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Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle

Amber glass spray bottles (essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil or they will cause the spray mechanism to fail). When filling bottle, be sure there is no oil on the rim of the bottle or the seal may not seat well and the bottle may leak. If you get oil on the rim of the glass bottle, remove well before screwing on the spray top.

Many skin-friendly oils make wonderful moisturizing sprays. To make a spray, simply decide on the appropriate dilution ratio, add the number of drops to the spray bottle, and then fill with the carrier oil of your choice. For example, for a 2% spray in a 1oz bottle, put 18 drops of your skin-friendly oil/blend in the bottle then fill to the shoulder of the bottle with carrier oil. We offer blank and printed cap labels if you'd like to identify the bottle.

Hand Cleaner
2 oz spray or flip-top bottle (60 ml) 
54 ml pure aloe gel
6 ml essential oils - there are about 30 drops per ml. (Citrus Quench is our favorite blend)
1 drop GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) optional
(Refrigerate when not in use to increase shelf life)
*If you feel to add alcohol, Vodka works well, but Everclear does not, as the proof is too high and causes clumping issues with the aloe vera.
Cough Room Spray
In a 2oz, combine 40 drops of a suitable cough oil/blend with 1 tsp Everclear. Combine well, then fill to the shoulder of the bottle with distilled or filtered water. Shake well.
Room/Linen Spray
Everclear is the best solvent for the essential oil. If you use Vodka, it will separate and will need to be shaken with each use.