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Baby Cream 2 oz
Baby Cream 2 oz

Baby Skin Cream 2 oz
Aloe vera gel, castor oil, olive oil, lecithin*, grape seed oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, jojaba oil with Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils

This unique cream is specially formulated for babies and those with sensitive skin. Makes a great baby gift!

* USA grown, unbleached, GMO-free sunflower lecithin

We offer the baby cream in a HDPE containers. HDPE is inert plastic and are said not leach harmful materials into its contents. HDPE have been used for 20 years and have undergone rigorous testing under FDA guidelines to ensure their safety as food and beverage containers suitable for storage and reuse. We select HDPE packaging because, as plastic goes, they are considered safe, recyclable and convenient. While the FDA deems this plastic safe, we recommend that you error on the side of safety. Never put hot liquids into HDPE plastics or leave them out in the sun.

1. I've been using the Baby Cream on our 2 1/2 week old and it is wonderful. I love the scent, the richness of the blend and especially how quickly it absorbs. Right now, I've been using it on our little one's angry, red baby acne. These little spots of inflammation appear mostly on her face for a day or so and then disappear. I know they're harmless but they look awful! I've been rubbing the tiniest amount of Baby Cream very gently onto the red spots and within an hour, the redness is gone. It still takes a bit for the spot to disappear completely but at least the inflammation is healed. - April

2. I just wanted to share how happy I am to have found your baby cream. My son has eczema on his face that would get so bad he would scratch and make himself bleed :( I tried so many things to help, but the only thing that helped was 2% hydrocortisone cream, which I hated using. Finally, I tried this (also found out he was allergic to cow's milk) so cutting milk from my diet (nursing) and using this cream to keep his skin moist is finally working!!! I'm so happy and so thankful I found something safe to help my son. Thank you so much!!!! - Tiffany