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Essential Tremors


An uplifting blend to ease allergy symptoms, soothe nervous tension and promote restful sleep.

Clary Sage

(Salvia sclarea)
May ease mild mood changes cramping and edema associated with menstrual cycle, support healthy breathing and promote restful sleep.


(Citrus limonum)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, lung and circulatory function, ease stress and nerve pain, promote mental clarity.


Orange Wild

(Citrus sinensis)
A 'happy' oil that is calming and supports healthy immune response, digestion, appetite, cholesterol and lung function; may ease minor muscle aches and pains, soothe minor skin issues and promote restful sleep.


A beautiful, calming and uplifting blend to soothe stress and promote restful sleep.
** Peaceful Spray instructions on detail page**



May support healthy hormone and thyroid function and ease symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and weight gain.


1. After reaching the maximum dosage of a prescription medicine for Parkinson’s, my mom’s tremors were still limiting her movement and her quality of life. At the suggestion of a friend, she tried Balance, Vitality and Peaceful applied both topically and diffused in an attempt to control the Parkinson-like tremors. After only a few days, she was encouraged. Now, after two weeks of use, most of the time she can walk with a cane rather than her walker. There are even times when she is strong enough to walk on her own. She takes daily 5-15 minute walks around the neighborhood with my dad. Each day she goes a bit longer and they come home beaming. They are as cute as can be--my dad is so happy to wrap his arm around his bride of 50+ years as they stroll along. They have even shared a slow fox trot together. Her hand is steadier and she has resumed crocheting and writing. Just today, she hand wrote a letter to a friend. It's been a few years since she could write a letter. She has enjoyed reading again. Her head is still enough that she can see the words on the page without feeling sea sick. I'm so grateful for the encouragement of our friend who set us on this path. My dad and mom are over the moon. Praise God for this ministry and for His provision. 

UPDATE from the lady who shared the testimony about her mother:

Mom uses Vitality in a diffuser in the mornings and late afternoon. It runs for 10 minutes out of every 20 minutes. She uses Peaceful topically. Several times a day, she places it on her sternum, behind her neck and, at bedtime, on the soles of her feet. She also carries a ladies' cotton handkerchief with a few drops of the oil on the corner to inhale. At the same times that she applies Peaceful, she places Balance on the mastoid bone behind her right ear. We tried diffusing Peaceful but found it had a greater effect for her when applied topically. - Patti

2. The neurotransmitter "Dopamine" is what is lacking in most movement disorders. There is a supplement called Tyrosine that supplies the amino acid that supplies Dopamine to the brain. I have been discovering that different oils target different areas of the brain and supply different neurotransmitters. Where one applies the oils also seems to effect various areas of the brain. Generally, the thumbs, big toes, temples, base of the skull, and forehead are good places to apply to get the oils directly to the brain. I am still working on which oils supply which transmitters. Lemon and Orange oils seem to cause both hemispheres of the brain to come into balance! I also believe that Lime can supply the Dopamine, and it would be good to apply it on the forehead to reach the "frontal lobe" where Dopamine seems to reside. Clary Sage is reported to increase Dopamine to the brain. Just inhaling Clary Sage may prove quite beneficial. Clary Sage seems to be quite powerful, I am seeing that it is best to put one drop on the back of the hand, lick it off and hold it to the roof of the mouth. Too much Clary Sage, and too much Dopamine can make one aggressive and even provoke anger, so a little dab will do ya! There is a book called "The Edge Effect" that is pretty simple to understand and highlights what the author (a neurologist) believes to be the four main neurotransmitters, what they do, and what happens when they are lacking or deficient. He clearly teaches that Parkinsons is caused by a dopamine deficiency. There are other neurologists that write about brain disorders. Two that I can recommend are Russell Blaylock MD. and David Perlmutter MD. - Nora

3. My mother almost died from essential tremors; her whole body would not stop shaking. I started having her soak her feet in magnesium chloride, and it completely cured the tremors!