apply it to the bottoms of my feet morning and evening. I've not diffused it or taken it internally. It's hard to believe that something so simple can be so effective! - D. C.

7. Wow, what a great blend! I can't believe the difference Revitalize has made for me, and my family feels like they have Mom back among the living again. Has anyone else told you that it clears brain fog as well? I feel so much more connected now. I almost didn't try this because of the steep price, but now that I've seen such incredible results, I think, "What would a doctor's visit have cost me?" "What drugs would he have put me on that would have wrecked havoc on the rest of my body, and how much would that have cost both in $$ and physically?" For $30 I have my life back, and I feel like my body is healing for the first time in years. Thanks for a great blend! ~ C. C.

8. GAPS diet testimonial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Two years ago, I became extremely sick with with CFS (so bad I was bed-ridden most of the time for a year). I started the GAPS diet 4 months ago, and within a month I was out in the park taking walks again. It's remarkable. Natasha (the author) stresses that the body can heal itself. It constantly renews and regenerates worn out, tired cells. But providing those building blocks is absolutely crucial, and this is what GAPS is all about. I'm still in the intro. because I'm having phenomenal success with it... albeit coping with some horrendous die-off. I'm really excited to see where I'll be by the end of the year. It's a day-to-day process. There are many ups and downs, but no doubt the trend is one of recovery. I was stunned at how quickly I was up and moving around. So patience is key. You can't start this expecting to feel better overnight. You'll feel better, then experience a round of die-off where you wonder why you ever decided to do this, and the cycle will repeat itself. I'd rather suffer for a short time now and completely "resolve" the problem than to continue to watch my body fall apart for the rest of my life.

9. I have suffered from seasonal depression and chronic fatigue for years. Your Revatalize and Sunshine blend have helped immensely! - Mary

10. I am a middle-aged male and was extremely tired all the time yet not able to sleep. I walked around with a foggy-brained. I learned that if the blood sugar gets too low while sleeping, the body wakes you up to keep you from going into a coma. Being awake stimulates enough glucose to keep you from sleeping permanently. These were the steps I took to turn my life around:

1) If/when I awake in the night, I eat some fruit and go back to bed.
2) Before bedtime, I drink a protein drink, which provides a slow-release source of glucose.
3) I eat smaller meals - graze rather than feast.This levels out the glucose and may help speed up metabolism for better weight control.
4) Dense proteins are desirable, long-lasting sources of glucose that I eat before 3 pm. I added free-range, organic eggs, organic, free-range chicken and organic wild salmon. Other than the protein shake, I want all foods digested before I climb into bed.
5) I supplement with Green Pasture BLUE ICE Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, Cinnamon Tingle for my essential fatty acids. Research shows that EFAs improve glucose and insulin control. It's also good for the brain (remember my foggy brain?), heart, joints, liver and so on. I read that Clove and Thyme essential oils dramatically slow fatty acid breakdown and oxidation, so I add some of HEO's Endurance blend to my CLO.
6) I did a colon cleanse, because if the colon is not right, that can cause a leaky gut causes brain fog.
7) I did a liver cleanse and use HEO's Liver/Gallbladder blend topically over my liver daily. A sluggish liver is not helping you, so do what you can to clean and support liver function.

11. A year ago a good friend and holistic health professional told me about an MD who recovered from MS that she thought might be worth checking into. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome eighteen years ago. Ove those eighteen years, the quality of my life diminished to the point where I had a difficult time ever leaving my home. I became extemely frustrated and almost lost all hope that I'd ever lead a normal life again. After viewing the video on YouTube of Dr. Wahls explaining her diet, I became very hopeful that it might actually have a positive effect on my life. After only a week of eating her diet, I awoke from my first good night’s sleep in eighteen years, and I quickly realized that I didn't feel any of the normal aches and pains that were a normal part of my life with CFS. The chronic pain was gone. I couldn't believe that just by changing my diet I could get my life back. Within the next week I noticed that not only did my aches and pains go away, but I began to feel my brain fog clear. I could literally feel my brain open up and clear out the cobwebs that had frustrated me for the last eighteen years.

12.I struggle with reactive hypoglycemia. I don't know about the oil's involvement, but I can tell you what has helped the sugar crashes and insomnia. I've found that adrenal issues, hormonal issues and health issues are often all wrapped up together. A few months ago I went auto-immune protocol PALEO - including no sugar - with one of my sons, who'd been struggling with a variety of health issues for over a year. The first thing we noticed (after a horrid week of detox) was that the sugar crashes were fewer and farther between. After a month, the crashes were almost non-existent, my insomnia was gone and my hormonal symptoms had greatly decreased if not gone away. I agree with Ron's testimony above (#12), with the exception that I can't eat just a fruit at night or I will crash again soon. A small amount of fruit (for me) needs to be coupled with a little protein (think walnuts, few bites of chicken, nut butters if you eat those, etc). - Aimee

13. My chiro said I had adrenal fatigue. I suspect I my cortisol is low in morning and high at night just based on symptoms. I have been using Vitality for this for a couple of years and have had great results. I have to use it in the morning, no later than 10am, or it keeps me up at night. I got sick a few months ago and was in bed for 2 days straight. I didn't use it then, and it was very clear that it was helping when I started back to my regular routine. All symptoms improved for me although I didn't know how much until I didn't use it for some time. I never got back to where I think I should be, but I was feeling better overall. I got to the point where I didn't feel I needed a nap every day and could keep up with daily life. I also got my eyebrows back. During this time I also discovered I am severely anemic, so I don't know how much was anemia vs. adrenal fatigue. I apply it topically over my adrenals and my thyroid. I really don't know how long it took to see improvement; I just realized one day I was doing better. I do know that it wasn't until after I began taking iron though. - Cindi

14. Adrenal Cocktail from Joyce
1 cup of orange juice
1/2 tsp of cream of tartar
1/2 tsp of himalayan salt.
I drink half of this at around 10 AM, and the other half at 3 PM
I mix it with some zero-calorie seltzer water

15. I have been taking a bunch of supplements for my adrenal fatigue. The oils I use regularly are Zest (over the adrenal area and on my thyroid area) and Master (on the inside of my ankles). Diet is huge, along with providing the right supplements and support for your adrenals. You can heal yourself to the point of feeling good rather quickly, but complete healing in an ongoing process. Especially if you have ongoing stress as that taxes the adrenals. Besides what I mentioned above, sleep is critical. At the beginning of my healing, I would force myself to go to bed by 9:30 even if I wasn't able to fall asleep right away. Then my husband would let me sleep as long as I could. Some mornings it would be 9 or 9:30 before I got out of bed. Eventually my sleep patterns shifted. Now I go to bed about 10 and get up around 7. Jumping out of bed still isn't possible on most days, but after being awake for about 10 minutes, just praying or thinking about the day makes my cortisol levels begin to rise enough and give me motivation for the day.

16. I have enjoyed using HEO's Revitalize blend (on bottoms of feet morning and evening) and Vitality (on thyroid morning and mid afternoon) for over a year and can definitely feel that it has helped me. I also recommend a book my naturally-inclined MD had me purchase: Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome.

17. A naturopath helped me through adrenal fatigue in 1999. I hadn't heard of essential oils then. Our plan included Standard Process "Drenatrophin" (a supplement containing bovine grandular extract), constitutional hydrotherapy and dietary changes based on testing. Several times a day, I had a pinch of high quality salt. Also recommended is more sleep if possible and a diet rich in high quality meat. Last, but not least, find a few scriptures about God's provision of peace and lean hard on Him. The first two approaches gave me rapid improvement, though it took some time to feel really well again. (I still tend toward adrenal fatigue and take an herbal supplement each morning plus B vitamins.) - Helen