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Ancient Defense

Immune system support, anti-viral, warts, earaches

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


(Origanum vulgare)
Traditionally used to support a healthy immune response and joint and digestion function.



Plague Defense

Plague Defense blend is formulated to help aid our efforts to support immune response to an illness as one would need for "the plague." For less aggressive illness, consider Immune Support as a suitable alternative.

Tea Tree

(Melaleuca alternifolia)
Tea Tree is highly regarded as an antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic essential oil.


A powerful, immune supportive blend.


Warts are the result of a virus that has to be eradicated, so you need to go deeper than just removing the wart, and these oils are wonderful for going "deep." The beautiful thing about essential oils is that they are almost ALL anti-viral. There are numerous essential oils that people have had success with.

The more you read about warts and essential oils, the more options you'll find. That's because so many different oils have helped people. It can be overwhelming if you are new to using the oils, but instead of being overwhelmed, be encouraged that there are so many options ~ you can hardly go wrong, just be consistent in daily application!

These oils top the list of the strongest anti-viral oils:
Eucalyptus Globulus and Radiata
Tea Tree
Melissa (this is very expensive)

Essential Oils noted to help with warts:
Cinnamon Bark (a very "hot" oil that might irritate the skin if undiluted)
Oregano (a very "hot" oil that might irritate the skin if undiluted)
Cleansing Blend
Plague Defense Blend

1. A 7-year-old nephew has had a terrible time with warts since he was very young. The doctors did all they knew to do, but the warts kept coming back. It was one of the worst cases I'd ever seen. Since my sister-in-law didn't have Oregano oil, I suggested she work with the PLAGUE DEFENSE she had. Long story cut short, she and her son smelled PLAGUE DEFENSE right out of the bottle a few times every day. After about 3 months, all of the warts are gone! The bonus is that my sister-in-law had 3 warts on her leg and they are gone, too! These oils are wonderful!

2. My daughter, age 7, had two huge warts on her pinky finger for a few months. I used OREGANO oil (1 drop) diluted 50/50 twice daily and the wart would start to shrink but it kept coming back. I am a nurse and frequently watch our doctors treat warts with acid and realized they often scrape/shave wart down before applying anything to it so they can get closer to the underlying virus. I used a razor blade to gently shave the surface (dead skin- no feeling) of the warts off 3 or 4 times over approx. one-week period. I used the above oregano 50/50 twice daily during this time period, and the warts literally vanished before my eyes! That was about 6 months ago. They have not returned. She now has beautiful, healthy skin. No evidence of the prior warts.

3. My 14-year-old daughter had cluster warts on her toes for years. We tried many things over the counter. Nothing worked. She started using OREGANO at night before bed. She then would put a sock on her foot. Her warts (10-15) turned white and fell off within a week. We repeated it on her finger and had the same result (without the sock).

4. My daughter called from college just before Thanksgiving. She had a couple of warts on her foot that had started hurting. I told her to use FRANKINCENSE oil and see if that would help. She came home at Christmas time reporting that one wart was completely gone and the other was nearly all gone. It disappeared shortly after Christmas.

5. I have had plantar warts for years. I've had them burned off, cut out and still they return. After reading frankincense results on this website I gave it a try. Within one week of rubbing FRANKINCENSE on the bottom of my feet you can't even tell where the warts were. Now once a week I rub the oil on my feet just to keep them wart free.

6. In my chiropractic practice, I have used FRANKINCENSE for warts and skin keratoses. A ten-year-old girl showed me a wart on the heel of her hand that was raised and approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. We applied one drop of Frankincense. When she came in the office a week later, the wart had turned black. We applied another drop of Frankincense and when she returned the next week, the wart was gone. Another little boy showed me a small plantar wart on the ball of his left foot. We applied a drop of Frankincense and when he came in several weeks later, the wart had disappeared. Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties and warts are thought to be caused by a virus. I had a small, rough patch on my chest that looked like a keratosis and possibly a precancerous lesion. After several applications of Frankincense, it disappeared and has not returned. Research has demonstrated the skin healing properties of Frankincense. Reportedly, it has the ability to heal damaged DNA.

7. My daughter had a wart on her leg and the dermatologist froze it off. It came back within a couple of months. We then tried compound W. It didn't go away. I finally remembered to check my essential oil book and found FRANKINCENSE to remove warts. She started applying it 2 times per day and within 2 weeks it was gone. It has been gone for over a year now and not come back. I have also had 2 other friends that have used it on their kids and it has removed their warts. Great stuff!

8. Our first big experience with the essential oils was when our 3-year-old son developed little bumps on the left side of his torso that looked like small Chicken Pox, but we knew they weren’t. We soon came to realize that what he had was Planters Warts, which is a nasty little virus that itches and can spread quite rapidly if left unattended.

We were advised to treat him with OREGANO oil. We placed 3 drops in a small glass of rice milk (would have done capsules but he could not swallow them) to help with the heat that comes from oregano. After which we would give him a larger glass of rice milk, again to cut the heat. We did this 3 times a day and within two days started seeing a difference. Praise God!! Even after the planters warts were all dried up we continued this for one more month just to make sure the entire virus was gone. We followed this protocol for a total of 3 months.

9. My 4-year-old got a wart on his hand. We tried for several months with the over the counter stinky stuff. I then went to the expensive Dr. who put more stuff on it that didn't work. Then I tried LEMON oil. I put one drop on the wart two times and within a day it fell off. Why didn't I think of it a lot sooner?

10. I applied ANCIENT DEFENSE topically and used WARRIOR on the bottoms of my feet. When I stopped using the WARRIOR, the warts got worse, so I concluded that the WARRIOR was more important than the Ancient Defense blend. I went back to using WARRIOR on the bottoms of my feet and wiped out the warts. My guess is that the Warrior fought the virus more powerfully than the Ancient Defense was fighting right on location. It's very interesting how our bodies work!

11. I had plantar’s warts on the bottoms of my heel that was relentless. No matter what I tried, it didn’t work: banana peel, duct tape, freezing them and so on. Finally I started filling 00 capsules with ENDURANCE, and within two weeks they were gone and never returned. Later I learned that warts are viral, so it all makes sense!

12. My son had warts all over his body. His knees were covered, and when he’d fall while playing, they’d bleed. He was too young to swallow a capsule, so I put two drops of ANCIENT DEFENSE on a dab of ice cream on a spoon, and he’d swallow it right down. We also used colloidal silver in water. His warts began to diminish, but were finally wiped out when he got the stomach flu and we used DIGESTION SUPPORT. [ANCIENT DEFENSE has: Myrrh, Cassia, Calamus, Cinnamon Bark, Hyssop, Frankincense, Spikenard, Galbanum in an Olive oil base.]

13. I loved the FRANKINCENSE. We got it for wart removal, and it worked!!!! No surgery needed for about a dozen planters warts on my 15-year-old's foot. Praise God.

14. We shared some FRANKINCENSE oil with a friend of ours whose daughter battles having plantar warts on her hands. It cleared the plantar warts up completely. Our friends are still "borrowing" the oil, and have asked us to tell them when we need it back. :-) - Melissa

15. My son had a horrible planters wart (actually a cluster of several) on his left foot. We had tried several different things to treat it, but nothing seemed to work.... until we tried TEA TREE oil! This stuff is amazing! We applied it 2-3 times a day, and within about a month it was totally gone!!! It "peeled" off in stages each time taking more of the black seeds with it! It was amazing to watch. My 14-year-old son was so thankful to not have to go to the doctor to have it removed. We are so grateful for Tea Tree oil and God's healing our son from this painful wart!

16. FRANKINCENSE is what I use for warts, moles or pre-cancerous type spots. After applying it to my face a few times I noticed it had lightened some age spots...bonus. =] So, now I add a drop to coconut oil and apply it to my face. Less age spots and lighter freckles too. =] - Kim B.

17. We applied ANCIENT DEFENSE each night for a few weeks and the wart disappeared. It was a tad sore right before it went away, but it was on her foot, so any drying would have been sore. - Kerrie K.

18. Thank you for your suggestions on how to get rid of warts. The plantar wart on the bottom of my daughter's foot is gone by soaking it in apple cider vinegar and putting CLEANSING blend, LAVENDER and LEMON from Heritage Essential Oils on it. I decided to use those oils because I already had them; I did not have Tea Tree oil or Oregano oil that were suggested, but Tea Tree is an ingredient in Cleansing. It was a big success, and she was commenting on it bothering her when she was walking, and now it is gone! I am so excited and thankful about that. - Shelley

19. We tried Oregano with no success. Braggs Apple Cider vinegar worked. We put the ACV on a cotton ball and taped it over the wart and left it overnight for however long it took. It didn't take long though. - Kim

20. My 5 year old had 9 warts on one hand, and my 3 year old had one on a skin graft and one on a toe. I applied PLAGUE DEFENSE on each wart twice daily for about two weeks. All the warts are gone. My skeptical husband is now 100% on board! - Carissa

21.This is non EO related, but we have had amazing success with poking through warts with a pin. You have to poke through it until it bleeds. The reason for this is that a wart is a virus, but it encapsulates itself from the body so that it does not get identified as a virus. If you poke through it and get it to bleed a little, that let's your body identify it as a virus and start to fight it. Three of my kids have successfully gotten rid of warts that way. One of my sons tried it, and a few weeks later, the warts had gotten bigger and spread. I found out that he hadn't really poked through it and made it bleed, so I watched him to see that he did it right, and sure enough, after a couple weeks the dead skin came off and the wart was gone. When I asked my kids to tell me how much it hurts, they said that it doesn't hurt to poke through the wart until you get to the inside close to your skin. I asked what it hurts like, and my son wisely said it hurts like you're getting poked with a needle. :) My daughter says to do it fast to minimize the pain. - Christal

22. My daughter had a wart on her hand. I used ANCIENT DEFENSE on the wart 2x daily and applied Warrior on her feet 1x daily. I tried Frankincense first, but it didn't seem to help, so I switched to Ancient Defense. I diluted it quite a bit with olive oil. I used it about 6 weeks total, but started adding Warrior on the feet nightly about 2 weeks in, and that is when the wart really started to shrink. At first it got a little dark (no pain), and then it just started shrinking until it was a tiny, dry little skin tag. Then my daughter just pulled it off. - Sunny

23. We used raw apple cider vinegar on a bandaid faithfully for 2 weeks (changed morning and night), and my daughter's wart was totally gone! Home treatment is a lot of work sometimes, but it's better than the freezing or burning treatment my other daughter went through at the doctor's office, not to mention the bill!

24. This is what worked for my little grandson's warts: 10 drops LAVENDER, 12 drops FRANKINCENSE, 1 drop CLOVE, 10 drops TEA TREE, 15 drops LEMON, We put this in a roller bottle and used as much Almond oil as essential oil. In other words the combined oils were 50% and the almond oil was 50%. She kept it covered with a bandaide, and it took a few weeks to completely go away. She kept applying it for awhile after it was gone. - Cammy

25. I had a lot of warts on two fingers and others scattered on my hands. They were resilient and resisted my efforts which included lots of scraping and a bottle of Wart Wonder. A friend recommended duct tape and someone else straight oregano oil. So I did them both: a drop or two of undiluted OREGANO oil topped with a little square of duct tape. With hand washing and house work, the edges would begin to curl and I replaced the oil and tape every other day or so. In about ten days they were g.o.n.e. - Helen

26. I used ANCIENT DEFENSE with olive oil 2x per day on a wart, and WARRIOR on the feet 1x a day. It took maybe 6 weeks or less to go away. The Warrior was key to success. - Sunny

27. I used FRANKINCENSE, LEMONGRASS and a couple drops of ANCIENT DEFENSE diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a rollerball for 11-year-old's warts and they were gone in about 3 weeks. our doctor wanted the child to take Tagamet!!. - Sally

28. WARRIOR got rid of the wart!! My daughter had an annoying persistent wart. I had tried everything. I even milled my own wheat since the high levels of vit.E with milled wheat is something that usually helps. I had tried everything. Finally I took the advice given here and used Warrior, diluted on her feet, and then I put a drop on the actual wart and covered it with duct tape. 3 DAYS LATER!!! Only 3 days and she came up to me and said, "Look mom, my plasma car ran over my foot and my wart is gone!!" It's completely gone - root and all. Yay!!! - Laura

29. I am writing this note to encourage others with warts. My 4 1/2 year old daughter had a wart on her thumb. It had been present for the better part of year when we decided to really treat it more aggressively. After reading the suggestions on your site and making notes on which oils were helpful, we optimistically embarked on our mission. To summarize, it took us almost 8 months of almost nightly application. (A week was skipped occasionally due to life's variations.) We used full strength oils on the wart, and diluted oil, depending on the oil at the time, on her feet. We cycled through Warrior, Clove, Cleansing, Plague Defense, Frankincense, Ancient Defense, Tea Tree, Oregano and Thyme ct. linalool, not necessarily in that order, or only once per oil. We used muscle testing to help determine which oil to use and what new oils to try when one seemed to stop working. The wart would shrink a little and then seem to plateau, so we switched what we were using. For us, the addition of the Thyme ct. linalool oil to Cleansing or Warrior was the final stage. She has no residual scar and we have not treated the area now for about 2 months. I wrote this because when I was treating, everyone mentioned how quickly their warts went away, and I wanted to encourage any others for whom oil application might be taking longer or appearing to be ineffective that the process might just take longer. Persistence and switching up the oils were the key for us. The Thyme ct. linalool also seemed significant since that is when the wart finally went away. - Natalie

30. I just wanted to let you know what a blessing the FRANKINCENSE frereana oil has been. I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my heel. It was very painful and the over-the-counter wart medicine did not work and damaged the good skin. With the Frankincense the pain was gone within a week, and it healed from the inside out. I'm now using it on warts on my son's fingers, and it is working well and quickly. I am amazed and excited to try some more of these miracle oils! - Sheryl

31. I have been using FRANKINCENSE frereana on one of our daughter’s fingers. She's had a wart on the base of it for over a year that we were told would eventually clear up. It hadn’t, and so within 1 month - less actually - of putting 1-2 drops of Frankincense ferret on it, it is GONE as of today!! I am amazed and so thankful! I am now trying it on a mole my mother has on her shoulder. She said it occasionally bothers her and Frankincense can't hurt! It can only help. Thanks so much for offering the great oils!! - Faith

32. I just wanted to thank you for the Little Flowers Moisturizing Spray! It was an answer to our prayers! My young daughter was plagued with warts on both her hands. 22 in all! All the treatments we tried just made them multiply. She was becoming very self-conscience, and it broke my heart. When I read that frankincense might be a good option to try, I scoured my essential oil cupboard. Little Flowers Moisturizing Spray seemed like a gentle option for her, so she applied it to her hands every night before bed. She was very faithful, and I am so happy to report that 2 months later, she has no more warts on her hands! She never any discomfort. In fact, the warts just kept shrinking until they were gone! - Tiffany

33. I applied a tiny, neat drop of Frankincense on a hand wart and it was gone in 2-3 weeks. There's no trace of it ever having been there. - Angie

34. My son had warts all over a finger and I had one my face. After applying castor oil nightly under a bandaid for about two weeks the warts disappeared. Castor oil heals from the inside out and is very effective for many things. - Mary