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Organic One
Organic One

Organic One
Diatomaceous Earth (DE), pyrethrum (natural vegetable extract from a variety of chrysanthemum flowers), piperonyl butoxide (natural vegetable extract from sassafras and pepper plants).

A chemical-free, certified organic pesticide with 100% natural ingredients, used indoors or out, wet or dry.

Organic One's products are EPA registered and approved. The EPA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) explicitly states that Organic One's natural products contain "NO KNOWN HAZARD." No protective gear is required for handling. This is a perfect alternative to using chemical insecticides.

Insects do not have blood vessels, only a body cavity that holds fluid. If they lose as much as 10% of their fluids, they die. DE is a natural soil composed of microscopic shells. As the pest comes in contact with the DE, it punctures their exoskeleton, and then the abrasive powder absorbs the pest's body fluids causing them to die of dehydration.

Organic One meets federal standards for organic production. It will kill upon contact. The insect does not need to ingest it for it to be effective. The product is safe to use in vegetable and flower gardens (although it will kill beneficial insects as well.) It remains on the site until flushed with water or rain, can be used in gardens on the same day as harvest and will not contaminate the area being treated. There is no danger to birds that eat insects killed by Organic One.

 For Use on Fire Ants:
Treat all mounds the same day. Organic One is a contact killer; therefore, you want to disturb the mound to get the most activity of ants to come into contact with the product.

1. Circle the mound with Organic One.
2. Powder the top of the mound.
2. Disturb the mound by knocking the top off with a stick, rake or some instrument that will give you plenty of distance from being harmed. The emerging ants will die within minutes.

Alternate Drench Method:
If the weather has been dry and the mound is 10-inches deep or more, it is recommended that you poke three or four holes in the mound, enlarging the hole, so the mound can be drenched. Put four tablespoons of Organic One to one gallon water, slowly pour the mixture into the holes. For maximum kill, you can add a tablespoon or so of a mild detergent like Ivory Liquid. A mid-morning drenching treatment is best when the sun starts to warm up the colony of ants. The ants will die within minutes.

For Use in a Hand Sprayer
Mix approximately 6 TB Organic One to a gallon of water and add a teaspoon mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid. Agitate the sprayer occasionally while applying.

Pets and Animals Use
To get rid of bothersome fleas, ticks, lice and ear mites
*NOTE: Organic One's label will reflect use for gardens and insects etc, but the same product is also offered with a label (that HEO does not carry) with directions for use with animals and pets. Briefly, these are noted here:

1. Dust your pet with Organic One. Dust the ears with care and avoid getting in the eyes.
2. Thoroughly rub Organic One onto the animal, working it down to the skin.
3. Dust the animal's bedding and areas where the animal sleeps, as well as cracks and crevices adjacent to them. Repeat once a month or so as necessary. Individual ticks observed on the animal should be dusted thoroughly.

Dry Application Rates
Cover the affected area at the rate of 8 to 16 oz per 1,000 square feet.

For Large Application Areas
The use of any hand applicator designed for the purpose of discharging powder will work. If using a small lawn fertilizer spreader, mix equal parts of dry sand with Organic One for even flow. Dust thoroughly the first time and then periodically reapply if needed.

Wet Application Rates
Organic One Pet and Animal Insecticide can be mixed with water at the rate of 2oz per quart of water. (1oz is approximately 8 level teaspoons.) To help keep it in suspension, add a teaspoon of a mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid and agitate the sprayer occasionally while applying. Re-infestation can be prevented by keeping Organic One Pet and Animal Insecticide in the pet or animal's coat as a repellent.

Commercial Use
Organic One is safe to use in and around schools, homes food and non-food areas, restaurants, food manufacturing and handling establishments, office buildings, motels, hotels, warehouses, theaters, parks playgrounds, golf courses and so on. Organic One is EPA registered and passed by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. It is NON-TOXIC, non-flammable and has a pleasant citrus aroma. The stainless dry powder can be safely applied to pets, homes, yard and gardens.

Partial List of Insects Treatable with Organic One:
Fire Ants
Army Worms
Box Elder
Boil Weevil
Cabbage Jooper
Carpenter Ants
Chinch Bug
Corn Earworms
Cut Worms
Fire Worm
Flea Beetle
Harlequin Bug
Horn Worm
House Flies
Japanese Beetle
Leaf Hopper
Leaf Tier
Mealy Bug
Mole Cricket
Mosquito Larvae
Pea Curculio
Pecan Weevil
Stink Bugs
White Flies

Although non-toxic, we do recommend that you avoid contact with skin and eyes and that you wash thoroughly after handling. If you use in and around your home, you'd want to avoid areas where a baby or child might have access by crawling and so on. When you use this product with common sense, you don't have to worry about harmful consequences. 

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Causes moderate eye irritation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. Organic One is harmful to fish. Do not apply directly to any body of water.


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