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Tooth Suds ~ Breath Fresh
Tooth Suds ~ Breath Fresh

Tooth Suds

Special formula of pure filtered water, organic caprine lactis, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, alkali, xylitol, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils

Tooth Suds Breath Fresh - Peppermint, Birch and Spearmint
May help reduce bacteria, infection and improve the sense of taste and reduce halitosis (bad breath). Author of Essential Oil Safety, Robert Tisserand says: It is common to use Birch/Wintergreen in a mouthwash or toothpaste, and very small amounts may be ingested. As always, toxicity is in relation to dose.

Tooth Suds Plague Defense Enhance - Birch, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary ct verbenone
May help reduce bacteria and infection, abscess. Dr. Hull requested that we add Birch, which may enhance bone of the jaw and help tighten loose teeth. Author of Essential Oil Safety, Robert Tisserand says: It is common to use Birch/Wintergreen in a mouthwash or toothpaste, and very small amounts may be ingested. As always, toxicity is in relation to dose. 

(The name, Plague Defense refers to HEO's blend of oils. We realize this word is very similar to the word 'plaque,' which is what we want to avoid on teeth, but the similarity is merely coincidental.) The Plague Defense blend is formulated to help us avoid illness as one would want to avoid the "plague." 

Contains NO added glycerin, artificial sweeteners, silicates, fluoride or stabilizers.
(Glycerin, as a natural by-product of the soap-making process, is not harmful to oral care, whereas added glycerin inhibits remineralization.)

1/4 oz sample in polypropylene plastic lip balm container. PP plastic is FDA approved for food storage and considered one of the safest plastics for re-use and hot liquids.

Brush teeth with a very small amount of Tooth Suds. Avoid letting the suds reach the sensitive taste buds on the back part of the tongue (which seem to be the most "offended" by the taste).

If the Suds liquify (which it may if in warm climates), simply stir, then place in the refrigerator or a cool place to allow it to return to a more gel-like texture.

Grapefruit seed extract fights viruses, bacteria and supports the immune system. (Free of synthetic chemical preservatives.)

Xylitol is noted in dental research to prevent cavities, reduces plaque and “starves” micro-organisms, allowing the mouth to remineralize damaged teeth. Our pharmeceutical grade Xylitol is derived from a renewable source of hardwood Birch trees, not corn. It is guaranteed GMO free and produced in the USA. (Xylitol can be harmful to dogs.)
~ Tanzer, JM (1995). Xylitol chewing gum and dental caries. International dental journal 45 (1 Suppl 1):65-76.

A recent report suggests consumption of xylitol may help control oral infections of Candida yeast; in contrast, galactose, glucose, and sucrose may increase proliferation.
~ Abu-Elteen, Khaled H. (2005). "The influence of dietary carbohydrates on adherence of four species to human buccal epithelial cells". Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease 17 (3): 156–162. DOI:10.1080/08910600500442917. Retrieved March 14, 2012.    

Remineralization Effects of Xylitol on Demineralized Enamel
Miake Y, Saeki Y, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa T.



dr judd

Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemist and Researcher
Author of, Good Teeth, Birth to Death, after reputable dental research concluded:

- Teeth remineralize when clean and brushed with a bar of soap
- Glycerine (in all tooth pastes) coats the teeth with a sticky film inhibiting remineralization.
- Bar soap does a perfect job in cleaning the teeth. The enamel thickens and becomes less sensitive.
- Gums are disinfected by brushing with bar soap. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed.
- Plaque, a poorly formed crystal stuck to the bottom on the enamel, is prevented and eventually removed by brushing with bar soap.
- Prevention of plaque retards gum pockets.
- Removal of fluoride from drinking water, pastes or gels saves the enzyme adenosine diphosphatase so it can deliver phosphate to calcium at the tooth surface, resulting in a beautiful, semi-flexible enamel.
- Plaque and receding gums disappear when soap is used for brushing and vitamin C is taken as in the Gum Rescue recipe.

A gray or translucent look is usually food stain. Typical toothpaste contains abrasives that remove food stains, but Tooth Suds doesn’t contain any abrasives, If staining is an issue, we suggest that a few times weekly you add a little baking soda, activated charcoal and/or calcium carbinate to the Tooth Suds on your toothbrush to help eliminate food stains.

Gum Rescue
1 tsp Ascorbic Acid
½ tsp Baking Soda
1 inch Water
Add the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and soda to the water; let fizz, and then dilute with ½-1 cup water. Drink.
The resulting SODIUM ASCORBATE is non-acid, very pure and more soluble than vitamin C. It is more reactive than ascorbic acid in building connective tissue and antibody structures and more effective in killing some viruses and bacteria. ~ Dr. Judd

For teeth that seem to be susceptible to cavities, one mom reported that a hair tissue mineral analysis showed her daughter was "extremely low on the mineral BORON. One of Boron's functions is to mineralize the teeth and keep them hard. Her level was almost a zero."

Testimonies about Tooth Suds
1. I am amazed how clean my teeth feel. My teeth feel slick for hours, even overnight. I no longer have that fuzzy mouth feeling when I wake up, which tells me that this stuff is really working.

2. My chronic bouts with mouth ulcers disappeared after consistent use of Tooth Suds and Heritage Mouthwash, and my teeth and gums are cleaner and healthier than they have ever been!

3. I don’t have any plaque buildup at all, and my gums feel tight and healthy for the first time in many years.

4. After using Tooth Suds and the Heritage Mouthwash for just a month, I had a “glowing” report from my hygienist on my teeth and gums. When I opened my mouth she said, “Wow, your gums look great! What have you been doing?” After poking around a bit, she exclaimed, “I feel guilty taking you money, I can’t find a thing to clean! Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

5. I had very sensitive teeth and inflamed gums before using Tooth Suds, but within days, the sensitivity disappeared and my gums feel better than ever!

6. Sensitivity in my back molar disappeared after one day of using Tooth Suds!

7. Tooth Suds Evaluation:  I had just had my teeth cleaned 2 days before purchasing the Tooth Suds, and so my teeth were feeling very clean.  I started using the Tooth Suds and was not that impressed; it seemed the same as any other toothpaste. I used it for one week, and then I left for a week trip, and since I was flying, I left the Tooth Suds at home.  Within a day, my teeth felt so 'dirty' - I could not believe it.  No matter how long I brushed my teeth, I just couldn't get them to feel clean.  As soon as I returned home, I started using the Tooth Suds again, and within a day, my teeth were feeling clean again.  I thank you for creating the Tooth Suds and never want to use anything else! - M. H.

8. I wanted to let you know that I had a good result with the Tooth Suds (Plague Defense). The sensation on a couple of teeth disappeared after a couple months of use. The X-ray in January showed a shadow, and I have not had it X-rayed since the improvement. - A.B.

9. I had tremendous pain from a cavity of some type, and I used the Tooth Suds and Mouthwash on it continually for about 3 days. It has given me no more problems since. Now my whole family uses the Tooth Suds and Mouthwash faithfully. - S.L.

10. I love using the Tooth Suds and mouthwash you recommended!  Two of my children suffered from bad breath (or rather WE suffered from their bad breath LOL), but I'm thrilled to say that they love brushing their teeth with the suds and the bad breath is totally gone!  I've tried so many things, but this is the only thing that has worked!  Thank you!

11. I have to tell you how amazing your Tooth Suds are! A family member let me try this product, and from the beginning I liked the fresh taste it gave my mouth and the long-lasting 'clean feel' it imparted to my teeth. This is so different from any toothpaste I've used, and believe me, with life-long issues with sensitive teeth and bleeding gums, I've tried them all!! Not thinking much about it, I began using the Plaque Defense Tooth Suds. For the first time in my life, I began to look forward to brushing my teeth, using it consistently twice a day. One morning, just 3 weeks into using your Tooth Suds, I suddenly realized my gums weren't bleeding at all when I brushed my teeth. And, unlike usual, I couldn't feel even one sensitive spot anywhere in my mouth. My teeth and gums are feeling 'strong and normal,' for the first time in years! Then recently, for about 10 days, I was doing a lot of traveling and in a hurry I took along regular toothpaste. Wouldn't you know, in that short period of time, my gums starting acting up again! Hallelujah! Blessings to you for such a simple and health-building product. I would recommend your Tooth Suds to anyone and am about to pass some on to another family member. I hope to never be without this product again! - L.S.

12. At my last dental cleaning, the dentist wanted to know what I was brushing with. I told him the Plague Defense Tooth Suds and he couldn't believe it! My teeth have never felt cleaner. I had almost no plaque and it has cured my husband's bad breath. The dentist wants to try it on a patient that has periodontal disease! - K.L.

13. Your Tooth Suds product is an answer to prayer! About a year ago, I found myself with a red rash all around my mouth, but I didn't connect it with the toothpaste I was using. That had never happened before in all of my 61 years. A health consultant at a health food store suggested three toothpastes that worked well for him when he had the same type of reaction. He said that if those three toothpastes failed, then baking soda was the only other alternative that he knew about. Sure enough, I ended up being at the end of my rope, which is when God does what He does in a spectacular way! He pointed me to Tooth Suds! Thankfully, when I went to a new dentist to begin the process of removing all mercury from my fillings--did you know that mercury is more poisonous than lead? -- he he told me that a friend of his uses Tooth Suds and loves it. He gave me your information so I could order it. I am so very happy Tooth Suds is made up of all natural ingredients! I am well on my way to total recovery! - D.J.

14. Six months ago at my dental cleaning the hygienist said that I had developed some very deep pockets and that I must floss more often. I had been in the habit of flossing approximately twice a week. Knowing that pockets are very serious and having read the blog post about Tooth Suds, I decided to give it a try. I also committed to floss at least 6 times a week until my next cleaning. A month ago I had my cleaning and the hygienist reported that my pockets are all gone and my gums were the pinkest and healthiest looking she had ever seen them. My teeth feel so clean after using this product. I really miss it when I travel and have to use travel size tube toothpaste. I just ordered my second jar of Tooth Suds, the first one lasting well over 6 months. Great product. - Karen

15. [This is not a testimony about Tooth Suds, but might be helpful information] My daughter is prone to cavities and has two now that need filling. We eat clean, and don't do sugar. Are there any essential oils that can reverse these cavities? She has extremely deep grooves in her molars. We did a hair analysis which showed that my daughter is EXTREMELY LOW on the mineral BORON. One of it's functions is to mineralize the teeth and keep them hard. Her level was almost a zero!" - Dana
[One of HEO's customers has a business providing Hair Mineral Testing: www.hairmineraltesting.com The lab that does the testing for them tests 42 minerals and toxic elements. They give a full color report for the patient and a doctor's report to take to your Naturapath if you choose too. There is an explanation given for every element that is not in the correct range.] 

16. Just visited the dentist yesterday, which is usually torture, as they clean around my front bottom teeth that have receding gums (why can't they use warm water????). Anyway, I have been using Tooth Suds for a couple of months, and the pain/sensitivity was reduced about 90%! - Mary Lou

17. Using Breath Fresh Tooth Suds has helped my sensitivity tremendously! Great product!!! - Brenda

18. We love your oils and especially the Tooth Suds!!! Wow! My 13 year old calls all the salves, oils, etc that I have purchased over the years, “Your natural junk that doesn’t work”. After 3 days of using the Tooth Suds he looked at me and said,”I never want to live without this. It is amazing.” Coming from a fairly cynical teen, that is very high praise. - Erin

19. I had a life long battle with canker sores. I tried L-lysine, but it didn't seem to help. What I discovered was that my toothpaste seemed to aggravate them. Sodium Laurel sulfate is in 95% of regular toothpastes--even natural ones. It's included to make the toothpaste foam, but it also wrecks havoc with the lining of your mouth. When under stress, my resistance wanes and the outbreaks worsen, but by switching to using Tooth Suds and the HEO Mouthwash has virtually eliminated mine. - Betty

20. I wanted to let you know that I've kept track of how long one 8oz jar of Tooth Suds lasted. I used once daily, and it lasted ONE YEAR and EIGHT MONTHS. That's very good. I'm going to clock this new jar as well to compare. Thought you might like to know. - Kathy

21. We use the Tooth Suds (both Plague Defense and Breath Fresh), but when our little one got a cavity (due to not brushing regularly), we took her to our naturally-inclined dentist. He confirmed that she had a small cavity and suggested that we could pack it with White Oak Bark powder daily for a while to help it seal over. Sure enough, with consistent brushing with the Suds and then packing the cavity with White Oak Bark power, it sealed over and didn't need to be filled. There is still a depression where it was, but the dentist confirmed that it is no longer an active cavity. - Maryann

22. Thank you for the best quality oils and oil blends out there. There are so many fake oils out there. I can do my research in a company or an oil and still not be satisfied that I received the best oil. I never have to worry about yours. I love your tooth paste! It's the only stuff I will brush my kids teeth with. Thank you so much for your dedication to such high quality and excellence. It gives me peace of mind to know I can always go to you for quality oils.  - Daniela