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Bedwetting Enuresis


(Cupressus sempervirens)
Traditionally used to support healthy lung and circulatory function, circulatory system, veins, blood capillaries and mild issues relating to the menstrual cycle. 


Enuresis / Bedwetting

The following is shared by Julie Meekins with March Forth Family
Got a bedwetter? Sometimes the problem is the brain not knowing where the body is in time and space. Here's a tried and true method countless families have used to eliminate bedwetting in their children:

Arm and Leg Squeezes (deep pressure): You want their brain to wake up to feel things more appropriately. How do you do that? It is about getting specific stimulation to the brain. Note that I said "specific" not random. There is a great deal of random stimulation (overkill) in our world today; all that does is confuse things.

Our recommendation is this: Every day for about five minutes at a time, several times a day, give your child arm and leg squeezes. Deeply massage all four limbs several times a day and it will give signals to the brain that will enable the child to know where his or her body is in time and space. We did this activity with our children. Our hyperactive child began to settle down and now is no longer hyperactive. Squeeze just below the pain threshold. You don't want it to hurt but you want them to feel it. Every child is different in how they feel it. So you will have to experiment with your child.

Most children LOVE this activity. Some children have to get used to it at first but then they begin to request their squeezy time and look forward to it.
This concludes what Julie Meekins shared.

For incontinence, see Kidney/Bladder.

Magnesium for Incontinence PubMed study

1. Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) to treat chronic bedwetting. Several drops of cypress oil should be put in a carrier oil for massage. The oil should be rubbed onto the child's stomach right before bedtime.

2. We have seen great success with by rubbing Cypress oil over the bladder area at night for our son! I chose the Cypress because I had come across a few testimonies that it had worked for other children.   Thought we might as well give it a try, and sure enough, it does work!!!

3. My 7-year-old son has always wet the bed. I started rubbing Cypress on his belly before bed, and after 1 week of doing that the bed wetting stopped. We've enjoyed using the oils for different things. - Christy M.

4. Timing of results [apply deep pressure] definitely depends on the person, some respond faster than others. I know that we had to do it a little longer after the start of seeing results, but can't remember the exact timing. - Katie

5. Katie is spot-on when noting that the time it takes for there to be a change in the bedwetting totally depends on the child. For our daughter, it was two weeks! We have been at this with our children and with clients for 18 years and have realized that some kids have *sludge* in the pathways to the brain and need more time to clear it out in order to make the connections and therefore see the changes. Arm and Leg Squeezes, hand-held vibrators, weighted blankets, etc. all give INPUT into the brain to help the brain know where the body is in time and space and to give the proper triggers for things like "it is time to go to the bathroom." We have also seen an immune system (allergies, etc.) component to the problem as well. - Julie

6. We found the deep pressure to be a very desirable time spent with our children, and we felt it worked very well. It's not an "overnight" fix, but it seems like it started working after a month of so. - Linda

7. I bought Cypress specifically for potty training and it helped my 2 (now 3) yr old greatly!! He hasn't gone in his bed in a long time, but when we thought he was good, then he'd go in his bed, the next few nights I'd put it on him and he would last a long time. Now he really never goes in bed... I love that my friends told me about essential oils! They've changed our lives!! - Shae

8. We have used Cypress oil, and so far it has been the most beneficial. My son is a heavy sleeper and goes hard during the day, so, if he gets overly tired, he may still wet the bed. I've heard that calming them a while before bed with a bath and then limiting anything too stimulating on the brain, such as TV, Internet, etc. is helpful. We now do this in addition to Cypress oil with good results. -Valerie

9. My boys wet the bed and after one chiropractic adjustment for one of them, never wet the bed again. Sometimes it takes repeated adjustments but we have seen excellent results. Also, Cypress essential oil works well if rubbed over the bladder every night before bed. You can also firmly massage arms and legs throughout the day and I have heard that helps something register things in the brain better and aids in knowing when they need to go at night. - Rachel

10. One of my sons was allergic to wheat. No wheat = no bed wettingCypress oil did help if we knew he had had some. - Kelly

11. I started doing the squeeze method mentioned above lately with my 8-year-old daughter who has anxiety (OCPD, phobias), is gifted, and inattentive. I'm trying some EOs to help her, but this squeezing has helped her anxiety and to be able to relax and sleep. She has a very low pain threshold and surprisingly enjoys a pretty strong squeeze. I'm going to start doing it with my 4-year-old son who still wets several times a week (bedwets nightly), has no fear, very high pain tolerance and is hyperactive. I hadn't really thought about how it would help his body awareness. - Brandy

12. I thought this was a great EO story to share: I work with a non-profit organization in Haiti and we have two orphanages. This story came from a small team that worked at the orphanage all last week. "A previous team identified a need for the twelve (12) Thomazeau orphans. All of the kids were wetting their beds overnight causing the staff to wash their sheets and clothes every morning. As you know, there are no washers & dryers at Thomazeau, so the Haitian staff was doing this by hand and hanging them out to dry. This was a monumental task each day, not to mention that the mattresses were ruined. The previous team purchased new mattresses and ordered new plastic covers from the States for our team to bring in. Upon our arrival, our team helped remove the old mattresses and installed new ones with plastic covers the first day we were there. Two women on our team also gave the Haitian staff some Cypress to rub on the kid’s stomachs to help. The next morning, only one (1) child had wet the bed and the results have been similar ever since. What a huge relief for the Haitian staff! Praise God!" - Sandy

13. Our 10-year-old son was cured of bedwetting using Cypress. It took a couple of weeks, but he is now dry every night! - Sandi

14. Having read the testimonies concerning Cypress and bed wetting, I wondered if Cypress would help me with sudden bladder urges. I am pleased to say that it has been of great benefit!. I diluted Cypress in a roll-on, and I applied it upon getting up and going to bed. It has almost completely taken care of those sudden urges. I now apply it less frequently, and it is still helping. - Iris

15. I gave some Cypress to a friend whose 10-year-old daughter was still wetting the bed. She rubbed it on her abdomen, and she never wet the bed again. - Barbara