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Golden Jojoba
Simmondsia californica

Country of origin: USA
Method of Extraction: Cold pressed; unrefined
Aroma: Virtually odorless
Color: Golden yellow
Plant part: Seeds
Components: few triglycerides (the definition of an oil), thus refered to as a liquid wax. 
Approximate Shelf Life: Stable/Indefinite 
Golden Jojoba may support, aid, ease, soothe, reduce, calm, relax, promote and/or maintain healthy function:
Acne (moisturizes yet allows the skin to breathe - doesn't clog pores)
Acid Mantle (assists in the production of, which guards against harmful bacteria)
Cold Sores
Moisturizer, well-penetrating. It is similar to human sebum.
Skin: anti-aging (helps control moisture loss), bruises, burns, cuts, moisturizer, sores, toning

For External Use
We don't recommend taking Jojoba internally, although it is probably not harmful to do so in a small amount. Some literature claims that it's *indigestible.* It is high (14%) erucic acid, which in HIGH doses is toxic to humans (while deer, sheep, etc. can eat the foliage, and squirrels and rabbits eat the seeds at will).

1. These oils are AMAZING!!! My 7-month-old daughter has had eczema behind her ears since birth that we just could not get rid of. I put ONE drop of Jojoba oil behind each ear on the affected area before she went to bed at night, and by morning it was GONE!!! All the other oil blends I purchased previously from you have been awesome!! Thank you for having some an incredible products! - L.W.

2. I suffer with acne, and I can highly recommend Jojoba oil for the face - I use it every day to oil cleanse, and it's wonderful. Jojoba is very similar to the face's natural sebum, so it's cleansing AND moisturizing, as well as non-irritating, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic. As for the dilution, I would start with a medium dilution rate, maybe 5% (5 drops eo to 1 tsp carrier) and, if your skin does well with it, work up from there. The thing that has made the biggest difference for me is changing my diet - specifically, in my case, eliminating gluten. The key to making the change was realizing that if we saw a baby with 'acne', we would call it a rash and immediately wonder what food had triggered it. But at a certain age, we just start calling it acne, and ignore the potential/probable relationship between the acne and what we're eating. This may not be the whole story for everyone, but my own personal testimony is that making the changes to my diet has led me to have consistently clear skin for the first time in 20 years. Hope this helps! - Ali

3. I find Jojoba oil to be very non-comedogenic and beneficial for acne-prone skin. It felt greasy to me at first, but then I learned to apply just a little to my damp face and let it soak in. I completely unclogged my stubborn pores (blackheads etc) in a matter of days. In a week's time, I looked like a new person - literally. My friends told me my face looked radiant. - Liesle

4. People with oily skin tend to shy away from using oils, but using Jojoba was amazing for me. It helped balance my excessive oil production and cleared blackheads, clogged pores and acne. My face is acne free! - Dorothy

5. I'm enjoying the Jojoba with a little Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lemon added. [HEO's comment: Use less than 12 drops of Lemon per ounce to avoid phototoxicity issues.] This has eliminated my chronic acne issues, it's moisturizng, regulates oil production and leaves my skin soft and beautiful. - Ginger

6. I've had cystic acne for most of my teenage to adult life (I'm 24 now). I didn't care for Jojoba at first because it made my face feel so greasy, so I found that if I applied only a small amount to my damp face after rinsing it in the shower, it applied easily and within minutes my face felt soothed and moist, but not greasy. Once I started using it, I didn't get new acne and the clogged pores opened up and eased the painful inflammation. Three months of consistent use has made some amazing changes in my complexion. I was initially concerned to add essential oils to this, but now I feel I could benefit from using HEO's Face Nourishment Healing blend since it has Frankincense which may help with the scarring. - Jon

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