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Aphasia (Difficulty Communicating)


Traditionally used to support mental clarity, brain function and soothe minor stress and nervous tension.


We don't have any testimonies for aphasia, but our best suggestion would be to try Potential on the brain stem area and/or a drop under the tongue several times daily.

I found this testimony about a stroke victim:
This 49-year-old lady came in after collapsing in the USA with a left cerebral infarct and right sided weakness. The lady had dysphasia and in 1986 she also had a myocardial infarction.

Before the treatment: This patient received 11 aromatherapy massage treatments with Lavender and Mandarin essential oil blend. [HEO's comment: Aromatherapy massage "treatments" use diluted essential oils.] The aim/objective of the face massage treatment was to help increase the tone on the right side of the face. There was flaccidity in both cheeks, slight tightness at the base of the tongue, and on the left side under the chin. By the 5th treatment, there were great improvements. The face muscles had good tone, in both cheeks and base of the tongue and neck area. The patient could manage to say a few words. By the 8th treatment, the tone in the cheeks felt much better and not as flaccid.

After the treatment: The patient could speak using more intelligible, spontaneous words, though she continued to be severely dyspraxic.