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Roll-on Applicator, Blue
Roll-on Applicator, Blue

10 ml Roll-on Applicator

These roll-on applicator glass bottles are a handy way to apply essential oils, blends and massage oils to the skin. Manufacturer recommends using a carrier oil.

We recommend that you add a carrier oil (no more than 25% essential oil) to these applicators to prevent the pure essential oil from compromising the plastic tops.  We cannot be responsible for replacing failed tops or oil that leaks. Fractionated Coconut oil works very well, but thicker oils don't dispense as well. If you want to use a thicker oil, consider adding some fractionated coconut oil to help thin it.

We use roll-on applicators for oils and blends that might lend themselves to this type of application; for example, rolling Pain-X or Arctic Ice on your back or hard to reach places. (Please read the note below about diluting the oils.) Our ReachAll bamboo application wand is perfect for applying to the back. For dilution information, see Oil Usage.

♦ 10 ml size stands about 3.75" might be bulky in a pocket, but just fine in a purse.

The balls for the roll-on’s rarely fail, but when they do these are the reasons we’ve found:
1) Not sufficient dilution - we suggest at least 25% dilution ratio (25% essential oil with 75% carrier oil).
2) Too much pressure weakens the “neck” that holds the ball in place - refrain from using as a massage tool.
3) Using excessive force to seat the roller top into the glass - use a clean, dry, folded washcloth  to gently ease the top into place.
4) After a number of years of use, they may just need replacing :-)
I’ve had one fail because it was not diluted enough. I know one customer who uses the bottles as massage tools, and they fail quickly - which she understands and replaces them frequently. I have some that I’ve had for about 10 years that are still working fine, although I don’t use them daily.
We cannot be responsible for failed tops or oil that leaks.

You can use these roll-on bottles to create your own lip gloss, using a suitable carrier oil such as Almond oil, and add a drop or two of essential oils. Sweet (Wild) Orange, Mandarin and Grapefruit oils are fine to use (not phototoxic), but it is not recommended to use the following if you will be exposed to direct sunlight within 12 hours.

Phototoxic Essential Oils
* Angelica Root, Seed (angelica archangelica)
* Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) * Caraway (carum carvi) – low level
* Cassia (cinnamomum cassia) – low level
* Cumin (cuminum cyminum)
* Ginger (zingiber officinale) – low level
* Lemon (citrus limon)
* Lemon Verbena (aloysia triphylla) -low level
* Lime (citrus aurantifolia)
* Lovage (levisticum officinale)
* Melissa (melissa officinalis) – low level

We also use the roll-on applicators when using an oil or blend that is considered a "hot" oil such as Oregano, Cinnamon, Warrior, Fire Power and so on. The applicator allows you to roll the oil on the desired location without getting it on your hands and fingers.

These are easy to refill as needed. The HDPE/LDPE plastic tops are very durable and few have ever failed even after several years of use (when they are appropriately diluted. They are BPA -free.

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