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Kidney Stone

Digestion Support

Digestive issues, belching, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, constipation

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


The oils in this blend may help support normal kidney and bladder function.


(Citrus limonum)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, lung and circulatory function, ease stress and nerve pain, promote mental clarity.



Traditionally used to support healthy circulation, bone and muscle function and to ease minor aches and pains.


Kidney Stone Symptoms:
- Pain in side and back, below ribs
- Episodes of pain that vary in intensity
- Pain "waves" radiating from your side and back to your lower abdomen and groin
- Bloody, cloudy or foul-smelling urine
- Pain with urination
- Nausea and vomiting
- Persistent need to urinate
- Fever and chills (indicate infection is present)

The pain is caused by inflammation of tissues above the stone because the stone is blocking the passage of urine.

Ideally we should drink ½ our body weight in ounces of filtered water daily, but most of us don't drink near that much water. Eventually, living our lives in a semi-dehydrated state will take its toll on joints, organs and even contributes to the formation of kidney stones. This is probably the number one risk factor, as it prevents your urine from dissolving minerals and acid salts.

Abstain from sodas! Soda is loaded with phosphorous. Avoid sugar, as sugar interferes with mineral relationships in your body by disrupting calcium and magnesium absorption.

Cleaver's tea has been suggested for dissolving kidney stones; drinking 3 cups of Cleavers tea per day may help. 

Avoid regular tea, caffeine, sugars, simple carbohydrates and increase fiber to 30
gm a day.

Calcium in a kidney stone may indicate osteoporosis. There is some thought that the calcium in the stones comes from your own bones when you have a calcium deficiency. Conditions that allow stones to form may be created by a highly acidic or highly alkaline system. To avoid being acidic, drink plenty of filtered water daily. 

pH Balance Tonic
1 TB Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (organic, raw, unfiltered is best)
1 TB Local Raw Honey (if local honey is not available, then at least use raw - unprocessed)
1 Cup filtered Water

1. My husband had a tormenting bout with a kidney stone recently. I layered 5 to 6 drops of each of Pain-X, Respiratory Relief, Lemongrass and Juniperberry over his kidney and had him drink a glass of purified water with 5 to 6 drops of Lemon in a capsule (diluted with a carrier oil). Within ten minutes his pain switched from full throttle on to absolutely off. Three days later, he passed a very large kidney stone.

2.  My husband and I were having breakfast, and he started having severe pain from a kidney stone. His last experience was 4 years ago. After walking around the living room in large circles holding his side and moaning he went into our bathroom thinking he was going to vomit. I found him curled up on the floor. I thought about your wonderful oils and asked the Lord that if I have an oil that will give him relief, please help me know what to do. (I only have 4 different kinds!) I left the room and started searching the internet for some guidance. I was clearly told byt the Lord during that time to put Digestion Support on his side. Well, he let me put it on. About 3 minutes later, I found him in our bedroom resting fairly comfortably on his side. He said he thought the oil worked. A little later (another 3 minutes), the moaning started and he asked for more. After applying it the second time, that was it. He hasn't had any pain since that time. We are, of course, just waiting for it to move or for it to try exiting, but for the time being he feels very blessed! I want to thank you again for doing what you are clearly called to do. You're helping people that you don't even know.  I am very grateful. - S.S.

3. I knew I had another kidney stone, and decided to try a remedy my neighbor suggested: Lemon and Frankincense 1-2 drops each in a capsule with carrier oil, twice daily for 3 weeks. I've not had any more occurrences of that nagging feeling in my kidney.

4. Years before I knew about using essential oils I had a reoccuring bout with a large, single kidney stone. The pains came and went for a couple of years. An osteopath we used suggested that I take Nux Vomica homeopathic remedy when I felt the pain coming on. He felt this would help the muscles to relax so that the stone could move on out. The next time I felt the pain coming on, I did as he said. Within 15-20 minutes, the pain eased. It never went away, but it eased enough that I could walk around and function. When the pain came back (within a couple hours), I'd take a few more pellets of the Nux Vomica. Within 12 hours, I passed the stone - or actually had it present itself so that I could pull it out! ;-/ - Linda

5. Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your oils. I had a kidney stone last night and about 20 minutes after rubbing Pain-X, Lemon, Muscle Relax and a few others on my back the pain went away and I was able to get some sleep! - Cybil