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Fighting the Flu with Essential Oils

Fighting the Flu with Essential Oils

FluInfluenza, commonly referred to as "the flu," is an infectious disease with symptoms such as: chills, fever, sore throat, muscle aches and pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and fatigue and an overall general discomfort. It is more severe than the common cold and caused by a different virus. It is typically transmitted in the air by coughs, sneezes or direct contact. The virus can be deactivated by sunlight, detergents, soap and disinfectants, which is where essential oils play their part.

Occasionally the flu may develop into direct viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia. Those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible. Many essential oils are anti-infectious, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. They are effective when used as preventatives and assist the body's mechanism to fight like a warrior when flu "invaders" bypass the defenses.

Infection of all kinds feed on sugar in the diet. Starving the infection will help boost the immune response and speed recovery or help avoid succumbing to the flu as it makes its seasonal rounds. When we feel susceptible or have early flu symptoms coming on, we avoid the followingFruit because they are sugars or convert to sugar:
- sugar
- starches (such as white potatoes)
- grains (basmati or long-grain rice in moderation may be exceptions)
- dairy (except for homemade fermented dairy products
from raw milk such as kefir and yogurt)

While there is no guarantee that using essential oils will prevent you from contracting the seemingly ubiquitous flu bug, essential oils may help lessen the duration of the symptoms. Our family has avoided the dreaded flu for years by drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugar and using the following oils:
- Immune Support is applied morning and night when the flu is threatening. It is diffused nightly. We take a drop in a teaspoon of local, raw honey (sometimes with a drop of Lemon essential oil) for a cough.
- Plague Defense Spray is used in public places. We spray shopping cart handles, toilet seats, hands after handling a menu and so on. It can be used as an aerosol spray in lieu of toxic commercial disinfectants.
- Warrior or Plague Defense are blends we consider using if we suspect that the invaders have crossed the defenses.
- Breathe Easy is our favorite for any respiratory issue. We diffuse it, apply topically to back and chest, soak with a few drops mixed with salts in a "hot" bath and have used it as a cough remedy with a drop added to a teaspoon of local, raw honey.
- Respiratory Relief is a favorite to diffuse. It can also applied on on the chest, back and throat.
- Lung Support If we have lung congestion, we put 3 drops of Lung Support in a capsule and fill the rest up with castor oil (olive oil or any cooking oil will work). We make sure the capsule is fully lubricated with the castor oil and use it as we would a suppository (insert into the rectum at least an inch or so). The results are typically very immediate - coughing subsides and breathing improves. This may need to be repeated a few times and is most effective if it's used at the first sign that the invaders have settled in the lungs. For a lingering, ineffective cough, a drop on/under the tongue helps many. Because of Birch in this blend, it is not suggested for children or to use during pregnancy when breastfeeding. Be sure to check the detail page for medical contraindications associated with its use.
Essential Oils - Myrtle is our favorite for sinus issues. We use in our personal nasal inhalers and if the issue is persistent, we dilute well and swab nostrils to avoid congestion altogether, but if infection sets in, we've found that it eradicates it completely overnight by simply swabbing high into the nostrils. It does not sting and can be used on small children without causing them any discomfort. It's actually a very desirable experience, but please try it on yourself before using it on a child. This way you will know what they are experiencing and can encourage them.
- Tummy Soothe is the perfect solution if the stomach virus (gastroenteritis) hits. We put a drop on the tongue or a few drops on the abdomen for vomiting and diarrhea. For more information about using essential oils for gastroenteritis, click here.
- Nasal Inhalers are great to have on hand. We've used these for sinus congestion with great success.
- Nasal Sprays are also beneficial.
- Car Diffuser Lockets are a simple way to use the oils while driving.

The following testimonies are representative of many that we've received.

1. I was completely eager to get Breathe Easy because I knew it was safe for my two month old! I got sick with a severe cold, and then my newborn son and my husband got the same thing! I was still on the mend when Breathe Easy came, so I put it in the diffuser right out of box! Within minutes my sinuses were clearing and my baby's breathing became less of a struggle! My husband (the skeptic) came home, and he was feeling a little better within the hour! He now asks for my oils! Thank you for giving us parent-safe alternatives for little ones!

2. I really blew my diet last week and paid for it, but not as dearly as in the past. After eating a bunch of grains and sweets over the holidays, I further assaulted my immune system by taking a walk on a damp, windy and frigid evening without sufficient warmth. By the time I got inside, I was shivering and my teeth were chattering. Just after midnight I awoke with a very bad sore throat which progressed into a hard cough by early morning. I slept fitfully and chided myself for being so stupid. I should have gotten up and used the oils, but I kept hoping it would go away. By morning, I had a fever and chills along with the sore throat and cough. Here's the amazing part: I took Warrior in a capsule 3-4 times through the day, applied Immune Support on my chest and throat, and for the cough, I put a drop of Frankincense and Lemon on a teaspoon and added local, raw honey. This was a fantastic remedy for the cough. I had to take it about every hour, but by evening I was hardly coughing at all. I also gargled a drop of Plague Defense a few times for the sore throat. By bedtime, I had no fever, hardly a cough and felt 80% better. I took a really warm bath with a few drops of Respiratory Relief mixed with Epsom Salts and soaked that up until the water had cooled down. I took another Warrior capsule, reapplied the Immune Support, took the cough remedy one last time and diffused Respiratory Relief through the evening. I snuggled into bed and slept soundly. Would you believe that the next morning I felt like a new person? I coughed a few times to clear the nighttime mucus, but seriously, I had experienced an astounding recovery from what normally would have lasted several days and left me worn out and weak. Wow!

3. When flu season comes around, I start diffusing Plague Defense in the living area of our home. We've gone several years with the flu bug getting hold of our closest friends, but it bypassed our family. I'm confident these oils are effectively defending us.

4. This is my first flu season using essential oils instead of the pharmaceuticals we used to use. When my husband came home with signs of the flu, I remembered the infection-fighting formula you wrote about Warrior, and fixed him a capsule of it right away. He had the chills and a sore throat when he came in, so after taking the Warrior, and gargling a drop of Plague Defense mixed with a little honey, he laid back in his recliner with a warm blanket. I went to the kitchen and started cooking a chicken so I'd have some soup for him when he woke up. After a couple hours of sound sleep, he woke up and said he felt 90% better. The chills were gone and he was hungry. I gave him another capsule of Warrior and fed him the chicken soup. He stayed up another couple of hours, and by bedtime said he felt totally fine, but I gave him one more capsule for good measure. He woke up saying he'd had the best night's sleep he'd had in months and felt like a top. We both send our love and appreciation to you and your "crew" for making these wonderful oils available to us. The information and care you provide is unsurpassed.

5. I want to share an experience I had last night - a testimony to the power of these oils. I felt nausea coming on me rapidly about bedtime. My stomach was cramping and I had diarrhea. It was basically the typical stomach flu onset. I felt miserable, and I knew I'd fallen victim to the "bug" that many of my co-workers had fought this past week. With a determined vengeance against this "invader," I put a drop of Plague Defense mixed with raw honey on my tongue. I decided to add some Frankincense to this battle plan. I applied the diluted Frankincense all over my throat, upper torso and shoulders. My stomach was having big fits, and I was near to throwing up, so grabbed the Digestion Support and rubbed a few drops on my abdomen. The nausea subsided almost before I put the lid on the bottle - literally! I went to bed and prayed for "deliverance." I woke up once in the night feeling much better, but still not 100%, so I reapplied the Digestion Support on my stomach and went back to bed. I slept better than usual, and by morning there was no sign of the flu of any kind. These oils are amazing!

6. Over the holidays we had the opportunity to see if Tummy Soothe worked as well as Digestion Support has for the stomach bug, and we are very pleased to say that it was impressive! After one application to the abdomen, the "yucky" feeling subsided. If it returned, we reapplied, but the diarrhea and stomach upset stopped after the first application. When our teenage son then started to feel badly, he put a smidgen on a clean finger and held it to the roof of his mouth for a moment, which cleared discomfort up for him immediately. - Linda

Click here for more specific information about Gastroenteritis (also referred to as the Stomach Virus or Stomach flu)

May you have a wonderful, healthy fall,

3 Newsletter Comments

Linda...I love getting emails from you, as I know they will always be something wonderfully helpful. I loved this one in particular, as I am very susceptible to "winter respitory problems" and your oils are great. Thanks for your never-ending help and suggestions. Blessings to you and your family at this wonderful time of year.
Sharon W.

I really appreciate your newsletters that are so full of good information to help us stay and keep our families healthier. I had completely forgot about plague defense in my purse to spray shopping carts! What a great reminder.

Very informative! Thanks!