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Emu Oil
Emu Oil

Emu Oil
Dromaius novaehollandiae

Emu oil is oil derived from adipose tissue harvested from certain subspecies of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae, a flightless bird indigenous to Australia.

Shelf life - approximately 1 year; refrigeration is suggested.

Grade A, grown and processed in Texas, USA. This is the highest grade Emu available from a naturally-farmed, American emu. American Emu Association (AEA) certified. (See more information at the bottom of page.)

Emu oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Emu oil is almost 100% Triglyceride, which means that emu oil is nearly a complete neutral lipid. Since emu oil lacks phospholipids and the human skin is phospholipid deficient, the transdermal properties are phenomenal. When emu oil is used as a carrier oil with essential oils known for their ability of acting on skin or muscle-joint problems, the results can be extraordinary.

Emu oil is anti-inflammatory and known to reduce pain from arthritis, muscle and joint aches, helps with skin issues of all kinds including insect bites, psoriasis, burns, dry skin and cold sores. It can be taken internally and may help balance cholesterol levels and balance excess fats in most diets.

Hair Growth and Emu Oil
Emu oil has been shown to accelerate hair growth follicles. This was confirmed by Dr. Michael Holick, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine. He said, "We found that there was about a 20% increase in DNA synthesis, which means that there was a 20% increase in the proliferative activity, or the growth activity of the skin in the animals that received emu oil, compared to the animals that received corn oil". Dr. Holick further concluded, "We found that there was an enhancement in the growth activity of the hair follicles. So it gives us very good scientific indication that we were stimulating skin growth."

Emu Oil and Burn Wounds
A long-term study by Dr. John Griswold, Director of the Timothy J. Harner Burn Center (affiliated with Texas Tech University Medical Center, Lubbock, Texas) in 1995 found that there was statistically significant difference in scar reduction and inflammation of the emu oil treated wounds.

Does Not Clog Pores
Studies from Department of Dermatology, at Texas Medical School in Houston, proved emu oil does not clog skin pores and has anti-aging properties.

Emu Oil Benefits

Soothes the pain of arthritis
Reduces bruising
Eases sunburn
Makes a nice lubricant
Helps prevent blistering
Soothes inflammation
Relieves the sting from insects
Softens hands and cuticles
Moisturizes skin
Revives tired muscles
Soothes chapped skin
Helps heal insect bites
Reduces swelling
Relieves diaper rash
Prevents soreness after exercising
Increases mobility
Relieves pain from shin-splints and tendinitis
Reduces pain in post radiation burns
Helps relieve growing pains
Helps prevent razor burn
Softens dry skin
Relieves pain from carpal-tunnel
Relieves itchy skin
Thickens skin/reduces fine lines
Helps prevent scarring
Reduces stretch marks
Diminishes acne inflammation
Reduces swelling from sprains
Strengthens weak nails
Conditions hair

Helps chapped lips
Relieves muscle cramps
Softens calluses
Reduces itching and flaking of psoriasis
Aid for relieving and prevention of bed sores
Revive tired eyes and puffiness
Protects skin from chlorine irritation
Diminishes wrinkles
Calms flare up due to rosacea
Reduces appearance of age spots
Relieves eczema
Great after bath moisturizer
Aids healing of cold sores
May help eliminate warts
Calms hot spots on pets
Helps alleviate headaches
Speeds healing process of skin

1. I had a strep throat the progressed into Erysipelas, which is also known as St. Anthony's Rash. It basically looked like my face had boiling water poured over it. The only thing that soothed the pain was your Emu oil. I felt comfortable using it because I knew it was organically farmed and high quality. I eventually added some of your infused Calendula oil to my concoction, but Emu alone worked wonders, and I was so thankful to have it.

2. I have shared the Regeneration plus Emu formula with several people here, because it has helped me so much with a frozen shoulder that, although 90% healed, still hurt. Thank God for the relief! He provides us with what we need, I think especially when we are trying to do His will and care about others. - Virginia

3. I use Emu with Peppermint for the arthritis I have in my foot. It takes away the pain very quickly. - Stacy

4. I just wanted to thank you so much!! Three years ago I had a brain tumor and haven't been able to play piano much since then like I had for 45+ years previously. I was the pianist at our church, and this has been very hard to accept. I purchased the Emu oil as the carrier oil for the Peaceful that I ordered to help with sleeping. The Emu Oil is an anti-inflammatory and it helps with arthritis, so I knew it would help my hands as well. Imagine my absolute JOY when after just 2 days my hands were better and I realized that my fingers could actually play the melody notes!! I was crying tears of joy. Thank you again. I have told so many friends about it - and I am sure you're going to be getting many orders of the Emu Oil (so stock up!!). - Joyce

Traditionally refined emu oil produces a Grade A quality emu oil that is the highest standard for Emu oil and is well within American Emu Association (AEA) standards and suitable for any application you desire, including ingestion. Our Emu oil is organically produced and approved by AEA.

According to the American Emu Association (AEA), "There are no AEA Certified Refiners who use the molecular distillation method. AEA Certified Refiners use more traditional methods to achieve what they believe is a superior product.”