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Mother's Moisturizing Spray
Mother's Moisturizing Spray

Mother's Moisturizing Spray
Geranium (Pelargonium x asperum), Rosewood (Aniba roseadora), Palmarosa (Cymbopobon martinii), Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Jasmine Absolute* (Jasminum grandiflorum), Lemon (Citrus limonum)Rose Flower Absolute (Rosa centifolia), May Chang (Litsea cubeba), Clove Stem (Eugenia caryophyllata), Osmanthus Flower Absolute (Osmanthus fragrans), Rose (Rosa damascena) in a soothing base oforganic Safflower seed oil (Carthamus tinctorius), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Sesame seed oil (Sesamum indicum), Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), organic Sunflower Oil (Helicanthus annuus), Olive oil (Olea europaea), Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Vitamin A oils (Retinol)

3% dilution

Children? Use caution topically with children under 2 years of age due to potential skin irritation.
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding? Suitable
Medication/Health Condition? Incompatible: Antidepressants/CYP2B6 substrates (all routes)

An uplifting blend for aches, pains and stretch marks.

Application Suggestions
Spray into palms and apply with hands. Spreads more easily over a damp body or with damp palms. Avoid the eyes.

1. I ordered Mother's Moisturizing Spray in preparation for my labor and postpartum care. I had a rather large skin tag/ skin growth under my right arm pit for years. It was really bothering me, and I read the Mothers can be used for skin issues. I applied it once for two days. The first day the large red growth turned purple, and by day 2 it was completely gone. In fact my husband couldn't believe how "normal" and almost indistinguishable my two armpits now are.  - Alysa

2. I used Tender Tissue spray in my water spray bottle post delivery, and that was a godsend. I'm still using Mothers Moisturizing spray post delivery. I used it during labor, and all the nurses and doctors loved it. They couldn't believe how calm the room felt and how good it smelled - Candace

3. I used Mothers Moisturizing spray during labor and immediately post partum at the hospital and the first days home. My milk came in on the third day - the fastest it has come in. It was wonderful for my aching muscles, and I used it all over! I still use this blend almost every night because it's so relaxing. C.S.

4. I just want to thank you sooooo much for the Mother's Moisturizing Spray. I'm two weeks from delivery of my sixth baby after losing our fifth in a late stillbirth last year. Until last week, I'd not had a decent night's sleep and felt as though I was a bundle of anxiety at all times. The Mother's spray arrive, I rubbed it on my belly and slept through the night! I've been using it throughout the day, and with deep breathing and lots of prayer, I feel more peace than I have since I found out I was pregnant. I love the smell, too. UPDATE: I love, love, love the Mother's Blend Spray. In the hospital I used it frequently and had the easiest postpartum experience so far. My milk came in far quicker (2days earlier than previously, even though this baby was born earlier than any other at 36 weeks). I've continued to use it at home and notice the baby nurses completely and sleeps well when I do. For the first time, I had no PPD. It still settles me immediately. I may never stop using it. I'm ordering more. - April

5. I recently suffered from a thrombosis hemorrhoid while pregnant with our third child. Those things cause excruciating pain; worse than childbirth in my opinion. It’s difficult to walk or sit, so I had to mostly lie down. My doctor assured me it would go away on its own within 2 weeks, but after 4 days of no improvement with everything I tried, I was very doubtful about that. Nothing brought any relief. Then I remembered that I had Hopewell’s Mother’s Moisturizing Spray and gave it a try. I sprayed it on some toilet paper and patted the area. I immediately felt a wave of relief. I continued to use it about every 2 hours, and over the next few days things got better. In less than 2 weeks the blood clot resolved. I want to encourage anyone who has the same thing, those things do really go away:)! Other things I found helpful were squatting for any toilet visits, spraying instead of wiping with a squirt bottle with Lavender oil and warm water, sitting in tub with epsom salt immediately after (and many other times) and then applying Mother’s Moisturizing Spray. I am so thankful I had this around! - S.

6. I woke up with a crippling cramp in both legs. The left leg managed to stabilize (still cramped but not as painful), but the right leg felt a bit better, and then all of a sudden got way worse. I grabbed the closest oil to try to get some kind of relief, which happened to be the Mother's Moisturizing Spray. I sprayed a couple times into my hand, rubbed it into my calf, and I got almost instant relief! Thank you! This pregnancy journey would not be what it is without you and your wonderful oils :-) - Katie

7. Thank you for the Mother's Moisturizing Spray! When I hit 8 months, my belly started getting pretty itchy and the spray helps tremendously! It also smells wonderful and helps me relax and get to sleep most nights (9 months now and can't wait to meet our little one soon!) - Katie

8. Thank you for the best quality oils and oil blends out there. There are so many fake oils. I can do my research in a company or an oil and still not be satisfied that I have received the best oil. I never have to worry about yours. The Mother's moisturizing blend was amazing during labor, after labor and for every menstrual cycle. I love the way it smells and sniff it just to lift my mood. Thank you so much for your dedication to such high quality and excellence. It gives me peace of mind to know I can always go to you for quality oils. - Daniela

*Jasmine Grandiflorum is an absolute from India - Premium quality from the freshest flowers. Jasmine is actually an "essence" not an essential oil. Absolutes are solvent extracted products. They are produced by a multi-step process which involves first extracting the flower (or other biomass) with a non-polar solvent such as hexane. After the hexane is evaporated, a waxy product is obtained called the concrete. The concrete is then extracted using a polar solvent such as ethanol. The polarity of ethanol allows extraction of the volatile aromatics from the concrete while leaving behind the non-polar plant waxes which don't dissolve well in ethanol. Finally, the ethanol is evaporated to leave behind the absolute, which will typically have 1-5% ethanol remaining in it and sometimes a trace of hexane, depending on the method used.

Dermal Caution: Potential skin sensitization issues due to Ylang Ylang. The maximum dermal use level should be 0.8% to avoid these issues (Tisserand/Young).

Blood Pressure Caution: Use Ylang Ylang sparingly if you have low blood pressure.

Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas. Essential oils are both lipophilic and hydrophobic. Lipophilic means they are attracted to fat— like the membranes of your eyes and skin. They are also hydrophobic, meaning they do not like water. Flushing with water will only send the essential oil back to the eye's membranes. Applying a carrier oil will create another fat for the essential oil to be attracted to other than the membranes of the eyes or skin. Tisserand suggests: "With essential oils, fatty oil has been suggested as an appropriate first aid treatment, though the advantage of saline [eyewash] is that the eyes can be continually flushed, and this is less easy with fatty oil." We’ve not known this to cause permanent injury or long-term discomfort, but if you feel concerned, please call your health care provider.