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Comfrey/Calendula Salve
Comfrey/Calendula Salve

Comfrey/Calendula Salve

Extra Virgin Olive oil infused with organically grown Comfrey leaf and root and Calendula flowers, natural Beeswax and Citricidal (Grapefruit seed extract)

The color may vary from batch-to-batch. When yellow is predominant, the salve is made with more comfrey root (white) than leaf (green) due to the availability at the time of year it is made, so the yellow calendula flower will dominate the batch color.

Comfrey and Calendula are both known for their wound soothing and anti-scarring properties.

Apply topically as desired for wound healing, scars, dryness, eczema, psorisis and so on.

There are no essential oils added. Our family typically adds a few drops of Lavender to the small container for healing wounds and such. Essential oils can easily be added. Heat the jar with a heating pad (jar is upright). Once the salve is liquid, add a few drops of essential oils. Seven drops per ounce is a good place to start.

You may not want to add the oil to your whole container. For just a quick need, you may find it much easier to add the essential oil with each application, as the salve doesn't need to be heated to accomplish the task. One to two drops per teaspoon would be about 1% dilution.

1. My 15-year-old daughter was cooking an egg in the microwave, and it exploded in her face. She had 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Her nose and left cheek were the most severe. She is very blessed it did not blind her - God really protected her. I initially used Lavender, coconut oil and aloe vera, and then we added raw honey to the treatment and rotated these every hour. We also used your Comfrey/Calendula salve and have continued to use it. The doctor prescribed a silver ointment, but we wanted to avoid that. He also recommended a plastic surgeon with the possibility of a skin graft. When we saw the plastic surgeon, he was amazed at how well it was already healing. Two days later her face looked amazing! Her plastic surgeon was shocked. He was very skeptical of what were were using on it, but he cannot argue with the results! It does not look like she will need a skin graft or any further medical treatment! Praise God! UPDATE: Her face has no scars at all. I am so thankful to God for His mercy and for leading us to your site! Thanks again, Robin

2. The Comfrey/Calendula Salve feels wonderful on a burn. We used it when my son got a severe rope burn a couple years ago. It's my go to with Lavender for first aid. - Sheri

3. I wanted to let you know the Helichrysum Blend and the Comfrey/Calendula Salve have worked wonders for my scar after hip surgery. I still have a scar, but the top of it is hardly there and the bulk of the scar in the middle is decreasing. So needless to say, I ordered more and I may have to have the other hip done so I will be using this kind of "forever." I use a few drops with the salve and just love it. Thank you for your help. - Caryl

4. This salve listed above works awesome on burns. I know a man who used it after he burned his hands last year. Within days his hands hardly showed where he had been burned. - Sheri