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Anxiety / Depression / Stress


May help calm and bring focus. May ease symptoms associated with Tourette's, anxiety and sleep issues. Adagio is an Italian word meaning "at ease."


Traditionally used to support memory, ease stress, emotions and symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD.

Dr. Hull's Mental Stim

This uplifting blend is traditionally used to promote mental clarity and attention.

Frankincense CO2

 (Boswellia frereana) CO2
Traditionally used to ease nervous tension, soothe minor bruising and traumatic injuries, to support healthy bone and joint function. 

Palo Santo

(Bursera graveolens) also known as Holy Wood
Traditionally used to ease nervous tension, to support healthy lung function and for minor coughs, aches and pain.





Traditionally used to support mental clarity, brain function, vitality, to stimulate the endocrine, support the nervous system and soothe minor stress and nervous tension.


This relaxing blend may ease minor stress and nervous tension.


A lovely blend of oils to bring a little ray of Sunshine to your day. It may soothe nervous tension and clear the mind.


Diffusing or directly inhaling pure essential oils has proven to have an immediate and positive effect on one's disposition (state of mind) because the essential oil molecules can reach the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions). Studies at the University of Vienna have shown that some essential oils and their primary constituents (cineol) can stimulate blood flow and activity in the emotional regions of the brain. Also, clinical studies at the Department of Psychiatry at the Mie University of Medicine showed that Lemon not only reduced depression, but it also reduced stress when inhaled.

Depression may be related to thyroid, adrenal, hormonal dysfunction and/or nutrient deficiencies. You may want to be tested for Pyroluria (chemical imbalance).

Gastrointestinal Inflammation May Play a Critical Role in the Pathogenesis of Depression by Janos Feher et al 

Article Exploring a Gut Connection by Cara with Health, Home and Happiness

The Brain-Gut Connection by John Hopkins University

Gut Feelings–the "Second Brain" in Our Gastrointestinal Systems by Justin Sonnenburg, Erica Sonnenburg

Point of Return - Help for prescription drug withdrawal

Can Iodine Affect Mental Health? A therapist describes how iodine pulled her out of a desperate depression.

Niacin for Anxiety and Depression by Andrew Saul

Virgin Coconut Oil: More Effective Than Drugs in Combating Stress and Depression by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy

Single Oils:
Frankincense, Lemon, Sandalwood, Geranium, Lavender, Angelica, Orange, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang

Awaken, Balance, Strength, Citrus Quench, Expect, Mountain Top, Potential, Purpose, Sunshine

Application Suggestions (Click here if unfamiliar with Essential Oil Usage):
Topical: Apply as perfume, on wrists, over the heart

Inhalation: Diffuse

1. I don't like to admit it, but I have always leaned a bit towards depression, especially if I don't get adequate sunshine and exercise every day. When I put Purpose in my diffuser and/or on my hands, I absolutely don't have that low, sluggish feeling, but quite the opposite! I remember that day I was in your store and you had those boxes of freshly blended oils in the box to put on the shelves, and it was as if the Mighty Hand of God pushed me to pick up that one particular bottle. I am so grateful that I listened to Him! - C. I.

2. Awaken is a beautiful, subtle blend that I've found very helpful particularly when diffused. I can feel the difference deep inside.

3. I have used anti-depressants for years, and after moving across the country and meeting Linda [with Hopewell Essential Oils], I decided to try to wean myself from the medication (partly encouraged by the fact that I'd left my doctor behind and had yet found another to my liking) and try to use essential oils instead. I found Sunshine very effective for me, but I could not stop the meds abruptly as I'd hoped. It definitely was a weaning process for me, but Sunshine lived up to its name, and I feel more whole than I've felt in many years.

4. Dr. Hull's Mental Stimulation really helps pull me up mentally and keeps me from falling into the anxiety and depression pits.

5. I have suffered from seasonal depression and chronic fatigue for years. Your Revitalize blend and Sunshine blend have help immensely! - Mary

6. This week has been very crazy and stressful. Mom's service dog, Shelley, was very worried about Mom to the point that she vomited Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday after Mom left via ambulance, the poor dog was very freaked out. I sent an e-mail to my church asking prayer and updating about my mom's health condition, and I asked prayer for Shelley (the dog), too. In answer to prayer, the Lord immediately brought to mind to put a drop of your Lavender on the top of her head. She immediately started to calm down, and her breathing returned to normal. After a short time she was still a little antsy, so I put another drop on her head, petted her, spoke words of comfort and blessing to her, and she calmed down the rest of the way. To God be the glory. - Crystal

7. I am in love with HEO! I started having a mini anxiety attack while sitting in the doctor's waiting room, so I rubbed a drop of Peaceful on my wrists. Almost immediately I started calming down :) - Katie

8. Serenity has been helping my anxiety a ton! I haven't noticed the same effect with Peaceful. - Laura 

9. Someone I know suffers from panic attacks. She made a sprayer of Peaceful and Sunshine mixed together and then Palo Santo separate I believe. She hasn't had to take any RX drugs and hasn't been in ER for panic attacks since then. She did see a cardiologist that was a Christian, and he told her to start memorizing scripture. That way when an attack does happen, she can lean on The Lord's words...I know awesome, right! Never had I seen any doctor quote scripture like that before and make that a form of a prescription! - Bobbie

10. I have had lifelong, debilitating depression issues and was diagnosed with a severe depressive mood disorder as well as resistant depression. I've been on medication for about 8 years and struggled with depression, anxiety and PTSD for at least 20 years. Within 2 weeks of applying one drop daily of Strength on the bottom of my feet, I started to wean myself off of the antidepressants. I also occasionally applied Lavender on the bridge of my nose to help me calm down and sleep. I've been medication free for almost 2 years and will never used antidepressants again. 

11. I had horrible symptoms coming off my depression meds twice...and that was cutting slowly. I did find The Road Back and it helped me immensely.  Its been awhile, and it looks like they have changed the companies for some of the products. I took one vitamin E in the morning, an Omega (3 in the morning, noon & between 3 and 4 pm) CLA (my notes sorry, hopefully the site will help (1 morning, noon & between 3 and 4) and Body Calm (the one I have is TRB Health Body Calm. This is an excellent product, I even ordered more of it.  - Brenda

12. I was able to wean myself off my anti-depressant medication by using Sunshine. It's made all the difference in my life. It's like I'm finally breathing some fresh air. The name is perfect! - Sherri

13. I wanted to let you know that I began using Sunshine about a month ago for anxiety. It has been helping so much that I'm in the process of weening off of Zoloft. I am currently at half my normal dose of Zoloft and am feeling great. One of my most frustrating anxiety symptoms is difficulty sleeping. I began diffusing Lavender in my room at night, and it's made a big difference. Thank you so much for putting so much care into your oil business. -Stephanie

14. I have been journeying through a long season of grief from multiple losses in my life. I use Balance, Sunshine, Lemon and Lavender nearly everyday to help with mood stability, grief, sleep and support. I love diffusing Frankincense and Citrus Blessing at different times. There are those times when I feel like the pain and grief gets stuck inside and needs to be released but for whatever reason it won't easily come up and out. That is when I turn to the trusty trio of Liberate, Serenity and Heaven's Scent. I will usually put a drop of each of these on a cotton pad and inhale for a bit of time. Then I sit quietly with the Lord, waiting and worshipping. The tears and pain usually end up pouring out soon after and allows me to move forward. Thank you! Thank you! Many blessings for all the wonderful oils you provide to us! - Jenn

15. Of all the oil blends we have tried, Simply Calming remains the absolute best for relieving depressive thoughts, sadness, and anxiety almost immediately for my 16-year-old daughter battling medical issues and chronic pain. It works so well for emotional struggles. When I see a hint of sadness on her face I will get Simply Calming on her right away at the base of her neck. Now whenever she's headed out to attend any function, I make sure we put it on before she leaves and that she also has some in her purse! For the toughest times of crying at night it may not relieve it totally, but it definitely helps, and within at least 20 minutes she's much better than she would have been without Simply Calming. Thank you so much for this wonderful blend! - Katy

16. I took Zoloft for about 12-14 years, but I really don't like taking drugs. So I worked on some tinctures and used those to get off Zoloft. Zoloft is very hard to get off of because there are several weeks of feeling what I can only describe as little electric shocks. I worked my way down to the smallest possible dossage and then went a couple weeks going every other day and then quitting. I made some tinctures based off the ingredients Mountain Rose Herbs has in their anxiety care and mood care (Anxiety: Borage, St. Johns Wort, Hawthorn, Oat Top, and skullcap. Mood Care: Kava Kava, Gotu Kola, Passionflower, Ginger root, and Wild lettuce.) I didn't have exact measurements and was pretty new to all this then, so I filled a quart jar about half way with the herbs, filled the rest with 80 proof rum and shook them every day for 6 weeks, strained and stored. I used a couple dropper fulls as needed to help me feel better. I don't like the taste of the tinctures, but they help me feel as if I'd had a half a glass of wine. I don't drink in general so that may be why the taste was so unappealing, but I was so desperate to get off drugs, it was worth it. It was a rough month, but it worked. I now use Sunshine and a blend of some other oils listed here. - Anonomyous

17. Everyone in our family has different favorite blends that just smell so good you can't help but be uplifted when you put them on. Manger Gift definitely does that for me! My top three favorites are Manger Gift, Mountain Top, and Magi, with Manger Gift in 1st place! - Katy

18. I have had some emotional trauma in my life now for several months. I've felt on the verge of emotional breakdown. I used Adagio for the first time last night, and it really calmed me down. I don't think it was all in my head either. I slept better than I have in months.

19. I'm loving Peaceful these days. I feel so much anxiety and can't pinpoint the cause, but Peaceful helps a lot! The scent is wonderful! - Tammy

20. I'm currently in the process of weaning 2 of my children off Celexa and onto herbal remedies. We are using 5htp, St. John's Wort, Passion Flower and so on. - N.

21. I was on Lexapro for depression for years until I started having 'electrical shock' feeling throughout my body. I've have been off Lexapro for 6 years and am doing fine with Rhodiola Root extract and HEO's Peaceful nightly. - B. H.

22. I have used Omega-3 fish oil for many years and found that it's essential for me. Without it, depression comes back in a couple of weeks. I also sometimes use Wild/Sweet Orange for it's uplifting properties. For heart palpitations, I've used Ylang Ylang. The aroma seems really strong to me, so I dilute it and apply to my feet. - T. W.

23. I have used Basil for out-of-control stress (e.g. racing, angry thoughts). Basil helps get rid of the excess cortisol, and that's what I needed at the time. It was a life-saver, helping me to get my mind under control. - Teresa

24. I ordered Adagio to help sleep issues for myself, and stress and anxiety issues for others I know. EVERYONE LOVES THIS BLEND! We use it diluted in a roller bottle mostly, but for those really difficult times when sleep is really evasive, we use it neat. We apply under the nose, at temples, between brows on forehead, at jaw joint, and back of head (all the "tension points" of the head). Works wonders to get back to sleep in the middle of the night too. Great for stress relief on the job too. Really love having natural remedies that are so effective! Thank you HEO family, and thank you LORD! - Kelley 

25. I was on Lexapro for depression for years until I started having an 'electrical shock' feeling throughout my body. I have been off Lexapro now for six years and am doing fine by using Rhodiola Root extract and HEO's Peaceful nightly. - Brienne

26. I made up two roller bottles with 1/2 tsp almond oil, 1/2 tsp vodka, (helps the almond oil to emulsify - not so oily). To this I added 4 drops of Solace. I meant for 3, but oops, you know how that can happen. I felt so good. I was wound down in the best possible way. I was very alert, but very calm. When my Mom tried her bottle on her wrists and inner elbows, she felt the same response. She deals with migraine and tension headaches, and I struggle with fibromyalgia. 

27.  I had postpartum depression so I tried a few different antidepressants, but because of an unusual history I've had with medications, they numbed me too much and made it hard for me to care for my baby. I thought I'd try essential oils instead. When Sunshine arrived in the mail, I wasn't doing great, and I was sitting on the couch. I put it on right away and forgot about it. Half an hour later, I was up on my feet laughing while talking to my husband and playing with my baby. I was surprised that I was feeling well, and then I remembered that I'd tried the oils. It was working! But because I was using it in place of a medication for a real illness, I had to stay on top of applications. I prepared 20%-10% diluted in a rollerball and applied every few hours for several months. I would know it had worn off and I needed to reapply when I began to feel depressed again. Eventually, I didn't need it as often. It's been almost a year, and now I only need to apply it in the morning, and when I'm going through stressful things, I will continue to reapply throughout the day a few more times. It has a very natural affect. I don't feel medicated when I'm using it, but I do realize that there is a lack of my usual problems in my brain. Because I also have suffered PTSD and anxiety, I used this along with Frankincense CO2, which as the postpartum depression has worn off, has become more of a staple for me. - Laurie

28. Frankincense CO2 is amazing! It makes me feel peaceful and grounded. I used it along with Sunshine for postpartum depression, anxiety and intense bouts of PTSD. It began as my 'nighttime oil,' and I've used it whenever I feel especially anxious, angry, when my PTSD hits me, and it works wonders for PMS and cramps too. If I have Frankincense, I rarely need Pamprin. I've also used this to combat painful flat warts on my fingers. In my experience though, it is a very powerful oil and should be used with caution when undiluted. When I first got it, I used it undiluted on my warts, applying multiple times a day. I began to feel like I was going into a coma. I was feeling 'stoned.' A few applications for a few days zaps my warts whenever they come back, but instead of putting a whole drop on them neat, I put a few drops in a tiny vial and touch the vial to my warts. That way, I don't get an entire drop, but I get enough of the undiluted oil to touch my warts. For all other purposes, It works well for me diluted to 10%. My 11-month-old daughter got hand foot and mouth disease from her older cousin. It hit him really hard. He got a fever and blisters all over. Right when a rash started popping up on my baby (knees, bottom, feet and elbows), I mixed Frankincense diluted safely for a baby and put it all over her. It seemed to keep it from getting much worse because the next day her rash was looking better. I continued applications through the week to keep her strong. She never got a temperature. - Laurie

29. I use Adagio when I need to ease stress and anxiety. - Becky

30. I love Adagio for stress, but a couple of my children like Peaceful. - Anita

31. I use the Like Eagles blend for anxiety and stress, but it is stinky! - Roberta

32. I had severe anxiety, chest pain, nervous feelings and so on. I found out that I had dramatic ups and downs with my adrenals. They are staying low now, but I used Vitality when I was the worst. It helped some, but I think pairing it with complete sugar elimination was the best thing I could have done. All my severe anxiety is gone, and the little that I get here or there is totally manageable with a drop of Relax or Peaceful, B12, breathing and prayer. - Marti

33. I had severe anxiety panic issues. I really like Peaceful. I support my adrenals with adequate vitamin C, B complex, omega 3, and magnesium. I am lactose intolerant and I take supplemental calcium (with vitamin K) or I get more jittery, twitchy. Sometimes food sensitivities can put a person who tends toward anxiety right over the edge. I cannot tolerate caffeine, sugar, processed foods, corn, gluten or dairy most of the time. Also you might want to avoid high glutamate foods and see what happens. Some people are very sensitive to glutamate which can rev up anxiety. Anemia, too, makes anxiety worse. - Margaret

34. Peaceful is calming to me. I've also found adding magnesium supplements has helped my anxiety a lot! - Susan

16. Peaceful is the most calming to me when I am anxious or have adrenals running crazy. I also find I need to be super careful with diet in terms of eating protein every two hours and never eating a carb without a protein. Reducing sugars and carbs helps me greatly with managing anxiety symptoms. If the symptoms are at all related to receive hypoglycemia, I find Geranium helps regulate blood sugar, as well as hormones. Mine never registered as what an MD would call hypoglycemia, but I found that when mine got below a certain level (80? 90? I can't remember), I had anxiety attack symptoms. So I figured it was what I needed to do to balance my sugar on my own. - Aimee

35. For me, anxiety was my first symptom of adrenal fatigue, which I recognize now looking back. At the time, I thought it was a spiritual problem. When I lost my appetite and lost weight out of control, I went to the MD who was no help. A naturopath diagnosed it and, with her help, I improved very quickly. I use Sunshine for grief and anxiety and take an herbal adrenal support every morning (currently Thorne's phytosone). Embrace prayer and worship the Lord. My God carries me and is my refuge. - Helen

36. I found a book that is excellent for adrenal issues: The Edge Effect by Eric Braverman. The author discusses the four main neurotransmitters and what the symptoms look like when you are out of whack. He has quiz questions that you answer in order to determine what's off balance; I loved that part. He then tries to help you find a natural supplement approach to address it. For anxiety, one is low in GABA, but you usually need something to go along w/the gaba, and he provides help with that as well. It's possible that the herb Bacopa could help. We use Bacopa when we are stressed and for our autie son. When you take it, you don't feel different like you do with a drug, but you check yourself an hour later and you realize you aren't as anxious or stressed as you were. We buy that at iHerb and use the Paradise Herbs brand. - Nikki

37. I have PTSD, and I use a regimen of White Shield dropped directly over the center of my chest and on my shoulders. Sunshine with a roller top over my heart, behind my ears and my wrists. I do it as often as needed. Also, I strongly suggest a colon cleanse and liver detox. - Amanda

38. I use Adagio + a couple drops of wild Orange in fractionated coconut oil (10% total dilution) in a roller ball. It helps several of our family members with focus and mild anxiety, including me. I don't know that there's a treatment-purpose for adding the orange, but it's a brightened and preferred "scent" to our family members, over the Adagio alone. We roll a quick swipe at the temples and move on with the day. HTH! - Becky

39. My son who has Down syndrome is 12 and is displaying aggressive behavior that seesms to have become more exaggerated and brought on more by the onset of puberty. I've been using Adagio at nights and mornings, along with Valerian at night too. Valerian has a powerful, not so pleasant smell, so we sock his feet right away or he just tucks them under his covers quickly. I deal with anxiety myself and originally bought Valerian to try on me. I found I don't mind the smell much anymore because of the calming sensation it brings on. It doesn't knock me out, but relaxes me so I can sleep, and my number one love of it is that it shuts my brain up. I can relax, without my brain still going 100 mph. With my son, who is non-verbal, I don't know what feelings he gets out of it, but he sleeps at night. He's also been calmer. I also use Palo Santo. It's very calming effect on me is craved. It doesn't have the same type of calming effect that I find Valerian does, but a different, pleasant one. I don't use it to help with sleep, but rather to calm myself or my son in the moment when anxiety may be running high (like shopping). My daughter tells me it stinks. I've come to love the smell because of the calm I associate with it. Just a few drops in our hands, breathing it in, and my son and I are relaxing better. :) - Lysh

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"... [A]n increasing number of clinical studies have shown that treating gastrointestinal inflammations with probiotics, vitamin B, D and omega 3 fatty acids, through attenuating proinflammatory stimuli to brain, may also improve depression symptoms and quality of life. All these findings justify an assumption that treating gastrointestinal inflammations may improve the efficacy of the currently used treatment modalities of depression and related diseases." Green Med