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Extra Atomizer Attachment
Extra Atomizer Attachment
Atomizer attachment for Heritage Diffusers - screws onto 5ml, 15ml or 30ml EO bottle but is designed to work best with the 15ml. These rarely fail, but some like to have a few for convenience.
Cleaning Instructions
Heritage Diffuser atomizers have been carefully engineered for easy cleaning and operating simplicity. We believe that they are perhaps the most "easy to clean" system on the market.

Thick essential oils such as Sandalwood, Myrrh, Patchouli, Vetiver and so on can clog your atomizer. If you do need to use a thicker oil, try diluting it with a thinner oil like Lemon. NEVER diffuse an oil with a carrier oil in it.

Very important: Diffuse only quality oils, some fragrance oils have been diluted with a carrier oil. Our diffusers are designed for pure essential oils. Carrier oils are too thick and will clog the units. There are some pure essential oils that are thick and resinous by nature, so running a thin oil like lemon, or mixing a thinner oil with the thicker oils will keep these units from getting clogged.

If your diffuser does get clogged or begins to run sluggishly, then a quick clean will fix the problem.

How to clean:
If the unit is not completely clogged you can put a little rubbing alcohol in an empty essential oil bottle and diffuse for a couple of minutes in a closed room (do not breath the vapor). If the unit is too clogged to push the air through, then a deep clean will be required.
1. Remove the atomizer attachment from its base. The oil clogs develop in the attachment piece.
2. Once the attachment has been removed, remove the essential oil bottle, but do not remove the straw-like device.
3. Immerse the atomizer attachment in alcohol. A mason jar works great, you can use rubbing alcohol, vodka or ever-clear. Let the atomizer attachment remain completely immersed in alcohol for some time depending  on the thickness of the oil buildup or resin. Ten minutes may be enough, but overnight may be better. This should clean the oil resin buildup and will not harm the diffuser.
4. Rinse in warm water and let dry.
5. Once dry, reconnect it to the essential oil bottle and diffuse. Be sure it's completely dry. You don't want water in your essential oils.