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1. I was diagnosed with TMJ and this is what has helped me tremendously.
1) Drink at least ½ my body weight in ounce of filtered water daily - keep the joint hydrated
2) MSM
3) Chiropractic adjustments to the atlas and jaw joints with a low impact activator
4) STRENGTH applied topically on the jaw joints up to 4 times daily - love the aroma!

2. I've used STRENGTH for my TMJ with good success. I rub it around the jaw area and gently massage the joint. My aunt was impressed that I was doing so good that she had me order some for her, and now we are both pain free.

3. PAIN-X and MUSCLE RELAX helped me with my TMJ pain. Eventually I found a dentist who fitted me with a splint to wear at night. He told me I needed to learn to rest the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth. He told me to concentrate on not letting my teeth touch (bottom to top) unless chewing food. I really feel that I'm healed, and this is after being told by dentists and oral surgeons that there was not real hope and that I'd live with pain for the rest of my life. The PainX is especially good - it helps with the pain but seems like it helped my body mend. I might not have needed the splint, but am glad I invested in it because it helps me keep my jaw in the correct position while I sleep.

4. I've used an appliance for my TMJ for years, but since using STRENGTH nightly, I've found that I can leave out the appliance and do fine. I put a drop of this amazing blend behind each ear, on my jaw and at the base of my neck.

5. I am a massage therapist and use MUSCLE RELAX for TMJ on my clients with good results. I apply neet (undiluted) and massage the muscles around the jaw line, cheeks, cheekbones, temples and neck if that's tight. It surprised me the first few times to see how the muscles released their mean grip in so little time.

6. I use Idaho BALSAM FIR for my TMJ pain. It works well and I rarely even have to use it now.

7. I've used both PEACEFUL and STRENGTH for my TMJ issues. I apply to both my jaw, neck and bottoms of feet. I think the Peaceful helps me relax and not grind my teeth together, thus keeps the pressure off the joint, and the STRENGTH may help align it jaw. They both have beautiful aromas!

8. I had a mouthguard that helped my TMJ, but now I use PEACEFUL around my navel and jaw and don't need the guard at all anymore.

9. I read where a lady had used various oils for TMJ that helped, but nothing helped as much as Goldenrod. She used it twice a day and the TMJ disappeared. It is an anti-inflammatory oil, so I guess that did the trick. I tried it, and must say it does seem really promising. I think it's a winner.

10. I alternate between using PAIN-X and STRENGTH for my TMJ. After a month of doing this, it's almost not even an issue.

11. I'm a licensed massage therapist, and love to use your PEACEFUL on my clients for TMJ. I feel that emotions affect the TMJ point and the ears also play a part. I apply PEACEFUL in front of the ear and it works wonders.

12. I read an article where Gary Young (Young Living's founder and CEO) was working on a lady who had severe TMJ. It was so bad that she couldn't open her jaw.
- He put FRANKINCENSE on his hands and massaged her scalp
- He put OREGANO on his hands and massaged her scalp
- He put PEACEFUL on her TMJ joint.
- The lady was then able to open her jaw immediately.

13. I have occasional TMJ issues and use STRENGTH to help relax the jaw.

15. I love your STRENGTH for TMJ. I put it on my TMJ joint and temples then all over the back of my neck. It helps tremendously. for TMJ.

16. After perusing your site, it was so hard for me to decide, so I got a bunch of your 2 ml samples (LOVE that you offer those!). My biggest issue is my TMJ disorder. My jaw aches everyday, well, until I got your STRENGTH oil blend. I can't believe how wonderful this has worked for me! My TMJ pain would always give me a headache if I didn't head it off with Ibuprofen. I am so happy to report that I use the Strength on my jaw joints, behind the ear and sides of my neck, and I am forgetting about my aching jaw within about 30 minutes! And, it seems that I am needing to reapply less and less. - Christine

17. I was unaware that I have been a nighttime "teeth clencher" for years, which has resulted in cracked tooth roots, repeated broken crowns and ultimately jaw misalignment. Wearing custom night guards for 5-6 years has slowed down the continued dental damage, however it progressed into TMD. I woke up a couple months ago with my jaw so 'clenched' that the pain would not ease except with continual ibuprofen/NSAIDS. (Sinuses/Teeth were evaluated/x-rayed by Dr., DDS, and my endodontist showing no reason for pain). Once during that time I had swelling/facial droop which took 3 days to resolve. I have been told repeatedly by all MDs that it's time to see a TMD specialist. Having had amazing success with another concern with Hopewell Essential Oils, I chose to try DR. HULL'S TOOTH and GUM. I applied it undiluted to the back teeth area inside my mouth and applied STRENGTH to the jaw joint area outside 3-4 times/day initially. Literally within 2-3 days I was off ibuprofen/naproxen, could sleep through the night and easily open/close my jaw in proper alignment without pain. I decreased application to 2-3x/day, eventually now to 2x/day. This is a miracle after 2 months of unending pain! Dr. Hull's Tooth and Gum and Strength have literally given back my life without jaw pain! - Karen