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FrequenSea 16oz
FrequenSea 16oz

FrequenSea is an ionic whole-food concentrate which includes 1200mg of marine phytoplankton, a food source with a nutritional analysis that is second-to-none. Marine phytoplankton contains more than 200 sea vegetables, and according to NASA, is a major source of the Earth’s oxygen. A recent study out of Spain indicates that marine phytoplankton has more than 400 times the energy of any known plant.

Statement from Forevergreen concerning radiation:
Radiation testing is one of the various tests that our manufacturer tests for, and we also test the final product for radiation prior to selling the product. Our marine phytoplankton is farmed from tanks, not the ocean.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Proprietary Blends of the following: AloeVera Juice, Cranberry Concentrate, White Grape Concentrate, Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Juice), Ionic Sea Trace Minerals, Alpha3 CMP Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Astaxanthin, Ginger, Orange, Sweet Lime, Rose, Citric Acid, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant, Stevia, Natural Blueberry, Mango and Passion Fruit Concentrates.

Suggested Use: Drink abundantly: at least two ounces (60 ml) per day. (Our family uses 1/2 ounce daily as maintenance.) Make FrequenSea a habit for best results. May be taken alone or with food. Dilute in water if desired, kids will drink “as is.”

FrequenSea is sold through multi-level marketing. We are not interested in building a business with the MLM, but we really like this product. One bottle lasts about a month when taking ½ ounce daily. Click here to visit the MLM website. If you feel to sign up, our member number is #9270206.

The following is our family's testimony about FrequenSea. We don't promote this product as a business, but we've had such dramatic results using it that we feel to share this testimony. It is likely that there are many, very effective similar products available. Perhaps our testimony will help you find just what you need to help yourself or your family improve their health like this product helped our family. ~ Linda

We first learned about FrequenSea when our daughter's dentist recommended her take it after extracting two teeth that had cracked through the roots after a terrible bike accident. (Although he prescribes anti-biotics for legal reasons, he doesn't recommend that we use them, and he felt that the FrequenSea was a good way to boost her immune system.) At this same office visit, her dentist measured her bite and told us that it looked like she'd need surgery to correct the jaw, which had not recovered from the accident - the lower jar had slowly moved backwards. Her teeth were out of alignment also. This was after waiting a year after the accident in hopes of things balancing out. The only surgeon he could recommend was in Chicago ;-(.   (We live near Waco, TX)

Jenny took 1 ounce of FrequenSea daily. After about 2 weeks she came to me saying, "Look at my jaw! See how my teeth are almost aligned now?" I asked what had happened, and she said she thought it was the FrequenSea since it was the only thing that she was doing different. At this I asked to see the bottle so I could read the ingredients.

I was pretty impressed with the ingredient list, and after further investigating, I found out that the essential oils used are CO2 process, which is the most expensive process I'm aware of. (Essential oils are processed without heat.) What impressed me is that they chose oils not for the tastiness, or just to add their names to a label for effect, but they chose oils that would really enhance the body systems AND chose to spend extra for a process that not one person in a thousand will ever appreciate.

At this same time, my husband had been "suffering" from a strange, unidentifiable dis-ease that started while he was working late hours building a small building in the heat of summer. I'd suspected that he'd gotten dehydrated, but he assured me that he'd drunk lots of water. Initially the bottoms of his feet were very sore, which seemed normal for the work he was doing. But every day the pain increased so that it became hard to even walk. Then his ankles swelled up and had red lumps that initially looked like possible spider bites. Two doctors ruled that out. Multiple blood tests all came back negative, and neither doctor could pinpoint the cause. The swelling proceeded up his legs eventually to his knees. He could hardly walk. When seriously praying for an answer, I felt that he'd drained himself of minerals. So, when I saw what Jenny suspected FrequenSea had done for her and read the ingredient list, I decided promptly to give some to my husband.

That was the turning point for him. He only got better from there, and in a few days was almost back to normal. This was after multiple doctor visits and blood tests. The doctors had never seen anything like this.

Jenny called the dentist and told him what we'd seen happen with the FrequenSea, and he said that they'd found it to be very balancing for people.

We ordered more, and I felt very hopeful that it would help Carrie Grace (our 3-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome) since I'd come to feel that her frequent "panic" attacks (extremely rapid heart beats several times a week usually coming on her during sleep) were "electrical", which I thought might be a mineral issue, thinking that we need minerals to make electrical connections. After the first dose of 1/2 ounce, she never had another episode of racing heart beats.

Many people feel that they have more energy.

My mother has suffered with frequent migraines for years, and since using FrequenSea and their Thunder drink, she hardly ever gets even headache. I've never had "frequent" migraines, but have had them more and more as I've aged, but mine all but disappeared with taking FrequenSea. If I do get a headache, I can eat two of their chocolate wafers and the headache melts away. It's pretty amazing, but natural chocolate (chocolate was not something we normally ate around here) is very high in antioxidants. I'm not really sure what happens, but I've shared this with others and two-three wafers has melted even severe migraines.

We feel that what we came to see is our need for easily absorbed (bio-available) vitamins and minerals. We shouldn't underestimate what minerals do to keep us in good health. This natural, liquid form far exceeded anything our expensive vitamins had done for us.

Click here to visit the MLM website. If you feel to sign up, our member number is #9270206.

Email us for a PDF with information and List of Ingredients

2. I'm not usually a person who writes many reviews, but I certainly read a lot of them. About two weeks ago I ordered FrequenSea after reading Linda's comments about it. My son suffers from asthma triggered by allergies, colds, weather etc., and winters are a nightmare. I've had great results with oils and making rectal suppositories that has given us so much relief, but he still wheezed and had the need for albuterol at night and in the mornings, which always leaves me in alert mode. FYI... I do highly recommend the suppository method of oil delivery for lung issues.I started giving him FrequenSea 2x a day, and after a week noticed that he had not wheezed or had any breathing issues whatsoever since the very first day he started taking it. The crazy thing is, others around us are suffering from respiratory issues like bronchitis and pneumonia. My son got a sore throat and a runny nose, but his breathing and oxygen levels are consistently at 99% and that has NEVER happened. That is normally an ER visit for sure and steroids are always needed. I haven't even needed to give him the rectal suppositories every two hours to keep him going! FrequenSea has offered him restored health and peace of mind to me. I'll be forever grateful! After seeing these results I started to research the many benefits of phytoplankton and am amazed. Our whole family will be taking this daily! - Suzy

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