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Clove Bud

(Eugenia caryophyllata)
Traditionally used to ease minor aches and pains, mouth sores, to support oral health, respiratory and lymphatic function.




(Citrus paradisi)
Traditionally used to support healthy lymph, liver, digestion and fluid levels, soothe minor skin issues, ease mental fatigue and jet lag.




Orange Wild

(Citrus sinensis)
A 'happy' oil that is calming and supports healthy immune response, digestion, appetite, cholesterol and lung function; may ease minor muscle aches and pains, soothe minor skin issues and promote restful sleep.

Plague Defense

Plague Defense blend is formulated to help aid our efforts to support immune response to an illness as one would need for "the plague." For less aggressive illness, consider Immune Support as a suitable alternative.


1. I dilute 2 drops of Clove with 2 TB virgin coconut oil. If the coconut oil is solid, I heat it gently to melt first, and once it's cool I add the 2 drops of Clove. Test a little on yourself to make sure you feel comfortable with the dilution before trying on your baby/child. Apply sparingly to the gums with your fingertip. Reapply as needed (every 1-2 hours is fine).

2. I used Orange essential oil on my baby’s gums. Not only did he seem to like the taste, but it also seemed to help with his discomfort. We also use Orange as a tummy massage to help with constipation and gas.

3. We use Grapefruit essential oil for teething issues. You should try it yourself first, it’s very nice. If that doesn’t do it, then I’d use Clove diluted. I put one drop on my finger, almost absorbed, and then rub on baby’s gum. Be cautious about getting too much. It can burn the baby’s tender, facial skin if he slobbers and you don’t wipe it right off. For precaution, I rub a little Almond or Olive oil on his face around the mouth and chin first. A nut or vegetable oil will “cut” the essential oil and it won’t burn. Water doesn’t “cut” it. Don’t rule out using a homeopathic remedy – they really work well, too.

4. I’ve found that a smidgen of diluted Plague Defense on my finger rubbed on my son’s gums does the trick for him. We’ve used this for several teeth.

5. I diluted Plague Defense with some vegetable oil, dabbed my finger in it and rubbed it all over my grandson’s gums one night while babysitting. He was just miserable with teething pains. After my “bold” gum massage, he became happy and even drooled less. I sent some home with my daughter who reports that she’s sold on Plague Defense for teething aches and pains. - Sherri

6. Our baby has been miserable with teething, so the other day I diluted 1 drop Plague Defense to 30 drops virgin coconut oil. I gently warmed the coconut oil until liquid, and it returned to solid after I mixed in the Plague Defense. I store this in a glass baby food jar. When he fusses and seems uncomfortable, I dab a little of the mix on my finger and apply it to his gums. He seems to like it and calms down immediately. I did this multiple times daily, with great results every time. It worked very well applied just before nap and bedtime to help him sleep peacefully. - Katie

7. I make a salve with 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil + 1/4 cup cocoa butter and 12 drops Clove oil. I store it in a 4oz glass jar in the refrigerator and use a small amount as needed to massage the gum.

8. My daughter's been dealing with teething lately. We used the oils recommeneded for teething under the Health Topis for Babies and Children. I put it in a roll-on applicator and apply it on her jawline every time I change her diaper. It's helped immensely! - Laura

9. I apply Lavender on my baby's jaw when she's fussy from teething. - Malissa