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(Myristica fragrans)
Traditionally used to stimulate appetite, to ease minor muscle and joint aches and pains and to support healthy digestion, gallbladder, immune, hormone and nervous system function.


Pepper Black

(Piper nigrum)
Traditionally used to support digestion and healthy bone, joint, nerve and pancreas function, to stimulate metabolism, ease minor aches and pains.


Essential oils provide an effective protocol for dealing with the symptoms of Raynaud's Disease, which is characterized by chronic constriction in the peripheral blood vessels whenever a part of the body is exposed to cold. This can cause extreme pain and eventually gangrene if not treated. It occurs most often in the extremities such as feet and hands.

Raynaud's disease is not contagious. It is a physiological phenomenon relating to the arteries and the sympathetic nerves supplying them. Arteries spasm when cold, starving the skin of blood, which turns the skin numb and white. As the tissues lose oxygen, the skin turns blue. When the spasm ends, oxygenated blood flows again, turning the skin red and sometimes this causes throbbing pain. An attack can last or minutes, days or weeks.

Essential oils that increase circulation or dilate blood vessels have proved to be very helpful. The following blends are from Valerie Worwood:

Raynaud's Blend #1
Nutmeg 15 drops
Geranium 10 drops
Lavender 5 drops

Add this to 2 TB carrier oil.

Suggested use:
Bathe twice daily, morning and evening, using 6-8 drops of the blend. The water should be hot yet comfortable. While in the bath, massage your fingers and toes. Apply over your whole body except face. If possible, have someone massage this into your back. Give special attention to fingers and toes.

The blend is helpful when having an "attack" - use as often as desired.

Use Blend 1 for two weeks, then switch to Blend 2. Alternate like this until no longer needed.

Raynaud's Blend #2
Black Pepper 10 drops
Geranium 10 drops
Nutmeg 10 drops

Add this to 2 TB carrier oil.
(I can custom blend this if you don't have these specific oils on hand)

Use just as you did Blend 1.

In addition to the oil blends:
- Eat lots of onions and garlic, ginger, peppers
- Eliminate coffee and drink herbal teas instead (Try rosehip tea with a drop of Cinnamon Bark, Orange or Nutmeg essential oils.
- Essential fatty acids are important (Omega-3)

1. I found relief using Cypress, Tangerine, Lemon, Orange and Cinnamon Bark diluted with Emu oil as the carrier. I use it at least a few times daily, and more if needed.

1. Our daughter got Raynaud's when she was 10 years old after having a strep infection. We struggled with this for two years before realizing that this disease is a secondary autoimmune disease that usually points to another one. We had testing done, and she tested positive for Celiac disease. We eliminated all gluten from her diet, and all the Raynaud symptoms disappeared.

Valerie Worwood, The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, New World Library, 1991