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Timer for Diffuser
Timer for Diffuser

This timer is programmable in 15 minute increments over a 24 hour period and includes a 2-way switch (timer/on).

By programming the diffuser to run in intervals (i.e. 15 min. out of every hour) you not only receive a greater therapeutic benefit from the oils, but you save a lot of wasted oil and thereby a lot of money!

There is a switch on the side that turns the timer function off but allows the power to still connect to the diffuser. If you “switch” it to the 'on' position, the timer function on and off based on your settings. Depending on the position of the switch on the side, your timer is either continualy on or is in timer mode.

For standard U.S. power supply only (110-Volt, 60 Hertz). For other areas with different power supplies, you will need a power converter.

Price: $12.00
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