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An uplifting blend to ease allergy symptoms, soothe nervous tension and promote restful sleep.

Clary Sage

(Salvia sclarea)
May ease mild mood changes cramping and edema associated with menstrual cycle, support healthy breathing and promote restful sleep.


Supports balancing male and female hormones, regulating prostate function, hot flashes in women, hormonal imbalances in general.


May support healthy hormone and thyroid function and ease symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and weight gain.


Menopause is the on the typical course of aging. Symptoms that begin before periods and ovulation cease are called perimenopausal symptoms. As women reach menopause, progesterone production declines and a state of estrogen dominance often arises. The most commonly prescribed drugs are conjugated estrogens (from horse urine) or synthetic medroxyprogesterone. The molecules in these synthetic hormones are foreign to the human body and can dramatically increase the risk for ovarian and breast cancer with time. 
The "change" is when the ovaries "quit," and the adrenal glands begin to do the work. The hot flashes come when the adrenals are not strong enough. Supporting your adrenals and possibly using natural progesterone to balance your hormones are options to consider.

Common Menopausal Symptoms
Drying of the skin, mucous membranes, vagina
Exhaustion, fatigue
Fluid retention
Hot flashes
Mood swings
Night sweats

The symptoms experienced are very individual, thus using essential oils and herbal products to ease these symtpoms must be determined by the individual. Sampling several products has advantages so that you can tinker with the oils and application until you find what seems to work best for you before investing in a larger bottle of something you will not find helpful. Consider initially purchasing 2mL sample sizes and using our roll-on applicators for application.

Personalised Treatment Options for Menopausal Women Using Ayurveda and Aromatherapy by Aashish Kanitkar et al

1. I use a little Clary Sage at night under my nose to help me get REM sleep. It is very hormone balancing. Aloe vera juice helps with hot flashes. I put it in juice in the morning. I also use Progesterone cream every day. When I keep this up, I have no trouble with the menopausal inconveniences.
2. Diet played a huge part for me. I only used goat or sheep cheese, no white flour or sugar, lots of water and daily exercise. I use Progesterone cream and a variety of oils: Lavender and Strength are my favorites.
3. PROGESTERONE cream was a great success in balancing the ups and downs of my impending change.
4. I have used Lavender and Cedarwood for sleep and like them both. Master is a wonderful oil – I don't want to think of living without it for the hot flashes. When I wake up and when I go to bed, I put it on my wrist and then rub the inside of the elbow. I was using prescription hormones until I learned about the oils, but Master works wonders for me!
5. Cedarwood is incredible for stopping hot flashes. I mix it with a carrier oil and rub it on my tummy, chest, neck, arms and feet (especially the ovary points – on both sides of the ankles). I used to have terrible hot flashes after getting into bed, but this seems to balance everything and I can now sleep through the whole night – no more hot flashes. I have been bothered by hot flashes and night sweats for months before learning about using the oils. If I get a flash while eating dinner, I put some Cedarwood on my neck, chest and shoulders. It is working beautifully!!!
6. I would have long, long menopausal periods of hot flashes and sporadic sleeping. PROGESTERONE has been a huge blessing. Master and Lavender have also become a part of my protocol for sleeping. Master is helpful in reducing, actually eliminating my nightly sweats. I am now 55 years old, and I just had a menstrual period this week.
7. The PROGESTERONE cream helps me with hot flashes and irritability.

8. I have not had ANY hot flashes since Friday when I got my Vitality. I kid you not, I am amazed. I have slept through the night without even one hot flash where I wake up after soaking the sheets. That's 3 nights in a row now. I can't believe it.

9. Your FRESHEN SPRAY is truly unique, and I am amazed at how well the oils work together.  I have been using this blend on those most tenderest of female tissues and have found it soothing and healing. (I have had a chronic inflamed tearing in that area.) The side benefit of this oil is that it is quite a romantic blend in both its aroma as well as the warming sensation.  I think Linda should market this one in a public arena. It's rare to get a healing ointment or feminine spray without all the added chemicals. The aroma lasts forever, and one does feel fresh all day long.

10. I've been using Master on the bottoms of my feet each morning and the perimenopause symptoms that have plagued me have gotten so much better. My mood swings and night sweats and what all else are under control now. I feel so much better! - Tammy

11. I want to start by saying I have not had ANY hot flashes since Friday when I got my Vitality. I kid you not, I am amazed. I have slept through the night without even one hot flash where I wake up after soaking the sheets. That's 3 nights in a row now. I can't believe it. - L.U.

12. Vitality is amazing. I am still "flash free" and loving it. My husband loves it too. We sleep much better now that I'm not throwing the covers off, pulling them back on every 20 minutes. I no longer have to worry about wearing layers just so I can strip at any given moment due to a hot flash. I have been spreading the word. My neighbor has had the same results as I have.

13. I have been using the Vitality since November. I am 49, and so far I haven't had any hot flashes either. It seems that if I exercise regularly and don't binge, that these oils help keep the belly fat under control. I rub a drop of Vitality on my gums once or twice a day along with applying it to thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, uterine area and foot reflex points for all these areas. I had used Chastetree Berry tincture for 9 or so years (several dropper's full twice/day) before I began using the Vitality last fall. I haven't noticed much difference by my not taking the tincture for these last several months at this point, though I may go back to taking it just for insurance against menopausal symptoms! - C.G.

14. I have been using Vitality for about 6 months, and it has helped balance hormones and things like monthly water retention and soreness. I also had been having irregular bleeding during my cycle, and using the Vitality several times during the day helped stop the irregular bleeding. Thanks again and God Bless:) - Tracy

15. I want to thank you for your wonderful oils! We've used them for several years now. Most recently I've discovered Vitality. It's wonderul! Within the first day I was no longer very tired, and my hormone fluctuations are much better. I feel really great! I apply it on the thyroid and lower abdominal area. I use it after my morning shower. One day I missed, and by 2 pm I had to lie down to nap. I haven't missed a day since! Thank you! - Toni

16. I ordered Vitality a few weeks ago and I love it! It started working right away. I have been fatigued for several years and started noticing menopause symptoms creeping up on me. After the first use of Vitality I noticed results immediately. I apply it at the base of my neck (thyroid), my lower back and under my ribs. - Nicole

17. I have recently started using Vitality to help my entire glandular system after having had a hysterectomy about 30 years ago. It is a lovely oil that smells better and better after application...like a soft perfume. :o) It is too early for me to want to comment as to its effectiveness, but I can say that I believe that it has lifted my mood and helped me to feel more stable mentally and emotionally. It also helps with some of my neurological challenges. I have noticed the restless leg problems subsiding and I seem to be more energetic. - Nora

18. Natural progesterone cream changed my life about 5 years ago! I have always used Emerita Progesterone. It is the most natural brand I could find. The best price would be from Vitacost.com - Lana D.

19. I have used Vitality for several months in a row (maybe 5 or so) because I was having very heavy bleeding that lasted a long time and mood issues. My Dr. prescribed progesterone pills, but I wanted to use something more natural. I used a progesterone cream for a short time to stop the bleeding, but now I only use Vitality. It has made my cycle like normal again lasting 5 or so days. It has definitely calmed the crazy feelings just before my period starts. I know for certain it is the Vitality because I stopped using it for 2 months, and the issues I had came back. I use 2-3 drops every day right after my shower rubbing it on my lower back and over my lower abdomen. - Delilah

20. I am very fond of Vitality for menopause issues. I started appling Vitality on my thyroid (with a roll-on applicator) every morning about 9 years ago after my last child was born (I was 47). My periods have ceased, but I didn't have any other negative symptoms such as hot flashes or mood swings etc. If my energy level seems to need a boost, I apply Vitality again at mid-day. - Linda  

21. This has helped me tremendously: 1 drop Vitex every hour on the tongue + 1 drop Clary Sage every hour on the bridge of my nose and around my navel. - Naomi S.

22.1. First - pray for wisdom and guidance. Suggestions if excessive bleeding is related to estrogen dominance, fibroids etc., rubbing frankincense (50/50 with almond oil) and magnesium oil (Amazon Life-Flo brand) on belly over uterus and ovary area as well as the vita-flex points on the right foot/ankle area. Frankincense and almond oil 50/50 in capsule - vaginal suppository at night. Take ionic magnesium drops in water (Amazon/trace minerals brand). Estrogen is thought to be processed by the liver. If a woman is estrogen dominant her body may not be processing excess estrogen. Teas are helpful for this - pau d'arco, nettle, dandelion, liver detox (Traditional Medicinals brands are clean). Fermented cod liver oil (HEO website) Cinnamon Tingle is best we've tasted, chocolate the worst. Vit A & D are critical for normalizing hormones. Clean diet - eliminate processed foods, take probiotics and/or cultured foods (kefir, yogurt, bubbies sauerkraut). Nascent iodine (naturalnews.com store) Castor oil pack. I am experiencing success with treating a uterine fibroid with these things. Since the first month, the reduction in pain and bleeding was amazing. It's been 3 months. - Karen

23. Taking maca root is very helpful for hormone imbalance. It's an adaptogen, so it helps hormones go whichever direction is needed. - Lauren

24. Yellow Dock tincture (not an essential oil) is helpful to boost the hemoglobin levels, but to help heavy bleeding you would use Rhubarb Root tincture.

25.The Vitamin A in cod liver oil may help with excess estrogen. According to a case study written about in the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat, 2 TB of high vitamin cod liver oil per day for 3 days in a row eliminated this excessive bleeding for one woman who had been suffering from what she called a “never ending period” for 4 years! A maintenance dose of 1 TB high vitamin cod liver oil effectively kept the problem at bay.
Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Green Pasture Skate Liver Oil

26. I personally use the Ovarian Cyst blend, Vitex, and Maca Root. This has balanced my hormone levels to where I feel normalized. There are other herbal remedies for hormonal balance such as Black Cohosh. - Jessie

27. I recommend Rosemary. It works far better, in my opinion, than Peppermint. I put just a drop on the back of my neck, and it stops a flash in its tracks and seems to prevent them for a couple of hours. - Heather

28. Menopause brought along with it for me dry scalp (dandruff). I keep mine under control by adding about 5 drops each of Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Rosemary and Rose Geranium to each 8 oz. bottle of Desert Essence unscented shampoo.

29. I had an issue with getting heavy periods every two weeks, and it became constant over time, thus I ultimately had a hysterectomy (uterus only) when I was 38. I was able to manage the periodic hemorrhaging for years (and have two more babies) by creating a blend of the following:

10 drops Geranium
5 drops Cypress
I applied 2-3 of drops (with a carrier oil) over my pelvic region a several times a day and then sit with a warm compress over the area for 10 minutes or so. Within a couple/few days I would notice a decrease in bleeding. - Christy
[HEO's Comment: We refer to this blend as the "Excessive Bleeding" blend, but typically people have used CISTUS instead of Cypress. It's wonderful that Christy substituted Cypress and experienced good results.]

30. I found that besides using essential oils, 1/10 tsp Cayenne in 8oz warm water may help regulate bleeding during periods. - Amy

31. I've been using Staff Comfort to get my period back on schedule. I know it's the geranium in it that is helping. I spray this all over my legs each day as it is also helping with my psoriasis. - Rachel

32. Getting a heavy period every couple weeks may indicate low vitamin A. Cod liver oil is a good supplement and may help. - Kay

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