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Aerobic 07
Aerobic 07

Aerobic 07

- Easy to use oxygen supplement
- Laboratory tests prove Aerobic 07 releases more oxygen than any competitor
- Concentrated, 6 drops 2 times daily
- Comes highly recommended in Prescription for Nutritional Healing
- Releases oxygen in ROS form (Reactive Oxygen Species)

- Oxygen supports friendly flora, and most anaerobic forms of bacteria cannot thrive in a highly oxygenated environment
- Oxygen helps boost the immune system
- Oxygen helps detoxify the body and plays an important role in pH balance
- Oxygen is necessary for the chemical reactions that "harness" energy out of our foods

For specific questions: 800-798-0707

1. We used this when we traveled to a foreign country to purify our drinking water. None of us got the dreaded revenge bug. We added just a couple of drops per glass of water, stirred and let it work for a few minutes before we drank it.

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