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Blood Clots

Helichrysum Corsican

(Helichrysum italicum) from Corsica (also known as Everlasting, Immortelle)
Supportive for healthy hearing, skin, blood pressure levels, nerves, respiratory and circulatory system, and veins. May ease the symptoms associated with bruising and minor bone injury.

Helichrysum Substitute Blend

Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Herpes virus, blood pressure, blood clots, heart issues, liver issues, circulatory, eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, nerves


Helichrysum (also consider Helichrysum Blend) may help support health blood function. 

1. I had a blood clot that extended down the side of my leg from hip to knee. The affected leg was double the size of my other. My doctor had been giving me increasing doses of Coumadin up to a current dose of 20 mgs. This had been going on for nine months with no improvement, and I became increasing concerned about internal bleeding from that much Coumadin. The Essential Oils Desk Reference suggests Helichrysum for blood clots, so I began by putting it on my leg and covering the clot with a warm cloth to work the oil further into the area. Within a week, the clot was three quarters smaller and the swelling in the leg had gone down considerably. - Ruth