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Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Bar

Dense, creamy lather for all hair types. Fresh goat's milk, coconut, olive and castor oils, pure rainwater, alkali and Lavender/Sage essential oils.  (~3.5 oz)

Use a light apple cider vinegar rinse with rain or filtered water for best results: Mix 1/2 to 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 8 ounces of water. 

Any of the goat's milk soap bars can be used as shampoo bars. The only difference in the two types of bars is that the Shampoo Bar is made with organic coconut oil (which makes a lot of lather) instead of the organic olive oil used to make the other bars.

1. This bar has been a wonderfully high-lather shampoo for me. It leaves my hair squeaky clean, gives it body and brings out a natural shine. - S.G.

2. I wash my hair with the Shampoo Bar twice - wash and rinse. For my rinse, I fill a "repurposed" water bottle about two-inches deep with vinegar. I add 3-4 drops each with Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils and shake well. I then fill the bottle the rest of the way with water (preferrably filtered or rain water), shake well and pour this over my hair (avoiding the eyes). I let it set for a minute and then rinse thoroughly with water. It takes very little of the Shampoo bar to get a good lather, and my hair and scalp feels very clean, nourished and it smells great.  - S.P.

3. I am a fan of your goat milk Shampoo Bar which I have found working well on my hair. - E.F.

4. I bought your Shampoo Bar at the Waco Farmer's Market, and I love it. No need to use liquid shampoo anymore. My hair feels so much healthier, and I don't have to add anything extra to make it soft and more manageable. My husband even uses it and loves it too. We have told our friends, and they want us to get them some next time we go to the market. - G.K.

5. I went to get my hair cut the other day, and the lady asked if I'd been taking extra vitamins or something. She said my hair seemed much thicker than before. I don't have thin hair anyway, but she noticed the difference. The only change I've made is using the Shampoo Bars from HEO! I switched from traditional shampoo hoping for relief from bad itching. The itching is much relieved, and I've noticed I don't need to shampoo nearly as often. I've gone a week before the oils have built up to the point my hair needs to be washed. It used to get gummy and clumpy in 3 days or less. I don't use rainwater or distilled water, but do use water from my Berkey water filter so no chlorine. - Rita R.

6. I tried the Shampoo bar, a little leery as I tried one from someone else that left my hair looking oily, but it is wonderful. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length, it was very soft and combed out beautifully. I used a vinegar rinse. I will order again. - Susan

7. I have used the Shampoo Bar twice now, and I really like it. I make a vinegar/water/essential oil rinse. It seems to all be working out well, and I am very pleased with the savings. All of the high end products I have been using are really expensive. Thank you all so much. Love all of my oil products. - Ann

8. I have been losing a lot of hair while showering this past year. Last week, finally I tried the Dairy Meadow Shampoo Bar and have had great results. I like to wash my hair everyday and I suspect regular shampoo has harsh chemicals and Dairy Meadow Shampoo Bar is very gentle. I wasn't sure how to use it at first, but I read up on the testimonies on the product page. It's more expensive, but I am pleased with it, I really don't like losing hair. - Anne

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