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Chemical Sensitivity

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Digestion Support

Digestive issues, belching, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, constipation


(Lavandula angustifolia)
One of the most versatile essential oils. Used to support healthy lung function and blood pressure, promote restful sleep, ease nosebleeds and soothe minor skin issues and burns.

Liver / Gallbladder

Support for healthy liver and gallbladder function.

Peppermint India

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.

Peppermint USA

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.



Traditionally used to support mental clarity, brain function and soothe minor stress and nervous tension.


Traditionally used to for it's antiseptic properties to soothe wounds and insect bites, neutralize smoke, mildew, odors including adding to pain to reduce toxic fumes.


(Vetiveria zizanioides)
Traditionally used for skin issues, to promote restful sleep, soothe stress, muscle and join aches.

Bac-Out Stain, Odor Eliminator

Natural, Concentrated Stain and Odor eliminator with live enzyme cultures to digest pet, food and beverage stains and odors. Tolerated by those with chemical sensitivities 32 fl oz

Price: $12.00

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: The Canary in the Coal Mine by Siri Amrit Kaur Khalsa

Testimony #1
In my early twenties, my husband and I decided to "bomb" the home we just purchased before moving in so we could be sure and be bug free from the beginning. BAD IDEA! From that point on, I have wrestled with allergies to just about everything from seasonal pollen to man-made products such as carpet, plastics, dye and so on. I developed food allergies and major digestion issues. The fatigue that goes along with this was terrible.

When my friend mentioned trying your essential oils, I felt a lot of fear about it. I had universal reactions to chemicals; how could I be sure there were no chemicals in the oils? I could hardly focus on what she told me about you and your commitment to quality and on and on. My mind could hardly grasp it all, and I was loaded with fear. I had no trust that your products would help and great fear that they would only make matters worse.

We dropped this topic for a time because of my intense fear. One day my sweet friend brought over a cotton ball in a glass baby food jar with drops of your Lavender on it and asked if she could leave it with me. She said she had been praying, and the Lord impressed her to do this, and she trusted that He would help me open the lid and smell it when it was the right time. No pressure. Good!

I put that jar on the bookshelf and forgot about it until one night I felt compelled to open it and just try it. I reckoned with myself, "How much worse could I get?" It took a lot of courage to open the lid. I had bad memories of candle shops that smelled like "lavender." Those experiences always left me very sick.

I opened the lid briefly and got close enough to smell it quickly, then promptly secured the lid. I waited for the sick feeling to hit me, but it didn't. I felt satisfied with that and put the jar back on the shelf. The next day I opened the lid again and did the same thing - a quick whiff and close the lid. A few hours later, I did it again, only this time I really inhaled it. It felt so good! Wow! I wanted more. I wanted to put it on me!

That was only the beginning for me. Now that I've used a lot of your oils I can testify that none of them ever caused me any harm, only good. Lavender still remains my favorite, and seems to really help clear my brain of the fog that tries to settle in when I'm exposed to more chemicals than I should be. Peppermint is another of my favorites. I am now able to lead a normal life in this toxic world. Thank you for providing these wonderful oils at affordable prices! May the Lord bless you beyond measure for all that you and your family do to help provide them and the wonderful information you share so freely, for you have truly blessed many of us beyond measure.

Testimony #2
In the late 1970s I became very sensitive to chemicals and allergens. Over a period of several years, I became unable to use any scented commercial products, plus I was experiencing major problems with food allergies, digestion and awful fatigue.

Due to an almost universal reactivity to chemicals in the environment, I couldn't even focus, and I lived in much fear as to how I would manage to continue living on the planet. A good friend of mine kept suggesting that I try using essential oils, but it was impossible for me to trust that I would be able to handle essential oils or trust that they were indeed pure. Those of you who have had serious bouts with chemical sensitivities will understand. I moved many times due to environmentally toxic living spaces, was fired from several jobs and forced to quit several others due to chemicals. I was a mess and my situation was awful. I wish I could tell every chemically sensitive person to try essential oils.

I wish I hadn't waited so long; they do work. They help clear the brain fog (Potential), soothe the intestines (Digestion Support), support decongesting the liver (Liver/Gallbladder) protect (Peppermint and Vetiver, which is awesome for this), improve sleep (Peaceful) and over time, generally lessen one's sensitivity to chemicals. I still avoid chemicals like the plague, but everyone who is health conscious should do this. I can now tolerate a certain level of toxicity thanks to these wonderful oils. They are truly amazing.

Testimony #3
We got a new RV that smelled very toxic (new man-made materials). We only had it a week before our trip, and I felt desperate to do what I could to deal with the off-gassing. I diffused Purify 24/7 until I ran out, and then I diffused Citrus Quench, which is one of our family's favorites. This seemed to help a lot. I continued to diffuse Citrus Quench everytime we stopped and set up the RV. - Linda