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Oral Plaque Testimony

Oral Plaque Testimony

Many of us have had our share of dental issues. If cavities, pocketing gums or loose teeth plague you, you may find Kerry's testimony to be a welcome encouragement of hope. 

Kerry's "Plaque Magnet" Testimony 
Oral CareAbout a year ago, I faced the fact that there were real problems with my teeth and gums. I reasoned that nothing was going to be a quick fix and it was most likely going to be very expensive, so I'd put it off for quite awhile. I decided to try a new dentist, and, seeing him for the first time, he gave me exactly the diagnosis and prognosis that I'd expected. His comment was that my mouth was way beyond him and that I needed to go to a periodontist for gum surgery. He said my mouth was a "plaque magnet" and recommended someone to go see and sent my records and X-rays along to him. 

When my appointment came, the periodontist showed me the pockets of pus, loose teeth, places where the gums were a serious problem. He said for $5,000 he could save most of my teeth and I needed the gum surgery right away. Since I didn't have $5,000 or the hope of having it, I put him off and said I'd think about it. 
Tooth Suds
I realized I couldn't pay for it, no matter how long I thought about it and decided to do everything in my power to take care of my teeth and gums. I asked for prayer for my gums and to have wisdom for what to do. I bought Plague Defense Tooth Suds and Plague Defense Mouthwash from Hopewell Essential Oils, a water pik and electric toothbrush and combined these things with brushing occasionally with clove tooth powder and regular flossing. 

Yesterday I returned to the dentist (for the first time in a year) who'd referred me to the periodontist because an old filling had fallen out. He repaired the filling and asked what I'd done since he'd seen me last. I told him I couldn't afford the surgery and had been doing other things. He told me I no longer needed the surgery and that periodic cleanings should take care of my situation. He suggested I use xylitol toothpaste and take ubiquinal (COQ10) to help my gums. I realized on my way to the car that he actually said I no longer needed the surgery! (I think I didn't really believe it at first when he said it.) 

Frankly, I'm thrilled and astonished. Using these products saved me pain, time and $5,000! And my situation has vastly improved.

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Six months ago at my cleaning the dental hygienist said that I had developed some very deep pockets and that I must floss more often. I had been in the habit of flossing approximately twice a week. Knowing that pockets are very serious and having read the blog post about Tooth Suds, I decided to give it a try. I also committed to floss at least 6 times a week until my next cleaning. A month ago I had my cleaning and the hygienist reported that my pockets are all gone and my gums were the pinkest and healthiest looking she had ever seen them. My teeth feel so clean after using this product. I really miss it when I travel and have to use travel size tube toothpaste. I just ordered my second jar of Tooth Suds, the first one lasting well over 6 months. Great product.

Wow! I read her story and that's amazing. I bought some of the same product and used it last night for the first time. My dentist told me that my mouth is a bacteria magnet and I have tons of fillings. I have had two root canals this year and need two crowns next year. 

My hope is that the Tooth Suds will prevent anymore cavities and keep my mouth healthy. 

I used it last night and was very impressed with the way my teeth felt afterwards.

I soon must order my tooth suds; it lasts so long. I even told my dentist about the amazing healing of an infection under one of my caps, and we weren’t sure which one, so all might have been destroyed had it not been for my Suds and the Miswak (Puli) stick the dentist told me about that is used in the Middle East and Africa. I have told so many about the Suds. 
Thanks for all you newsy emails.

Stacy, if you are led to do some research into the health hazards and poisoning of root canals and mercury fillings, I highly recommend Dr. Hal Huggins' books, "It's All in Your Head" and "Uninformed Consent." Also the Gerson Clinic is another great source for info. Dr. Huggins carried on the work of Dr. Charles Mayo (of the Mayo Clinic) in the health risks of root canals and mercury fillings. So many of our illnesses can be attributed to these two common dental practices. The ADA continues to promote both. My prayers are with you.

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