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Oral Care

Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum

Supportive to oral health

Mint Blast

Minty essential oil blend used to freshen breath and to ease minor aches and pains.

Oral Hygiene

Formulated to support healthy oral hygiene, immue system response, digestion and lung function.

Tooth Suds ~ Breath Fresh

The ultimate in oral care for teeth and gums

Tooth Suds ~ Plague Defense

The ultimate in oral care for teeth and gums


Effective natural mouthwash to support oral health. ~ 4 oz Ready to Use Glass with Pump (RTU). See detail page for more information. PD=Plague Defense / BF=Breath Fresh

Mouthwash Concentrate

Effective natural mouthwash to support oral health. Dilute the concentrate with filtered water.
PD=Plague Defense / BF=Breath Fresh


Oral Care with Tooth Suds
Special formula of pure filtered water, organic caprine lactis, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, alkali, xylitol, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils.

Contains NO glycerin, artificial sweeteners, silicates, fluoride or stabilizers.

Brush teeth with a very small amount of Tooth Suds. Avoid letting the suds reach
the sensitive taste buds on the back part of the tongue.

- Grapefruit seed extract fights viruses, bacteria and supports the immune system.
- Xylitol is noted in dental research to prevent cavities, reduces plaque and "starves" micro-organisms, allowing the mouth to remineralize damaged teeth.

~ Essential oils of Peppermint, Birch and Spearmint in the Breath Fresh blend may help fight infection
and improve the sense of taste and reduce halitosis (bad breath).
~ Essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary in the Plague Defense blend are a good choice when fighting an abscess or infection in general.
~ Essential oil of Birch is added to the Plague Defense blend to "Enhance" the bone of the jaw to help tighten loose teeth in Dr. Hull's blend.
~ Tanzer, JM (1995). Xylitol chewing gum and dental caries. International dental journal 45 (1 Suppl 1):65-76. 

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Dr JuddGerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemist and Researcher
Author of Good Teeth, Birth to Death, after reputable dental research concluded:
- Teeth remineralize when clean and brushed with a bar of soap
- Glycerine (in all toothpastes) coats the teeth with a sticky film-inhibiting remineralization.
- Bar soap does a perfect job in cleaning the teeth. The enamel thickens and becomes less sensitive.
- Gums are disinfected by brushing with bar soap. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed.
- Plaque, a poorly formed crystal stuck to the bottom on the enamel, is prevented and eventually removed by brushing with bar soap.
- Prevention of plaque retards gum pockets.
- Removal of fluoride from drinking water, pastes or gels saves the enzyme adenosine diphosphatase so it can deliver phosphate to calcium at the tooth surface, resulting in a beautiful, semi-flexible enamel.
- Plaque and receding gums disappear when soap is used for brushing and vitamin C is taken as in the Gum Rescue recipe.

A gray or translucent look is usually food stain. Typical toothpaste contains abrasives that remove food stains, but Tooth Suds doesn't contain any abrasives, If staining is an issue, we suggest that a few times weekly you add a little baking soda or activated charcoal to the Tooth Suds on your toothbrush to help eliminate food stains.

Gum Rescue
1 tsp Ascorbic Acid
½ tsp Baking Soda
1 inch Water
Add the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and soda to the water; let fizz, and then dilute with ½-1 cup water. Drink.
The resulting Sodium Ascorbate is non-acid, very pure and a thousand times more soluble than vitamin C. It is more reactive than ascorbic acid in building connective tissue and antibody structures and more effective in killing some viruses and bacteria. ~ Dr. Judd

Testimonies about Tooth Suds
1. I am amazed how clean my teeth feel. My teeth feel slick for hours, even overnight. I no longer have that fuzzy mouth feeling when I wake up, which tells me that this stuff is really working.

2. My chronic bouts with mouth ulcers disappeared after consistent use of Tooth Suds and Hopewell Mouthwash, and my teeth and gums are cleaner and healthier than they have ever been!

3. I don't have any plaque buildup at all, and my gums feel tight and healthy for the first time in many years.

4. After using Tooth Suds and the Hopewell Mouthwash for just a month, I had a "glowing" report from my hygienist on my teeth and gums. When I opened my mouth she said, "Wow, your gums look great! What have you been doing?" After poking around a bit, she exclaimed, "I feel guilty taking your money, I can't find a thing to clean! Whatever you are doing, keep it up."

5. I had very sensitive teeth and inflamed gums before using Tooth Suds, but within days, the sensitivity disappeared and my gums feel better than ever!

6. Sensitivity in my back molar disappeared after one day of using Tooth Suds!

7. Read Kerry's Testimony about avoiding peridontal surgery.

8. Tooth Suds Evaluation:  I had just had my teeth cleaned 2 days before purchasing the Tooth Suds, and so my teeth were feeling very clean.  I started using the Tooth Suds and was not that impressed; it seemed the same as any other toothpaste. I used it for one week, and then I left for a week trip, and since I was flying, I left the Tooth Suds at home.  Within a day, my teeth felt so 'dirty' - I could not believe it.  No matter how long I brushed my teeth, I just couldn't get them to feel clean.  As soon as I returned home, I started using the Tooth Suds again, and within a day, my teeth were feeling clean again.  I thank you for creating the Tooth Suds and never want to use anything else! - M. H.

9. I wanted to let you know that I had a good result with the Tooth Suds (Plague Defense). The sensation on a couple of teeth disappeared after a couple months of use. The X-ray in January showed a shadow, and I have not had it X-rayed since the improvement. - A.B.

10. I had tremendous pain from a cavity of some type, and I used the Tooth Suds and Mouthwash on it continually for about 3 days. It has given me no more problems since. Now my whole family uses the Tooth Suds and Mouthwash faithfully. - S.L.

11. My son had a deep cavity near the root. We packed the cavity with white oak bark powder as often as possible and increased his Green Pasture Fermented Butter Cod Liver Oil. I made bone broth soups and had him drinking some everday. He brushed his teeth with Tooth Suds and rinsed with a HEO Mouthwash. We applied Warrior to the bottoms of his feet as often as practical through the day and before bedtime to prevent infection. The cavity sealed over - it's still deep and needs attention, but it's not getting worse! - Beth

12. At one of my teeth cleaning appointments, the dentist told me I had a spot on one of my teeth that looked like a cavity and needed to be fixed. I didn't set the appointment right away, and then I forgot. In the meantime, I ordered and started using Tooth Suds Plague Defense every day. Six months later when I went back for another cleaning, the spot was gone and I have had no problems since! I have told all my family about Tooth Suds!

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