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Hepatitis B

Ancient Shield

Immune system support to help relieve symptoms associated with infections, abscesses, ear infections, flu. Supportive to healthy hypothalamus and pituitary gland function and may help with mental alertness, memory. 

Celery Seed

(Apium graveolens) 
Traditionally used to support digestion, liver, urinary, kidney and healthy bone/joint function. 

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


(Citrus paradisi)
Traditionally used to support healthy lymph, liver, digestion and fluid levels, soothe minor skin issues, ease mental fatigue and jet lag.





(Juniperus communis)
Traditionally used to soothe skin issues, and to support healthy prostate, bladder, kidneys and pancreas function. 


(Ledum groenlandicum)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune, kidney and liver function, may ease nausea associated with chemotherapy and promote restful sleep.

Liver / Gallbladder

Support for healthy liver and gallbladder function.


Supports liver, digestive and lymphatic systems as well as healthy cell function.


One Family's Testimony
Over the last decade my husband has dealt with Hepatitis B. He didn't start noticing any symptoms until 2000, of which most of these were aches and pains of his joints and fatigue. He did have a high viral count also with high liver enzymes and white blood count. My husband had remembered back to when he was 19 when he gave blood the first time, and he was told that he had a Hepatitis B marker. This was in 1975 so they didn't think it meant the virus was active. Doctors now know that it is active.

The start of our journey was medicine to kill the virus. The main goal is to bring the virus to "0" and for antibodies to be developed. One of the first things we did was to change the way we ate. Due to all the additives and preservatives in our diet, we thought it best to remove all of these. Sugar was also cut out, and honey and or maple syrup was used as a sweetener.

This was a laborious job for me, his wife, to take on researching each label of every box, can, etc… I did find an organization that had done this type of research and had put it together in an easy format for me to follow. To learn more see, www.feingold.org. The change was mostly getting rid of any processed food and cooking everything myself, not prepackaged. We started eating more raw or fresh fruit and veggies. I have come to learn not to cook veggies because of how the heat kills the enzymes, which we all need for proper digestion, so we try to eat mostly raw.

After several years of pursuing this diet I came to realize wheat, milk and most meats were also a problem for my husband. I cut out gluten from our diet as well. This was hard at first, but now many stores carry gluten free products. I am able to buy the flours and make our own foods that require flour. As far as the meat goes, in the beginning he didn't eat red meat, because it is very hard to digest. He didn't eat pork either, or much fish unless it was wild caught and a cold water fish. Too many toxins are in the fish that isn't. As far as milk goes, he does eat some diary, like small amounts of cheese, but not often. Another find for us was margarine and how toxic it is. We started using real butter, but also learned to use organic, because it doesn't have any growth hormones in it. The butter, or cream, from cow's milk has the highest content of growth hormone per some of the books I have read. See Sally Clarkson's book, Nourishing Traditions. Most of the information I found for our diet change came to me by listening to different people that were having problems with some health issues in their families, which I gleaned and thought it would be helpful for my husband's overall health. Remember, my goal was to lower the toxic load on his body, which is less work on the liver, and to put healthy nourishment into his body for him to be nourished in hopes to bring some healing.

Several years into this journey my husband's gallbladder had to be removed due to sludge, which is worse than stones. It was no longer working as it should, and he was having severe gallbladder attacks. The surgeon we used was aware of the liver issue, but we didn't realize the severity that the disease had taken on his liver up to that point. When the surgery finally took place, the doctor was shocked when he saw my husband's liver cirrhosis was so chronic. When I spoke to the doctor he was upset and didn't give me much hope for the situation. He removed the gallbladder, which by doing so caused my husband to go into liver failure.

We had to take salt out of his diet because of him retaining water in his abdomen called ascites. They put him on a diuretic to help him get rid of the extra fluid. I started using essential oils to help with the liver issues. We started learning what oils would work for what issues he had. I also took him off the diuretic and used Ledum applied over the liver, and Juniper applied over the kidneys. We used other oils to apply over the liver to deal with the Hepatitis B virus, and he took some internally in a capsule. See list of oils below. Other supplements he used are Milk Thistle combination and VS-C made by Nature's Sunshine. Also vitamin E with Selenium, fish oil for the brain, CoQ10 for detoxification.

The list of things goes on and on, and in fact, it can be overwhelming for me. The blessing for us was when some standard blood work was run to see what the viral count was, and we got great news back that the virus was at "0". Three months prior when everything started his viral count was 17,000,000. In fact, the nurse thought she had gotten the wrong file to read, when she saw the "0." The doctor in fact reordered some more blood work to verify that result.

It has been five years since, and my husband still has a "0" reading. He does suffer from being tired, and his liver doesn't work to get rid of toxins from his body as well as it should. This has affected his memory and other issues, but we are learning new things we need to do to keep his health in as good a state as possible.

We give God the glory for everything He has shown us to do along our journey. The oils are His medicine for us for anything and everything. The best lesson we have learned is to trust in God and He will show us what we can do to improve our overall health. Sometimes we ask for help and like all I mentioned above, I did get answers, though they weren't easy to follow, but we changed what we needed and saw good results when we did. None of it was easy or convenient, but we weren't looking for convenient, just to bring a better way to help my husband to get through his journey with the ability to stay in our family as a healthy husband and father of six boys. God is faithful!

Sure wish we had known about essential oil sooner. They help with so many things, not just the liver. We have all benefited from their use. Our family only uses essential oils for our medicines. Here's what my husband did:

Juniper - applied over his kidney area.
Hep Blend- 3 parts Helichrysum, 3 parts Ledum, 9 parts Celery Seed takes orally 1 drop in 4oz rice milk
Rejuvenate - applied over liver
Ledum - applied over liver
Liver/Gallbladder - applied over liver
Ancient Shield - orally (we request a custom blend without the Cinnamon Bark)
Frankincense - orally daily
Celery Seed - orally daily for diuretic (now he rubs over abdomen)
Grapefruit - orally daily for diuretic (now he rubs over abdomen) He alternates when he does this – he does not apply them all at the same time.

He applies some in the AM, some in the PM. He applies some one day and some the next.

Just a quick note; the oils he uses now are on a maintenance approach. He uses the liver and kidney supporters daily, but the diuretics only 1-2 times a week. Most are applied topically and not orally. We haven't seen any difference in the virus, so that is how we are maintaining the virus. He does have many digestion issues now, so we didn't want the oils to be diluted in the stomach juices. He uses other oils to help aid in his digestion. Another favorite place to put oils is on the bottom of the feet.

Hopewell Essential Oils also offers some great oils he uses for sleep. Many patients suffer with sleep issues due to the liver virus. My husband uses Peaceful but mostly Cedarwood does the trick. Rub on the palm of the hands in a clockwise rotation and breath deep. The Peaceful works great on the wrists and back of the neck.

We did not use any of these oils under any doctor's care. We made the decision to pursue the oils because of where my husband was in his life-and-death situation. We did inform the doctor what we used when the lab results came back, so he would know what we were doing. We are not claiming that we know nor do we advise anyone to use what we did because we think this is what you should do. This is our testimony and we feel the oils were what aided the results we had with fighting against this virus. Please know my husband does not have Hepatitis C, so his virus doesn't change or mutate like "C" does. If we were dealing with "C" we would have done the same, but since we are not dealing with that particular strain we can't be sure how the oils will help.

We pray that we can be a blessing to others in offering our story and wanted to give God the glory for helping us to discover essential oils and all their wonderful benefits.