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Lip Renew Lavender
Lip Renew Lavender

Lip Balm: Soothing and healing blend: Organic Beeswax, Organic Golden Jojoba oil, Wildcrafted Cupuacu butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil with Wildcrafted French Lavender essential oil.

1. I tried your Lavender Lip Renew, and I love it!! It goes on so smooth, and I really like the way it feels on my lips. I feel like my lips are nourished after wearing it. I have worn Burt's Bees, and another bee one along with many other brands, and yours is my favorite!! - Gina

2. The other day I was making pancakes. Some of the cooked batter was on the spatula and for some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to eat that batter off of the spatula... the problem is that it had just been touching the hot griddle... really? Ugh, I burned the tip of my tongue and my lip. My daughter rushed to get the Lavender, and I applied it neat to my tongue and lip. After an hour or so, the pain was gone. I then used the Lip Renew Lavender on my lips, and by the next morning, there was no pain on my tongue or lip. The lip did scab and peel, but it could have been so much worse. — feeling grateful. - Stacy

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