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(Betula lenta)
Arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, muscular pain, tendinitis, cortisone-like action

Deep Healing

Deep tissue, bruises, fractures, sprains and joint pain as well as skin inflammation such as psoriasis and eczema

Fire Power

Joint pain, frozen joints, muscle strains, lower back pain. Consider using with handy roll-on applicator.


Bone pain, torn ligaments, anti-inflammatory, circulation, arthritis, joint pain, sport's injuries, sprains, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia


Slipped disc, compressed vertebrae, lower back pain, calcified joints, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel


Helpful for bruises, fractures, sprains, joint pain, back pain, is uplifting and calming. Available without carrier (see Size/Price). (Formerly called Bones and Joints.)


(Valeriana officinalis)
Tranquilizing properties, sleep disturbances, insomnia, indigestion, migraine, tension, anxiety





1. I broke my arm just above my wrist, and at the hospital the staff offered me pain medication right away. I didn’t want to take it because I was nursing my baby, and I didn’t want to have to stop, which I would have had to do to protect her from the harmful effects of the drug. The diligent staff kept offering me the medication, and I kept refusing. When the doctor arrived, he told me that he might be able to set the bone without surgery, but that it would be very painful, and since I’d refused the pain medication, he was not hopeful that it would work. He told us that if he couldn’t get it set, I’d need surgery. I’d applied PAIN-X right after my accident, and was not in as much pain as they assumed I must be in. We re-applied Pain-X, prayed for grace and opted for him to try it. He injected local numbing, and I felt tons of pressure as he pulled on my arm, but not a drop of pain. The doctor was amazed.

2. VALERIAN has neuro-protective properties and sedative and anti-convulsant effects. It also has GABA-like action and reduces anxiety. I have used this with profound results for pain after trauma to my teeth in a bike accident and a broken bone. I put about 6 drops in a capsule with a couple drops of PEPPERMINT to help with the taste. I took 2 capsules 3-4 times daily as needed for pain.

3. Linda (my daughter) felt to mixed up a blend of oils for me to try it on my frozen finger joint. The pointer finger on my left hand been frozen in the pointing position for over a year and was very painful, especially if I bumped it. Linda warned me that it might be too “hot”, but I didn’t experience uncomfortable heat with FIRE POWER at all. I also didn’t experience immediate pain relief either. After a couple of hours I noticed that the finger moved a bit. It was bedtime, but when I awoke in the night I re-applied Fire Power. By morning, I could hardly wait to call Linda. Not only did the finger move, but I also could make a fist, unscrew jar lids and there was NO PAIN!

4. I have hip bursitis due to my work in the construction business and repetitive injury. My health care practitioner recommended I use BONES AND JOINTS alternating with REGENERATION, and I am doing much better.