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Bone Spur


(Betula lenta)
Supports healthy bone, joint and muscles, cortisone-like action. (Almost identical to Wintergreen.)

Respiratory Relief

Immune supportive and may ease symptoms of colds, sinus congestion, coughs, and seasonal allergies. 


1. I started having some minor pain in my right heel that, within a couple of weeks, increased to the point that I was minimizing how much I walked. I found myself shifting my weight to other areas of my foot (which started causing me back and joint pain) and was limping around. I was getting very annoyed, and I had no idea what was going on. When I prayed about it, I felt like the Lord showed me it was a bone spur. I asked Linda what her suggestion would be for that, and was surprised when she told me "Respiratory Relief." I already had some Respiratory Relief that I had been diffusing for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and have had very good results with. She suggested that I apply a few drops consistently, several times daily to my heel. I had been using the oils for over a year with very good results, but I have to say, when Linda suggested a "respiratory" blend for this, I was a little skeptical. That soon melted away as the pain became almost imperceptible. I apply 2-3 drops once or twice a day if I am on my feet a lot, or once every day or two if I'm not. Many times, I forget it is even there. I use it less and less as time goes on. I am so pleased and amazed! The more I learn and use the oils, the more I am in awe of God and His provision for us. Thank you Jesus! - Betty

2. It’s my experience that bone spurs respond very well to Respiratory Relief. I certainly don’t understand the “science” of what goes on, but I know of several people who have had great results with Respiratory Relief.

3. My brother had 4 bone spurs on his foot. He applied Birch on his heel daily. In one month he went back to his doctor for another X-ray and two of the spurs had disappeared! He uses the oil daily and is no longer in pain and trusts that the other two will disappear as well.

4. I had a heel spur that I used Respiratory Relief on. It took about 3 weeks of applying it morning and night. I haven’t had any problems now going on six months. A friend of mine was getting shots for her troublesome spur, and when I told her what I’d done, she wanted to try it also. She said the shots weren’t doing a thing to help her and figured she’d try out my oils. After just a few weeks, she reported that she has no more pain or spur.

5. I have fibromas (benign tumor composed of fibrous or connective tissue) on both feet. They are painful as they grow and push against the shoe. I was told that there is no treatment, but they were wrong! Linda at Hopewell Essential Oils suggested using one of the pain blends. I had Pain Patrol, so I tried that. I put it in a roll-on applicator for ease of application. It's been about 6 weeks since starting the treatment, and even though I was not consistent, one fibroma is gone and the other, larger fibroma is much, much smaller on the other foot. It will be gone soon. These do take time, and I'm sure it's better for us to be consistent, but essential oils do work on them. I'm so happy not to have the pain and irritation anymore. - Tina

6. I used Respiratory Relief on my bone spur, and it doesn't bother me now. I read that others used it and went back for an X-ray, and spurs where gone. - Britta