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Scar Butter
Scar Butter

100% Organic: Beeswax, Avocado oil, Baobab oil, unrefined Shea butter, Tamanu oil, Marula oil

An easy to spread, skin-nourishing, moisturizing balm used to soothe damaged skin, including scars. Use consistently for the best results. *Please note that the Shea butter in this formula can become “gritty” or “grainy.” Shea butter is easily influenced to produce these “grains” with temperature fluctuations. This article may help: Grainy Shea Butter? Here’s How To Fix It.

There are no essential oils in this blend, but they can be added. Gently warm the jar by wrapping it (keep it upright) in a heating pad. Once the balm is liquid, add 20-30 drops per ounce. Stir gently and let stand until cooled.

Formula Suggestions (Combine in a dropper bottle, then use as desired. "Parts" can be any measure you desire, such as drops or millileters and so on.)
For new scars:
5 parts Myrrh
8 parts Frankincense
3 parts Neroli
2 parts Helichrysum or Helichrysum Blend

To support avoiding scars or stretch marks:
5 parts Geranium
5 parts Lavender or Patchouli or Spikenard
5 parts Rose Otto

For older scars:
8 parts Helichrysum or Helichrysum Blend
8 parts Copaiba
2 parts Myrrh

1. I love this product! I have used it on both of my hips after total hip replacements and have recommended it to some of my friends. - Brenda

2. I had open heart surgery in January to replace my aortic valve and was cut 9 inches in the center of my chest from my collarbone downward. I purchased Scar Butter and added the recommended drops of oils ( found in the Scar Butter product description ) for new scars. I apply this to my scar and massaged it, as well as the scars from the tubes and IV's, twice each day. I am ten weeks out from my surgery and just have a faint line left on my chest! My friends and family can hardly believe my surgery was such a short time ago! Thank you for your products. - Donna