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Multiple Sclerosis

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.

Helichrysum Substitute Blend

Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Herpes virus, blood pressure, blood clots, heart issues, liver issues, circulatory, eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, nerves

Peppermint India

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.

Peppermint USA

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.



Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, degenerative disease of the nerves in the brain and spinal column caused through a demyelization process. Myelin is the insulating, waxy substance around the nerves in the central nervous system, and when the myelin is damaged by an autoimmune disease or self-destructive process in the body, the function of those nerves deteriorate over time resulting in a number of common symptoms:
Muscle weakness
Imbalance (loss of coordination)
Astigmatism (defect in eye)
Bladder Dysfunction
Bowel Dysfunction
Dizziness and Vertigo
Sexual Dysfunction
Cognitive Function
Emotional Changes

If you suspect that you have Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, you may want to consider testing for Lyme disease. We've heard good reports from people who get their testing done by IGeneX.

Correlation between Vitamin D and Slower Disease Progression in Multiple sclerosis Patients

Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods to Autoimmune Disease

Multiple Sclerosis is Lyme Disease

1. I have had many digestive issues due to Multiple Sclerosis. I use lots of natural treatments - never drugs. The most effective treatment I've found has been Peppermint essential oil. A drop on the tongue on applied to my abdomen relieves my symptoms almost immediately. A nice blend I use for a gentle back massage is:
12 parts Geranium
6 parts Juniperberry
4 parts Sandalwoods
2 parts Peppermint
I like this blend on my spine, neck and bottoms of feet.

2. Through some research, I read that it may be heavy metals in the nervous system causing the neurons to fire so rapidly that the myelin sheath is burned up. The body has the ability to use pregnenolone to rebuild the sheath, but it can't do so while things are so "hot." Peppermint essential oil cools down the firing. I had all my mercury fillings removed by a conscientious dentist (he made sure I didn't swallow the mercury as he was removing it!). There are very few "biological" dentist's, but you must find one that will do it right, otherwise you will only be releasing the mercury into your system and possibly will cause more harm than good. I found a lot of good information here: http://www.iaomt.org/

I also have a Raindrop massage done weekly and use a cool towel instead of a warm one (remember the idea is to cool things down). I also substitute nerve building oils like Geranium and Helichrysum Substitute Blend instead of Oregano and Thyme. I also use Frankincense to support my DNA.

I did a colon cleanse to clear the bowels so I could effectively do a heavy metal cleanse, because your body will become toxic if it can't move the dumped metals out efficiently.

Don't consume anything with aspartame or Splenda, which are both known to cause MS symptoms and brain issues.

I used pregnenelone to help rebuild my brain, and essential oils high in sesquiterpenes, which cross the blood-brain barrier. This group of oils also oxygenate the brain. My favorite blend is Potential.

I also use a good essential fatty acid supplement to support the brain. I use Udo's Choice Oil Blend. It's also important to have your vitamin D level checked - this is very important (Dr. Mercola MS article) Dr. Mercola recommends that the vitamin D level be 70-90 ng/ml (LabCorp is a good lab in the USA).

I eliminated sugar and processed foods and ate most of my foods raw, including natural, pastured raised chicken eggs.

Dr. Mercola has some great insights in this article.
Dr. Mercola article about MS

3. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over twenty years ago and said "no" to conventional treatment with drugs and "yes" to herbal alternatives, juicing and so on. I'm convinced that I did far better by avoiding the mainstream treatment, but I still suffered from MS symptoms and flare ups. About ten years ago I decided to get all the amalgam fillings removed, and shortly after learned about essential oils. I use them in too many ways to enumerate (Massage, general immune support, digestion and so on), but I'm healthier today at age 53 than I was when I first noticed the symptoms at age 18.

4. When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over ten years ago, I knew I needed to find out the cause. I prayed and felt convinced that I needed to get all the metal out of my mouth (amalgam fillings). I had them removed by a biological dentist, did lots of cleansing (colon cleanse, liver/gallbladder cleanse), ate only organic pesticide-free fruits, vegetables and meats, drank filtered water and used essential oils for general use and had a Raindrop massage weekly substituting Laurel Leaf and Helichrysum Substitute Blend for the Oregano and Thyme since it's important to cool the nerves, not heat. Peppermint oil is the one I wouldn't want to go anywhere without.

5. HEO found this testimony online, and though they don't mention essential oil usage, the diet aspect of autoimmune disease is very a important consideration:
I have been on the [Wahls Foundation] food plan 100% since the New Year when I received the lecture link from a friend. My story is extremely similar to that of Dr. Wahl's, diagnosed RRMS in 1998 through optic neuritis, cane use by 2004, transitioned to SPMS immediately following the birth of my son in late 2006 and have now been chair bound in a recliner seat and wheelchair. I had eaten a pretty healthy diet by typical standards but can completely follow the logic of having different needs to nutritionally correct my system. Week 1 was great, week 2 was not (maybe detox time?) and week 3 has been good again! Thankfully, my husband is 110% supportive and has embraced every detail, even though it has increased his food prep work load. I recently began preparing to start Gilenya, in hopes of some improvement, but after a history with Avonex, Rebif and Tysabri, I really wasn’t looking forward to more drugs. Now the drug is on a definite HOLD! My strength is better, and I have been able to get myself up to a standing position from my chair and then to sit on my walker at home for transport. I also take time to stand at my Extend-A-Hand grab bar, and am doing it with much greater strength. My son has never known his mom to walk, so all my motivation is behind this! Thank you so much, Dr. Wahls!

6. I wanted to let you know that I ordered the MS BLEND (below) for my mother-in-law who has been suffering a great deal with Multiple Sclerosis and has been frequenting the hospital due to pain. The first night she applied the oil on her spine, she said she was FINALLY able to get a good night's sleep! She couldn't believe the relief that came with the blend (she also said it's a pleasant smell). Thank You for all that you do! - Nicole R.
5 parts Birch (Betula lenta)
3 parts Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
2 parts Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
2 parts Basil ct linalool (Ocimum basilicum)
2 parts Helichrysum italicum

7. I'm a massage therapist, and this combination works wonderfully for tight muscles. Peppermint, Eucalyptus radiata, Cajeput and Birch. This seems to help relax the nerve fibers. - Linda W.

8. I don't have an oil comment, but my son has MS and the Wahls approach has been fabulous. He really notices the difference when he strays from the plan. - Margaret

9. My MS is basicly in remission - I haven't had a relapse since 2008. I've not taken drugs except for LDN, 3 mg. I still have nerve damage that affects my leg strength and walking and no balance. I haven't figured out how to fix that yet, but I'm trying. Two weeks ago I started PQQ twice a day after reading a discussion about antioxidant therapy for MS. About 10 days later, my walking improved. I walk 300 yard laps and was able to add another lap without my legs failing me. I walk until I can't lift my feet anymore. I believe the PQQ is responsible. I've also started Phosphatidylserine with DHA (from Swansons) about 3 weeks ago, and that seems to be helping too. I had some reservations about PQQ because it's a pyrrole ring to which quinolone is attached. This wouldn't be good for someone with Pyrroluria - too many pyrroles. I don't know if I have Pyrroluria, but have to assume I don't because PQQ seems to be helping. I think one is probably worse off trusting the experts with MS treatment. MS drugs are barbaric, like chemotherapy. Common sense would say you won't get better with your immune system suppressed. There was a study out of Australia in 2004, 2005 that showed an MS relapse was not an immune attack. The oligodendrocytes died first before the immune system came in to clean up. So the whole idea of suppressing the immune system to help MS is based on a false pretense. - (found online)