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Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum
Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum

Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum
Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Cajeput (Melaleuca cajuputi), Clove (Eugenia scayophyllata), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamon zeylanicum), Birch (Betula lenta), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)

Who is Dr. Hull?

Application Suggestions (see Essential Oil Usage for more information and a dilution chart.)
Dr. Hull recommends using this blend 2-3 times daily for maintenance for gum infection, plaque and pain.
Add 40-60 drops to 4oz Plague Defense Tooth Suds

1. I mix Oral Hygiene blend with Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gums and I put it on my floss. I keep adding a bit to the floss with every other tooth. Wow what a difference. I have absolutely NO bleeding of gums. My sensitive teeth are not that way anymore, and I don't feel any pain. I was having a horrible toothache and had a cavity filled along with crown. My dentist said he may have to do a root canal because of pain I was in, but after 3 weeks of putting those two blends on my floss, dabbing on my gums and finishing off with a bit on my toothbrush, the pain went away and when he examined my tooth, he said to hold off on root canal. My teeth and gums feel so great! I have no pain as long as I keep doing this. I also brush with Tooth Suds and use Heritage mouthwash. But those two blends of EO are amazing! I just put the blend on the floss and go at it. Huge difference! But of course I pray as I am doing this in Jesus name I am healed.... so I have to give credit to Him for healing and directing me to Heritage. - Lori

2. I have to let you know that the Tooth and Gum is wonderful and I have a new use for it. Three to 4 times a year I get herpes on by butt cheeks and nothing has worked - ever. I have to use rubbing alcohol, scratch and break the skin and endure discomfort and awful itching. This time at the first sign of it I applied Tooth and Gum directly on it with my finger 2 times a day. It was a miracle! The herpes was completely gone in 2 days without any itching or discomfort - Amazing and fantastic. I am thrilled. - Deborah

3. I have a tooth that has a dental overlay, and the gum had been turning grey exposing the root of the tooth, and the tooth is loose. I started using a drop of Dr Hull's tooth and gum blend on it every morning and night. In 3 days, the grey gum is now pink and the tooth is no longer as loose. There has not been one oil I have tried that has not produced such excellent results. So AMAZED by HEO. I am telling everyone I know how great these oils are. I feel so blessed! Love HEO! - Mary

4. I was unaware that I have been a nighttime "teeth clencher" for years, which has resulted in cracked tooth roots, repeated broken crowns and ultimately jaw misalignment. Wearing custom night guards for 5-6 years has slowed down the continued dental damage, however it progressed into TMD. I woke up a couple months ago with my jaw so 'clenched' that the pain would not ease except with continual ibuprofen/NSAIDS. (Sinuses/Teeth were evaluated/x-rayed by Dr., DDS, and my endodontist showing no reason for pain). Once during that time I had swelling/facial droop which took 3 days to resolve. I have been told repeatedly by all MDs that it's time to see a TMD specialist. Having had amazing success with another concern with Hopewell Essential Oils, I chose to try Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum. I applied it undiluted to the back teeth area inside my mouth and applied Strength to the jaw joint area outside 3-4 times/day initially. Literally within 2-3 days I was off ibuprofen/naproxen, could sleep through the night and easily open/close my jaw in proper alignment without pain. I decreased application to 2-3x/day, eventually now to 2x/day. This is a miracle after 2 months of unending pain! Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum and Strength have literally given back my life without jaw pain! - Karen

5. I had a horrible toothache while I was away from home and did the drug store brands of toothache relief. Well, there was no relief. I ordered some of the Tooth and Gum Blend just in case it happened again. Well, boy oh boy, am I glad I did. This stuff works! I use it by dipping a Q-tip in olive oil and putting a drop or two of the Tooth and Gum on the Q-tip and apply it on my sore tooth. The pain is gone. I have been able to keep the pain at bay until I am able to get to the dentist to get my cracked tooth fixed. Thank you so much! I love your oils! - Kathy

Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas. Essential oils are both lipophilic and hydrophobic. Lipophilic means they are attracted to fat— like the membranes of your eyes and skin. They are also hydrophobic, meaning they do not like water. Flushing with water will only send the essential oil back to the eye's membranes. Applying a carrier oil will create another fat for the essential oil to be attracted to other than the membranes of the eyes or skin. Tisserand suggests: "With essential oils, fatty oil has been suggested as an appropriate first aid treatment, though the advantage of saline [eyewash] is that the eyes can be continually flushed, and this is less easy with fatty oil." We’ve not known this to cause permanent injury or long-term discomfort, but if you feel concerned, please call your health care provider.