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Application of Multiple Blends?

Application of Multiple Blends?

A frequent question we receive concerns the use of multiple blends. For example, someone may have Birch, Pain-X and Regeneration on hand and wonder if they can use all three at the same time or if they should apply at different times? To save time, could they blend all of these together so only one application is necessary?Wonderful Meal

Consider this as an analogy:
For dinner you make a chicken dish with tender organic boneless breasts, butter, crushed pecans, several spices and Parmesan cheese as a coating after first soaking the breasts in lemon juice overnight and then drenching them in yogurt. You also pick fresh carrots from the garden and lightly steam them then toss with melted butter and a touch of special spices. Your mixed green salad includes grated carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and homemade feta cheese. YUM! You eat these delicious parts separately. A bite of salad, some chicken, then carrots and rotate through your meal, enjoying every bite.

Meal BlendedTo make this easier, you could dump your plate of food in a blender, give it a whirl and down it with a straw. All the components are still there, and you will be nourished, but the meal will perhaps not be as wonderfully enjoyed as it would have been if each part was eaten separately.

Somewhat like the above mentioned meal, the blends of oils are synergistic, they "cooperate" and hopefully produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate parts.

Pain-X already has Birch in it, but if you feel you want to add more Birch, that is fine. By doing so you may diminish the effect of the other components, which is fine if what you desire is more of the Birch effect. Like eating a fabulous dinner, I'd suggest applying one oil/blend and then another (as in the gentle massage). You will not do any harm if you choose to mix them all together, but you should consider that you may experience better results if you use them separately.

Also, for a variety of health issues, it is fine to use multiple blends or oils on different locations at the same time. For example, it would be appropriate to apply Digestion Support on the abdomen for tummy issues, Peaceful on the bottoms of feet to enhance sleep and another blend on an aching back. It is a common practice for people to apply oils in this manner, especially before bed or upon arising in the morning.

May you have a wonderful, healthy 2013!


9 Newsletter Comment

Thank you for the information. :o)

I LOVE any informational help I can get regarding how to use oils as I'm still learning! Thank you for this tip!

Great article and I really appreciated the analogies. Thanks for all you do; it's a blessing!

Thank you Linda for all of your helpful information. Blessings to you.

I had been wondering if I could apply different oils in various places at the same time and you answered it perfectly! Can all the oils be used on a 9 month baby? The chicken dinner sounds scrumptious! Thank you!

I do enjoy each of them by themselves, and often using preselected mixes like Manger Gift, His Garments, etc. They are wonderful combinations!

Thank you - I'd been wondering this very thing.

Thank you Linda, for this article. I was just wondering this very thing yesterday as I put Birch and Peppermint on my sore shoulder. This was very helpful! Live Deliberately for Christ!

I have wondered the same thing since I discovered HEO! What a great analogy! Thanks for sharing it in that way.