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Simply Lotion - 100% Natural
Simply Lotion - 100% Natural

Simply Lotion - 100% Natural and Unscented
Distilled water, Aloe Vera, cold pressed vegetable oils of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), Apricot (Prunus armeniaca), and Sesame (Sesamum indicum), Plant Emulsifying Wax, Almond glycerides, Vitamin E, and Grapefruit seed extract

The GSE used does not have any benzyl chloride or other chemical preservatives in it.

Available in a "Tottle," which is a bottle that sits on it's top so that the lotion is readily available when you want to use it.

Suggested Shelf Life: 6 months after opening (On a personal note, we've never experienced this lotion going rancid. I have a bottle that I added Citrus Blessing to for our travel bag four years ago that still smells fresh and works as expected.)

Our unscented moisturizing lotion is light and penetrates quickly, leaving the skin silky soft and replenished. Essential oils can be added as desired. As a general guideline, we add 1.5% essential oil to lotion. For example:
2oz - 1ml (about 20 drops)
4oz - 2ml (about 40 drops)
8oz - 4ml (about 80 drops)

We offer our 100% Natural Lotion in an 8oz glass jar or two sizes of PET containers. PET is an inert plastic and is said not leach harmful materials into its contents. PET has been used for 20 years and has undergone rigorous testing under FDA guidelines to ensure its safety as a food and beverage container suitable for storage and reuse. We select PET packaging because, as plastic goes, it is considered safe, recyclable and convenient. While the FDA deems this plastic safe, we recommend that you error on the side of safety. Never put hot liquids into PET plastics or leave them out in the sun.

Athlete's Foot Lotion
4oz unscented moisturizing lotion
5 drops Peppermint
5 drops Spearmint
5 drops Tea Tree
2 drops German Chamomile

Blend well before use. Apply to feet morning and evening.

1. For the last year, I clean my face with a cotton pad and sunflower oil every evening before bed. Sometimes I add a drop of Lavender. On shower days, I use a small dollup of the Simply Lotion from HEO. I live on the dry Canadian prairies and haven't need any extra moisturizer this winter, and for the first time in years my face isn't itchy. I found I had to quit using water and any sort of soaps on my face, and the dryness has cleared up, and I don't get the breakouts I used to. - Heather

2. I LOVE this lotion! Just a tiny amount leaves my hands, feet, (and everywhere else) feeling silky smooth. I love the flexibility of being able to add my own scent to it without competing with the scent of the lotion itself. I have been looking for a natural lotion that did not leave me feeling greasy---this one is perfect. After falling in love with this lotion, I knew I had to buy the 8 oz. size. I have been filling 1 oz. jars at a time and scenting them as the mood strikes. I can't recommend this highly enough! - Norma

3. I received Simply Lotion as a Mother’s Day gift. I have been using it on my hands after I have been working in the yard. My hands where cracking and splitting. The palms of my hands usually are very slow to heal, but this heals them up really fast. Simply Lotion is a great product - I love using it! - Mary

4. I am 86 years old and have a lot of trouble when my skin gets the least bit damaged. It tends to get bruised and infected very easily. Even a wasp sting turns into a major battle with infection. Also, when my hands are hanging down, the veins throb, but This Simply Lotion is amazing for all of these issues. It helps my skin issues heal quickly and the throbbing stops when I apply it to my hands. I love this stuff!! - Joan

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