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Assist has been noted in anecdotal testimonies to ease ganglion (synovial) cysts, warts, skin tags and sore ligament/cartilage symptoms. (Formerly called Ganglion Cyst)

Black Cumin Seed Oil

(Nigella sativa) Organically grown; unrefined
Allergies, asthma, digestive aid, colds, headaches, toothaches, infections, immune support


(Cupressus sempervirens)
Traditionally used to support healthy lung and circulatory function, circulatory system, veins, blood capillaries and mild issues relating to the menstrual cycle. 

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


(Cymbopogon flexuosus)
May support healthy digestion, tone, connective tissues, ligaments, blood vessels and lymph flow.


(Origanum vulgare)
Traditionally used to support a healthy immune response and joint and digestion function.



Thyme Thymol

(Thymus vulgaris ct. thymol)
Traditionally used to support a healthy immune response, respiratory, digestive, adrenal and joint function, ease stress and promote restful sleep. Consider using Thyme ct. linalool for children and the elderly.



Iodine, Adrenals, Thyroid and Cysts by Nourishing Plot

In The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Worwood, she wrote: [A ganglion cyst] "develops slowly and can sometimes be dispersed by persistent massage over time. Apply a hot compress on which 1 drop of thyme ct linalool has been added. Then massage the area quite firmly with a little of the following oil":
10 drops Rosemary
5 drops Thyme ct linalool
2 drops Basil
Blend together and add 3-5 drops to each teaspoon of carrier oil.

Based on the testimonies below, we formulated the Assist blend with Lemongrass, Oregano, Thyme and Frankincense.


1. My daughter had a ganglion cyst on her wrist for over a year. I put a single application of Lemongrass on it and four days later, it was about 2/3 the original size and much softer. Another application wiped it out. [HEO's Comment: Lemongrass is considered a "hot" essential oil and it is recommended that you dilute it when applying directly to your skin.]

2. Over a year ago, my friend had a ganglion cyst and applied a blend of Oregano, Thyme and Cypress 2-3 times daily. The cyst disappeared within 2 weeks and has not returned. Her cyst was a good size, and her doctor wanted to operate on it. The actual sack around the cyst may not dissipate, but it has a good purpose, which is to hold the toxins away from the rest of the body. If it fills up again, we will use the oils on it! [HEO's Comment: Oregano and Thyme are considered "hot" essential oils and it is recommended that you dilute them when applying directly to your skin.]

3. My friend was scheduled to have surgery for a Baker's Cyst, which is the fluid-filled cyst that appears on the back of the knee/leg. She had complete healing in 4 days using Cypress and Frankincense, followed by a hot, wet compress while elevating the leg above the heart. It's been almost 5 months and it has not come back.

4. I had an acorn-sized cyst on my face that a dermatologist determined was non-cancerous. She said the only way to treat it was to surgically remove it. I decided to try Lemon essential oil, which is high in limonine and considered anti-tumoral. In less than 2 months of applying a drop of Lemon to the cyst daily, the cyst totally disappeared and left no sign that it was ever there! [Linda's comment: Lemon is "photosensitive" so use at no more than 2% with a carrier if the area will be exposed to UV light.]

5. I had a round lump on the palm of my hand about pea size that I showed to my sister (who is a nurse), and she said it was a ganglion cyst. She didn’t know of anything I could do naturally to get rid of it, but she had no experience with essential oils. I had Respiratory Relief that I’d used on a bone spur, so I tried that for a few weeks with no change. Next, I decided to pull out the big gun: Oregano. I applied a drop of undiluted Oregano oil on the cyst (at least 4x daily - most days probably 10x daily). In two weeks the ganglion cyst was gone! I stopped putting Oregano oil on the area once it was gone and it has not returned.

6. I was told that surgery was my only option for a large ganglion cyst on my big toe. I looked at the testimonies and saw that a couple mentioned Lemongrass, which I already had, so I put a drop of Lemongrass oil on it 1x daily. In less than 2 weeks it became softer. One day I was messing with it and gave it a hard push, and it burst under the skin. I should have continued application because I noticed it coming back a few weeks later (this is apparently typical), so I started up the treatment again and it quickly disappeared.

7. When my daughter came to visit, she showed me a very large ganglion cyst on the back of her hand. She told me that she thought it started more than a year ago, and recently it had turned from soft and squishy to hard and began expanding into her thumb. I gave her some Oregano and Thyme to use on it at least three times a day. In less than two weeks it was gone and never came back.

8. I had a small lump on the back of my wrist that I showed to my MD on my annual checkup. She called it a ganglion cyst and told me it was not something to be alarmed about, but that I’d probably need to have it surgically removed. Searching on Google I found the testimonies on your website. I had some Lavender, but it didn’t do a thing for it, so I decided to purchase several of the oils mentioned. I tried Balsam Fir first, and used it sporadically for a couple months. When I got serious about applying it several times daily, it disappeared within a couple of weeks!

9. I had a large, marble-sized lump on my wrist that my doctor diagnosed as a ganglion cyst. He made no big deal over it and told me that it might resolve on its on or need to be surgically removed if it continued to grow. I looked on your website and decided to try Oregano and Thyme. I applied 2 drops neat of Oregano one night and 2 drops neat of Thyme the next night. After 12 days the cyst was completely gone! I continued the protocol for another couple of weeks to be sure I got to the root of it. I stopped using the oils on it about 3 months ago and it has not returned.
[HEO's Comment: Oregano and Thyme are considered "hot" essential oils and it is recommended that you dilute them when applying directly to your skin.]

10. My son’s close friend was visiting a couple months ago, and I noticed a ganglion cyst on the back of his hand. It was large enough to be painful when he extended his hand/wrist. I looked up “cysts” in the Essential Oils Desk Reference. All it said was "2 drops of Oregano first day, 2 drops Thyme second day. Apply on location as often as needed." I asked the young man if he was willing to let me experiment on him, and he thought it would be a great test of my oils. :-) I had less than a week till the end of his visit, so I was really hoping this would work quickly. After just a few days, he came to me holding out both hands toward me and asked if I could see what had happened to his wrist. I couldn’t tell which wrist had had the cyst! There was no visible evidence of it. He was amazed that it had worked so quickly and without any pain. We have another oily convert!

11. My ganglion cyst disappeared by applying 2 drops of Oregano on the cyst in the morning (undiluted, but I’m tough, others may need to dilute). I applied 2 drops of Thyme in the evening directly on the cyst. I did this daily until the cyst dissipated. Maybe it's the antibiotic/anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that dissipates the fluids in the cyst. I’d read that this was an effective protocol, and it sure worked great for me. There are many oils with similar properties as well. 
[HEO's Comment: Oregano and Thyme are considered "hot" essential oils and it is recommended that you dilute them when applying directly to your skin.]

12. I was diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst on the top of my foot. He told me I could have it surgically removed, but I felt to try essential oils first. I applied Grapefruit oil across the top of it every morning and evening for a couple weeks. It shrunk to almost nothing, but then I'd forget to keep applying the oil and I'd start feel it rub on my shoes again ;-/. That reminds me to apply the Grapefruit oil again, it shrinks and have no more problems with it. I just need to keep this up for a while to really eradicate it completely. I sure love these oils!

13. I had a large sebaceous cyst on top of my head near the hair line. I used Frankincense and Copaiba on it twice daily, and it was about half the size after a week. Now it's almost completely gone and hardly noticeable at all. I'm amazed at the power in these oils!

14. My husband had a sebaceous cyst on the back of his neck at the hairline. The MD told him that it would not go away on its own and could easily be surgically removed, but he decided to let me try the oils on it. He liked Frankincense the best, mostly because the aroma was nice and not as noticeable as Lemongrass or Tea Tree. In a matter of a few weeks, the cyst as shrunk by at least half its beginning size. He only uses it nightly before getting into bed, and he's pretty impressed with how well this has worked!

15. I have a sebaceous cyst on my wrist, and I am applying Frankincense morning and evening. It helps it shrink, and then I forget to apply it for a few days or weeks, and then it grows again. I'm really impressed to how it responds to the oil, I just need to get consistent so I can report that it's gone for good!

16. I just wanted to update a post I wrote nearly a month ago... I have been applying Frankincense and Copaiba oils to a sebaceous cyst on my back, and within two weeks the size had reduced. It's now less than half the size it was, and when it's gone completely or nearly gone, I hope to post pictures. I took "before" photos and am eager to take some "after" photos! These oils really work!! :) - Joanne

17. One Week UPDATE on my sweet Pug, Angel's cyst that burst last Friday night. Can't begin to tell you how BLESSED I am that Linda [with HEO] took the time to help me. These oils are AMAZING!!! I wish I had taken a before, or even when it burst, photo. Let me just say, it is less than half the size it was and looking like it is healing!!!! Maybe even going to go away! :) She has had cyst for over a year maybe two or three. It is on back of neck which meets her back bone. She is 13 and it never bothered her, so I didn't want to put her through surgery to have it removed. Friday night it burst, pouring blood and puss out a pretty good size hole. I used 1-2 drops Frankincense, and I then sprayed Lavender on it, with which I have mixed in coconut oil. Yesterday Copaiba arrived, and since her wound is closed, I added the Peppermint. I made a bottle of all these four in coconut oil and applied them on the cyst twice a day. Her cyst and skin under, which felt like thick callous, is half the size already!!! It is also looking very healthy now, the skin is not as dark and tough as it was. PRAISE THE LORD! - LeAnne

18. I would use Lugols iodine with the oils others suggest. I've used lugols on human cysts and it works well. - Laralee

19. Besides whatever oils you use, applying hot ginger compresses twice a day for about 10-15 minutes might really help assist the healing. Ginger compresses are incredibly effective for helping the body reduce and assimilate the contents of a cyst. This worked great for me, and I've had numerous cyst issues earlier in my life and always use it on areas of stagnation. The ginger creates heat in the area and stimulates blood circulation which helps break down it down. Get fresh ginger, grate it and either squeeze the liquid in the palm of your hand, using your thumb as a press, into a pot of heated water, or put the grated ginger directly into the water (a little messier). The water should be as hot as common sense prevails, but even if it is mildly hot the ginger creates it's own heat but doesn't burn. - Marcie

20. I have a pea-sized cyst right on my jaw bone. I have been applying Frankincense to it when I remember. . . I aim for daily but seem to forget a lot. I can feel that the cyst is getting smaller. - Cammy

21. I had a sebaceous cyst that seemed to be becoming infected. I put a salve on it that had Tea Tree oil and Lavender in it - the redness and pain is gone! - Nicole

22. My regular GP was amazed at Frankincense. I had a cyst that I was applying the Frankincense to, and for the first time he agreed that there is something in essential oils. For years I've been battling him as he did not want to hear about anything natural. :-) I think he will be researching now. - Kim

23. At 15 months old my youngest of five children came down with her first cold, thanks to older siblings sharing! At first it was just a cold, and then I noticed the lymph nodes under her jaw were swollen, poor kid. I applied Lavender and did some lymphatic message, which helped a bit. I took her to the chiropractor and a few slight adjustments helped as well. The swelling went down for a few days and then returned. I did the same as before and again the swelling went down. Then a few days later she woke up with her neck swollen almost out to her chin, this time not under her jaw, but right in front. Her neck was huge, red and hot. She did not have a fever, was breathing fine and acting normal. I was however quite concerned! I took her to the ER and ended up being the "case of the day" because they could not figure out what it was. Finally, after 8 hours, they settled on it being a congenital cyst that had become infected due to the cold and swollen lymph nodes. They of course prescribed antibiotics, but in that 8 hour wait, at some point, I emailed Linda for information about treating cysts. She got back to me right away with all she had. And so we started our journey. I applied Top Gun and Warrior (diluted) alternately every hour she was awake. I put castor oil packs on every few hours. We saw her pediatrician the next day, and he was visibly very concerned and asked to see her again after the weekend. That same day the cyst began to drain through two holes that appeared in her neck. I would put a castor oil pack on and an hour later it would be half the size. The swelling went down rapidly, and by the time we went back to the pediatrician (a couple of days later) all that was left was a small red area ( about 3/4 of an inch) with a bit of white in the center where the draining had occurred. This was down from her entire neck being swollen from ear to ear, almost out to her chin. I really can't stress enough how swollen it was! I admitted to the doctor that I had not used the prescribed antibiotics, or even filled the prescription. He was amazed and asked what I did. I told him, and he agreed that it was working well and indicated that I should keep it up. A couple of weeks later we had an appointment to see a pediatric ENT to see if the cyst would need removal. She was concerned that there might still be a bit of infection left as the small red area was still present, though the drainage holes had healed nicely. She prescribed more antibiotics and asked to see us again two weeks later. I went home and did as before. Castor oil packs every night and Warrior and Top Gun a few times a day. We returned after the two weeks and the doctor palpated the area and said she could not even find the cyst! She suggested an ultrasound to see if it was still there, we decided against it. if it is still present we will only know if it becomes infected again (it won't ever cause any other types of issues), and we will know what to do to treat it at that point and can then make the choice on whether or not to remove it. I praise God that I already had the oils I needed on hand when all of this happened and am thankful for Linda's guidance to the right information! - Rachel
[HEO's Comment: Typically we avoid using Warrior and Top Gun on a child under 2 years due to the potential for Clove and Oregano to be skin irritants, but Rachel felt to dilute appropriately and use these on her baby after weighing the risk of these verses giving her antibiotics.]

24. Frankincense worked fabulously for me!

About 6 months ago I developed a large cyst on my face (what I believe was a sebaceous cyst). I went to the dermatologist who gave me two options for dealing with it: 1) get multiple cortisone injections directly into the cyst over the course of a few months and hope it goes away 2) have surgery to remove it (requiring stitches on my face). I felt my only option was try the non-surgery option first.
So over the course of 2 or 3 months I got injections into the cyst. It slowly receded in size over the course of those months but never fully went away. On my 3rd injection, the dermatologist told me: “If it grows back, at that point your only option is to have it surgically removed.” Sure enough, within a few months, it had grown back. This time it was even larger than the first time.
Not wanting to get surgery and willing to try other options first, I asked my Dad what to do and he referred me to your site and recommended that I try some Frankincense oil. At that point, I’d already been trying a few other options including acne medication like benzoylperoxide, none of which were having any effect. So I figuredf or only $10 it was worth a try.
When I received the oil in the mail, I immediately put it on with a new hope that perhaps, finally, something might work. I was amazed! Within 24 hours the cyst was draining, and within about 48-72 hours it had decreased in size about 95%! It’s been a little over a week and the cyst is no longer perceptible to the eye and continues to go away. I believe within another week or so the Frankicense oil will completely rid me of this annoying cyst to the point at which it will never grow back!
To be honest, it’s kind of amazing to me how this worked. I mean, I had synthetic drugs injected directly into my cyst multiple times over the course of a few months, and it slowly receded in size but never fully went away. I tried over-the-counter acne medications and so on, but none worked at all.Then I put this Frankincense on and within 24 hours the cyst was draining, and in 3 or 4 days it's almost completely gone.
Thank you! Thankyou! Thank you! - Jim

25. I had a large enough ganglion cyst on my right hand to warrant surgery and even saw a surgeon. Then I decided to try Regeneration on it and again, and I had slow but steady improvement. Today my wrist looks and feels nearly normal. It has been great for various joint flare ups as well. - Cathy

26. Black cumin seed oil is phenomenal for cysts! Apply undiluted several times per day and it knocks out infection every time. - Wendee

Worwood, Valerie Ann, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, New World Library, 2016, page 308.