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Household Insect Deterrent

Household Insect Deterrent

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If household pests are a problem, consider diffusing an essential oil to deter them. Palmarosa andCitronella Java essential oils are naturally high in geraniol, which makes a great insect repellent. OurCitronella Java's aroma is fresh, sweet and slightly woody, and it is an inexpensive oil to diffuse.Palmarosa has a fresh, flora/citrus aroma. 

One effective method we use to deter and eliminate household insects such as ants, spiders and roaches is this: 
Organic One Canister Fill a 22 oz plastic sprayer with water 
Add 10-20 drops of essential oil (we alternate what we use because we like the variety, but recently we've used Lemon Myrtle or Fresh Citrus
Add a few drops of liquid soap (we use Castile) 
Add a TB of ORGANIC ONE, which is a safe, natural and an incredibly effective insecticide that dries to a powder on the surfaces sprayed. 

This spray kills small insects on contact, and the powdery residue will kill any that come along at a later date! There are no harmful components, so you don't have to worry about poisoning your children or pets (unless you have an insect for a pet!) This is not poison. It punctures the insect's exoskeleton, and then the powdery residue absorbs the pest's body fluids causing them to die quickly of dehydration. 

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