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Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.

Little Flowers

Renewing blend for face and wrinkles.


(Origanum vulgare)
Traditionally used to support a healthy immune response and joint and digestion function.



Palo Santo

(Bursera graveolens) also known as Holy Wood
Traditionally used to ease nervous tension, to support healthy lung function and for minor coughs, aches and pain.





A skin mole is something we are born with, although the mole(s) are not typically visible at birth since they darken as one ages. Moles are mostly due to genetics, whereas warts are the result of a virus. Both can become cancerous. Moles are usually round or oval, flat or raised, can be large or small and range in color from pink, brown, red or black.

It seems to be important to continue the application for a few days to a week after the wart/mole has fallen off to help ensure that it does not come back.

1. I used Frankincense on a mole; it took a while (probably because of my inconsistency), but it eventually dried up and came off layer by layer.

2. I had a very large, expanding mole on my head. I applied Frankincense on it daily for about 2 weeks. The mole changed color, got raised edges and then fell off. There is not a sign of that mole now - no evidence of it. I'm amazed at how powerful yet gentle these oils are!

3. Oregano (undiluted) got rid of the mole I was troubled with. I applied it with a toothpick dipped into the oil, and it still irritated the surrounding skin, but I was able to help that by applying lanolin around the mole first to protect the skin right next to the mole. The mole went through stages: changed colors from dark to light, wept blood or pus, even smelled pungent at one point. The spot has totally healed now (3 months later) without a trace of the mole!

4. I tried Palo Santo on my mole, and it worked! It dried it up and flaked off. There were black *seeds* under it, so I kept applying the EO. The seeds fell off, and more appeared - I bet there were eventually 100+ of them, but eventually (about 3 months later), there's hardly a sign of the mole, and the skin looks great.

5. I used a toothpick to apply Oregano (undiluted) on a *bad* looking mole (or wart - not sure what it was). I treated it morning and night, and in about 3 days, I could see tiny black spots. Over time, the mole got scruffier and raised up more. The black spots gradually flaked off but more appeared, and I've heard that with warts, there is a mother wart that feeds the others, so the idea is to kill the virus in the mother wart so all the wart will go away. These black spots grew like hair on a man's beard, and when I tried to pluck them out, they would bleed, so I left them alone and they eventually rubbed off when they were ready to. More black spots kept appearing, would grow and then rub off, and all the while the mole was shrinking. This cycled over and over again - over 10 times until finally, the mole was hardly noticeable, and I basically forgot about treating it. Oregano is the main oil I used, but sometimes I used Frankincense and sometimes Lavender.

6. Overnight my mother had a mole pop up on her shoulder. She remembers she got pricked by something when loading a bale of hay and thought this may have been how it all started. Anyway, the mole grew and looked grotesque. We ordered Frankincense and she began applying up to 3x per day. It started scabbing over and stopped growing but looked even more grotesque. It stayed looking this way for several weeks. She was continuing with the frankincense but thought "maybe this is all it's gonna do". And then, about 2 days later she went to apply the EO and it was gone. I know it sounds gross, but it had fallen off as she took off the bandaid. It is now new fresh flesh with no growth. All signs of the mole are gone! It had been gone for several weeks now. Yea!! - Valerie

7.  I just wanted to pass along that I bought Frankincense frereana/carterii from you because I had a large mole on my back that has been changing over the last couple of years. I read that it could be used to treat skin cancer and thought I would give it a try before having a dermatologist take a huge biopsy. I applied the oil over a two week period, and it completely sloughed off my back. In addition, this spot was actually an old scar from a mole removal from my youth, at least 30 years ago. That scar also has completely disappeared! It is amazing! I just can't believe what this oil did for me! - Jennifer

8.  I had either a mole or a skin tag on my neck that had become engorged and very painful. Just moving my neck the wrong way or putting clothing on or removing it was painful. Sunday night when I rolled over, and the way I lay, my pillow touched it and it hurt enough to wake me up. I knew it would be a while before I could get to the dermatologist to have removed, so I was desperate. I began applying Frankincense undiluted several times a day, even taking to work with me. (This did not irritate surrounding skin.) Within just a couple of days the growth became black, and last night I couldn't feel it, and to my surprise it was GONE. I looked in the mirror and sure enough, it is no more! - Leslie

9.  I saw a dermatologist about an eyelid papilloma that I decided to treat (very carefully) with Frankincense, and she was very impressed with how it was disappearing and told me to keep doing what I was doing (but to be careful of my eyeball). The papilloma was quite large. I dabbed the oil on very carefully with a cotton swab, making sure not to get it anywhere near my eye or the skin around it. It started getting black and crusty, little by little, and falling off. It took about six weeks of applying it once a day to be completely gone, and you cannot tell that it was ever there. My optometrist had told me that there was nothing that could be done for my eyelid papillomas because it was so close to my eyeball. I am glad she was wrong. So, I decided to put the oil on a dime-sized crusty raised mole on my cheek that I had for probably 20 years. In about a month of daily application, it flaked off little by little and is completely gone! It is recommended to use a carrier oil, but I put it on neat, being very careful not to touch the surrounding skin. The process might take longer if using a carrier oil, but would be safer. Now I am going to work on all the other little skin issues on my body! - Kathy