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Spray Bottle, Cobalt Blue
Spray Bottle, Cobalt Blue

Glass or 1oz PET Plastic or Glass Spray Bottle with Fine-Mist Sprayer

Essential oils must be diluted when used in plastic and sprayers.

When filling bottle, be sure there is no oil on the rim of the bottle or the seal may not seat well and the bottle may leak. If you get oil on the rim of the glass bottle, remove well before screwing on the spray top.

Linda's Favorite Hand Sanitizer Gel
I make up 2 bottles at a time

2 oz pure aloe gel
10 drops skin nourishing oils (Citrus Quench is one of our favorite blends)
1 drop GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) optional

(Refrigeration is suggest when not in use to increase shelf life, but we keep our bottles either with us and one in the car. We've never had any go bad. )