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Basil ct linalool

(Ocimum basilicum) ct. linalool
Soothe pain, respiratory, ear discomfort, insect bites, mental fatigue


Soothing blend of oils traditionally used to ease minor tissue trauma, bruises, swelling and inflammation.


(Cupressus sempervirens)
Traditionally used to support healthy lung and circulatory function, circulatory system, veins, blood capillaries and mild issues relating to the menstrual cycle. 

Helichrysum Substitute Blend

Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Herpes virus, blood pressure, blood clots, heart issues, liver issues, circulatory, eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, nerves


(Lavandula angustifolia)
One of the most versatile essential oils. Used to support healthy lung function and blood pressure, promote restful sleep, ease nosebleeds and soothe minor skin issues and burns.


Essential oils noted to help with bruising:
Birch (not suitable for children - See the cautions on the Birch detail page)
Marjoram, Sweet
Roman Chamomile
Rosemary ct cineole
BruisEase blend


1. For common bruises, I apply Basil on location and most of the time it prevents a bruise from ever forming. Sometimes I also add Birch.
2. I bumped into the corner of my desk and earned a large, purple bruise on my thigh. That same day I bruised my calf. I applied Helichrysum Blend on my thigh twice and left the one on my calf alone. In two days the bruise on my thigh has disappeared while the one on my calf is still purple!
3. When I donated blood, I was left with a bright purple bruise about the size of a baseball on my arm. After several days, I remembered to apply Lavender on it a couple of times. In two days the bruise was gone.
4. I fell one evening and caught myself with my left hand, which resulted in a sore wrist and an ugly purple pool of blood to swell up. It was a few hours before I could get home and get some oils on it, so by the time I did arrive home, my wrist was fairly swollen and purple. I decided to try out the Helichrysum Blend to see how effective it would be alone, and I was amazed. Right before my eyes the swelling lessened and within an hour there was only a slight purple discoloration.
5. For all kinds of bruises, both slight and severe, I apply a blend of: Helichrysum Blend, Lavender, Cypress, Lemongrass and Geranium. I typically apply it neat (undiluted), but if on a wound with broken skin, I find it just as effective when diluted 50/50 with a carrier oil.
6. After a traumatic car accident, Linda sent me BruisEase. I found it very soothing and noticed that the bruises where I applied it the most, healed the quickest. Other bruises were harder to reach, so I didn't get them oiled as often, and they took longer for the discoloration and ache to disappear.

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