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Name change from Heritage to Hopewell

We have Changed our Name!

We have changed our name from Heritage to Hopewell Essential Oils (thus keeping the HEO acronym).

In 1999 our family started a general store in a small building outside our home to serve our family, friends and the local community. Our goal was to source exceptional products that we needed to run our rural homesteads and to offer these products as close to wholesale as possible. Running this little store also provided an excellent opportunity for our home-schooled children to learn to serve others while helping to run a business for love, not money. We called our store: Heritage General Store.

In 2004 our family learned about using essential oils, and as we shared our experiences with others, we were encouraged by those shopping in our store to source high-quality oils ourselves, thus cutting out the expenses associated with sourcing them from the multilevel marketing company we'd been introduced to. We prayed about this seemingly impossible task, and the Lord opened doors we never realized existed to enable us to confidently begin to source high-quality oils and blend them ourselves.

We blended and bottled the oils as needed, and because each bottle needed a label, we decided to label the oils "Heritage Essential Oils" since we were selling them through our general store. Initially all the sales were local sales. We were internet illiterate and frankly, it never crossed our minds to make an online "business" out of our efforts, but over time local people sent our oils to family and friends across the country, and these people wanted to order directly from us. Someone's aunt in New Jersey asked if we could "at least" put a price list online so she could see all the oils we offered. We didn't have a clue how to put anything online, but we did want to be helpful, so with a little education from a friend, we purchased the www.HeritageEssentialOils.com url and posted a price list. Next, the request came to provide more information. For example, people wanted to be able to click on the word "Peppermint" and see a page of information about how to use Peppermint, so we learned how to do that :-). We sold our oils for several years through this website that basically became my filing cabinet where I posted everything I learned. There was no cart; everyone called or emailed their order, paid by check, and we ran the orders through our general store. (The general store did not take credit cards at that time.)

In 2008 as our son Josiah neared the end of his home-school days, he suggested that he could learn to build a website with a shopping cart so that the ordering process would be a lot simpler for both the customer and us. The website you see today is the result of his labor. Through these years, we've never advertised but have prayed that the Lord would send those of His choosing. To this day, most of the new customers note in the "Referred By" field that they have heard about us from a family member, friend, health care provider or on a blog. Our goal is not to build a business but to serve, and in doing so, the Lord has worked the lumps out of the clay of our lives, taught our children valuable skills, how to work for love not economy and knit our hearts to dear ones like you who are reading this long explanation :-).

A few weeks ago we found out that we could not trademark the name "Heritage" for our essential oil business because "Heritage" has already been trademarked for selling similar products. So, the past two weeks we've been searching for another word that starts with "H" to replace Heritage, as we felt to keep the "HEO" acronym since this is how many people refer to us. To our amazement, there are very few appropriate "H" words left to trademark! Josiah suggested the name "Hopewell," and not only did we like it, it is available to be trademarked.

Bottom Line
We have begun to change our labels, letterheads and website to reflect our new name. This process feels like a huge mountain of a task for our small home business, but by the grace of God we will tackle it and make every effort to make the transition as flawless as possible for everyone.