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Rubber Bulb / Glass Pipette
Rubber Bulb / Glass Pipette

Store upright. Essential oils, tinctures and even carrier oils may degrade the rubber over time. Consider using a cap for long-term storage. To help avoid degrading the rubber, always wipe the rim clean before screwing the pipette onto the bottleHopewell Essential Oils cannot be responsible for replacing the rubber bulb/pipette or essential oil if you experience degraded rubber.

These fit HEO bottles. Neck sizes vary, and these might not fit other bottles.

The 1oz, 2oz and 4oz sizes fit "pourable" bottles, not "dropper" bottles. For example, if you order a 2oz dropper bottle of Lemon, the 2oz pipette will not screw onto this neck because it fits a pourable bottle, not a dropper bottle. If you want a pipette to fit your 2oz dropper bottle, you will need to order a 2oz bottle with pipette to transfer the oil into.
If unclear, please email us before ordering.