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Perfume Bottle | Silver-Colored
Perfume Bottle | Silver-Colored

Silver-Colored Perfume Bottle

5mL clear glass bottle holds essential oil that must be diluted to reduce risk of harming spray mechanism. 

Usage Ratio: Combine your favorite essential oil or blend + a food-grade alcohol such as Everclear (not rubbing alcohol where poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation or absorption). With Vodka, the oil may separate, so if you use Vodka, you will want to shake well each time before using. If you use Everclear, the oil is not as likely to separate.

1mL of essential oil is about 30 drops from the typical dropper bottle. For a 2% ratio, add 3 drops from the typical dropper bottle or 9 drops if using the tiny pipette that comes with the sample sizes. A Dilution Chart is helpful if you want to tinker with the ratio.

If using the tiny disoposable pipette that comes with the 2mL sample bottle, we figure that it takes 3 drops from the tiny pipette to equal 1 drop from a typical dropper bottle.