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Breathe Easy

Gentle Blend of essential oils noted to help support sinus and respiratory issues and suitable for children, the elderly and those with sensitive skin.


Has antiseptic properties which makes it supportive to the body's natural response to cleanse and soothe minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes and bruises.


(Myrtus communis)
Traditionally used to support healthy thyroid and hormonal balance, lung, sinus and prostate function, to ease muscle spasms and soothe minor skin irritations and wounds.

Nasal Inhaler

Make your own natural, therapeutic inhaler with essential oils.

Nasal Rescue

Traditionally used to support healthy lung and sinus function.


Traditionally used to for it's antiseptic properties to soothe wounds and insect bites, neutralize smoke, mildew, odors including adding to pain to reduce toxic fumes.

Respiratory Relief

Immune supportive and may ease symptoms of colds, sinus congestion, coughs, and seasonal allergies. 

Sinus Relief

May help clear sinus passages and respiratory congestion and ease minor aches and pain.



In most cases of sinusitis, antibiotics are not desirable or effective because they target bacteria, not fungi.

1. We use Purify and Cleansing and sometimes Respiratory Relief and Frankincense. We dilute them with coconut oil and rub it over our sinuses. If it seeps into the eyes, it won't sting for long, but if it really bothers you, you can put a little coconut oil into the eye to dilute more. If you don't have coconut oil, use a good cooking oil. We also use the same oils in a saline mix and spray up the nasal packages. My husband no longer uses commercial sprays in his nose.  His sinus headaches have basically found no place to set.

2. Sometimes when we have nasal issues, we use Peppermint. When it is really bad, we use Plague Defense or Purify. We apply the oil to a Q-yip and place it between the cheeks and the teeth in our mouth. It doesn't burn us, but if it does, just dilute with a bit of good cooking oil like coconut or olive. The oils will slowly go to the back of the mouth and somehow, this helps us feel better.

3. I put Purify on a Q-Tip and put it up my nose for a sinus infection. Warning: If you try this undiluted, for the first few minutes you'd be wondering "What on earth have I done???" But after that calms down and you blow your nose, you'll be fine. Wait as long as you can before blowing your nose. Ravensara and Myrtle work like this as well, and can be done with children. I've tried Ravensara and Myrtle, and they work, but it takes more applications and is just too slow for me.

4. For our little one who is prone to sinus infections, we use diluted Myrtle on a Q-Tip and swab the nostrils. We started doing this when she was 4, but I wish I'd known about it sooner. It clears up the green "gunk" right away, and she welcomes the process with a smile. After the deed is done she promptly says, "Oh, thank you mommy." - Linda

5. I use nasal therapy: Eight oz. of warm water with salt and a drop of Roman Chamomile or Fennel.  It cleanses all the passages.

6. I put Peppermint (1 or 2 drops)in a cup of hot water and drink this as a tea. I breathe the hot fumes and then sip it. Sure helps to loosen mucous and move it out for me.

7. My son had sinus infections and they smelled terrible. My mom, who is a nurse, told me the smell comes from the Pseudomonas bacteria which are opportunistic pathogen that cause among other conditions, sinus infections.  These pathogens enter when the system is already compromised and my son, having Down Syndrome has low immune function. Whenever I start to smell this pseudomonas on my son's breath he immediately gets Endurance in a capsule and continues to take one for a few days. The smell usually disappears after one capsule, and no sinus infection presents itself. This is a huge change from before we found out about using essential oils. The smell was the precursor to weeks and sometimes months of unbreakable sinus infection. 

8. I used to have bronchitis and pneumonia all winter and most of the fall. Now, I regularly diffuse Respiratory Relief, Purify or Plague Defense or other oils and that helps a lot. I also apply Plague Defense on the bottoms of my feet when I am going around people who are ill.  I substitute teach and have to go into groups that are ill. Plague Defense has been a real blessing there. As for sinus infections, we no longer deal with that weekly like we used to. 

9. I woke this morning with a sinus headache and really congested head with my ears plugged also. This is what I did: I applied Respiratory Relief and Purify around the rim of my ears, Respiratory Relief on the sinus point of my feet (at the base of the toes), a capsule with 3 drops of a blend of: 10 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 3 drops Tea Tree. I rubbed Muscle Relax and Peppermint on my nose, forehead and neck. I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and when I awoke, it was gone and I was clear headed! I will be taking another capsule soon though just to keep it away!

10. I once tried a drop of Peppermint on the tongue and then touch to roof of mouth as a breath freshener and got a real shocker. I wasn't aware that my sinuses needed clearing, but it felt like someone blew an air hose through my sinuses. Everything opened up so quickly that it actually startled me!

P.S.: Don't try this while sitting at a traffic light!  :0)

11. I use Peppermint across my check bones, nose and up temples. Be careful of the eyes – you'll likely want to close them, and if the oil seeps in and burns, be ready to dilute with a carrier oil or cooking oil. I also use Eucalyptus in the same areas along with Plague Defense on the bottom of my feet. I also used Immunition on the bone behind the ear and down under the chin and along side of the Adams Apple. I just got over a nasty sinus infection, and this is what worked for me. 

12. I suffered with chronic sinus infections for years.  Nothing the doctor did for me cleared it up. In fact, it got so bad, I would call his office, say I was getting another one, and he'd say, "What pharmacy?"  I didn't even have to go in to see him. Despite antibiotics, I would still develop a full-fledged episode of the infection, and it would always lead to an infection in my larynx, making me lose my voice. A good friend offered that I try her Respiratory Relief. She suggested that I use the Respiratory Relief as I felt led to. I rubbed just a dab over my sinuses and put a drop on my tongue. I could breathe and my voice returned within the hour!

13. Our son suffered chronic sinus infections for years, and one day my husband got a brainstorm. He cleaned out some old leftover bottles from nasal spray prescriptions (misting type). Then we went to Walmart and bought nasal saline for just a few bucks and filled the misting nasal spray bottles with the saline and 2 drops each:  Cleansing and Respiratory Relief. Our son has never felt that his sinus infections were ever really cured, but he says this is working.  He feels better, sinuses are much clearer and he feels they will be totally cured of this chronic condition within a week or two!

14. I have gained some sinus infection/inflammation relief by swabbing my inner ear with a Q-tip dampened in hydrogen peroxide. It is absorbed almost directly into the sinus cavities.

15. Our favorite to diffuse for sinus issues is Sinus Relief. This clears up sinus issues in our family right away, and when we think it's coming, I believe that consistently diffusing this keeps it away.

16. For almost 3 years I have not been able to even breathe through the nose. I took Sinus Relief on the tongue, and it worked almost instantly. An hour later it was still working. I still had relief this evening, and just before I got into bed, I placed Sinus Relief and Birch in a neti pot with Himalayan salt, and then I did another round of oral drops. Only one time have I had all-day relief, and that was with a nasal spray (not natural - chemical), and when it came back, it was four times worst. I've had some minor relief or temporary relief for a few minutes or hours before, but I've never had as much relief as with this blend. - Robert A.

17. I have been applying Sinus Relief across my forehead every night before bed. It's done wonders for me. I've been able to breathe throughout the night instead of being stuffy, and it also seems to be working whatever I have out and keeping it from getting worse! - Linnea

18.The Mayo Clinic has been doing numerous studies on chronic sinus infections. After several studies, they believe that most chronic infections are fungal in nature which could be made worse by antibiotic use. I was just researching this issue this very morning. With multiple antibiotic usages, it would be reasonable to consider this as a possibility. I feel like all of my comments these days deal with the fungus link, but it really does make sense if you think about it. Much of our food source is contaminated with fungus due to mass storage of grains, altered farming practices and antibiotic use, GMO foods and depleted soil nutrients. In addition, with wide spread antibiotic use, the delicate gut balance is altered making us perfect hosts for fungus. For a sinus issue specifically, there are olive leaf extract nasal sprays that really seem to help in many people. The one I am thinking of is by Seagate, but I'm sure there are others. Anytime fungus could be an issue, "gut health" is always the best first line of defense in successfully getting rid of it. I have been battling systemic fungal issues for 2 years now, through food and natural antifungals, and I can honestly say that my life has changed so much! It has been a long and difficult road at times, but has been so worth the challenge. I finally feel like I have my life back!  - Satin

19. My husband's nose was totally stopped up and he was miserable. I diluted Respiratory Relief and rubbed it over the bridge of his nose, along the sinus tracks on his face  and throughout his head. His sinuses drained in about 30 min. Be prepared though, it was A LOT that came out!!! - Jen

20. In addition to the neti pot I also do sinus steams. Boil water, put it into a glass bowl, drape a towel around your head and the bowl, lean over and inhale the steam. I have used Eucalyptus in the steam, and keep my eyes shut. When I do the sinus flush, I use the squirt bottle type and I add 1/8 tsp activated charcoal and a drop of Lavender to the saline solution. I great results with this, along with a drop of Lavender under the tongue, a drop of Peppermint on top of the tongue, then I rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I also use Oregano oil on my feet during sinus season. Rinsing the pollen out of hair and off skin before bed helps a lot too. - Tammy

21. I have been using Ravintsara for my allergy issues which often develop into sinus pressure and infection. I have been sharing it all summer when someone I see has respiratory problems. I ordered a large bottle and can’t even tell you how many tiny sample bottles I have given out! People are amazed! It’s my favorite! It helps me to breathe and drains my sinuses immediately. It’s my “wonder drug”!!! I keep running out of your cards as I send one along with every sample I give to people to try! People LOVE it!! This last week ragweed hit our area and hit me really hard. I kept using the Ravintsara but finally decided to add Plague Defense and then finally when I KNEW I had a sinus infection, I added Warrior. This was the first sinus infection I’ve since I've known about your oils, and I was NOT planning to go to the Dr.! I switched from Ravintsara to Alive—I was trying everything I had to get over it! I I was pretty sick for three days, but once I added Warrior, I could feel I was going to get better. By the morning of the fourth day, I was BETTER!!! I am so excited not to have to burden my body with antibiotics and cortisone!! So now I am placing an order for a big bottle of Alive too! I like the Alive once I am sick, but plan to go back to Ravintsara once I'm over it completely. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I know you give all the credit to our Lord, but you also share your knowledge and help us! - Maggie
Application clarification from Maggie: 
Ravintsara - I apply directly (undiluted) on maxillary sinus (which is where I usually get infections), on throat and near ears, on my lymph glands--wherever I hurt. I have used it for months quite often (not every day though), and it has never bothered my skin. I also read it’s uplifting and good for headaches. Everyone I have shared it with loves it!
Alive - I apply in the same places (undiluted) instead of Ravintsara since I had gotten a sinus infection, and it does feel warm for a few minutes, but not hot, so for now I will keep using it undiluted. Alive is not the same as Ravintsara.
Warrior - I only apply to the bottoms of my feet (undiluted). I put all things on bottom of feet near where vita flex points are. For example: The big toe represents head and brain, so I put it there, and the sinus “line” appears to me to be across the bottom of all toes. I am just learning, but to me there doesn’t seem to be a total right or wrong. As long as it goes into body, it seems to help!
[HEO's comment: Although Maggie's done fine with with undiluted use, traditionally the oils are diluted, or rather "extended" with a carrier oil, which reduces any risk of skin irritation or sensitization. For more information, please read Oil Usage on the Hopewell website.]

22. After taking 8 rounds of antibiotics to treat a severe sinus infection, I began to look for another way to stay well. I began to research essential oils and have ordered some from different companies but I was always leery about how to use them. Then I found Hopewell Oils. I was impressed with the information offered with each oil and how to use them. I feel much more confident about using them and making the best choice for what I need. Now when my sinuses flare up, one or two applications of Respiratory Relief takes care of that. I appreciate HEO's commitment to quality and providing information so that I can make the best choice for me and my family. - Margie

23. I am often excited about my oils! Today I am most excited about the Alive blend. I awoke with a terrible, and I mean terrible, sinus headache. I put a drop of Alive on my hands, rubbed them together and tented them over my mouth and nose. I breathed in the vapors for a few minutes, and my sinus headache is down to a dull roar. I also notice that when I do that my itching allergy eyes feel better too. No, don't put the oil in your eyes!!!! I am so glad I read a post here about how much someone loved the Alive blend, so I thought I'd shout about it some too! - Tammy

24. Respiratory Relief is what we use for all cold and sinus issues. I would also recommend a saline rinse using either bottled (plastic squeeze from drug store) or homemade solution using a glass bottle from Hopewell. A netti pot works for a more thorough rinse. I put the oil on the bridge of our noses with extreme congestion and use saline a few times a day. We get benefits from diffusing it at night too. - Nanci

25. I suffered for YEARS with what seemed like sinus infections. Severe pain and pressure, complete blockage and very, very sick each time. Over time, antibiotics did nothing, and I would suffer with no hope of relief for 8 weeks or more. I finally found what works for me. I use a mini steamer (Vicks makes one) with Thyme, Clove and Cinnamon Bark drops added to the steam. At first, I steamed every hour, but over time I could do it just morning and evening. You can just boil a pot of water and add a drop of each oil as well. The Thyme is the most important. - Christina

26. I suffer from a nasty sinus infection every few years. After 3 days of a sinus headache with medication not helping at all, I decided to look on your Hopewell website. I saw that someone used Purify swabbed in the nose. I did this twice a day for 3-4 days, and my sinus infection is completely gone :) I am so thankful to be relieved of the pressure!! It felt better the first day, but it kept coming back each morning. By the 3rd day I no longer had pressure, and by the 4th all my symptoms were gone. I'm so thankful! - Brittany

27. I have been treated for a sinus infection every month for the last 6 months. ENT put me on 3 weeks of antibiotics and 12 days steroids. I came down with a virus at the same time. I had sinus headaches going into migraines, a drippy nose and a tremendous about of gunk going down my throat that kept me up at night gagging. I began using Warrior, Absolve and other EO's I had for sinus issues. Two weeks into the antibiotics/steroids/EO's I was not any better, and I gave up on EO's and quit using them. The next day I was considerably worse. I found my sample of Nasal Rescue and started using it in my nasal wash (old Rhinoflow). I felt improvement, so I started using it as a gargle also. That night I slept straight through with no gunk in my throat. For the nasal wash and gargle, I used 3 drops Nasal Rescue in 4 oz of water. I did the nasal wash 3 times a day and the gargle every couple of hours.  I'm currently doing the nasal wash and gargling 2 times a day. I also made a bottle up so I could spray my throat if I couldn't gargle. Nasal Rescue is a great blend that I never want to be without! - Sharon

28. Peroxidize - Use 3% peroxide - 3 bottles of peroxide to 5 bottles of water in a cool mist humidifier. I use the ultrasonic humidifier because it cranks out more volume. Sit in front of it and breathe deeply - pathogens in the lungs and sinuses can't live in an oxygen enriched environment. Usually the flu and so on is gone within 24 hours using this method. You can also put it by your bed or the bed of your children at night when flu and cold strikes. Some have also had good results adding a few drops of lugols iodine solution, which sounds like a good idea to me. - Kay

29. My son-in-law is totally amazed at how quickly Warrior helped him to breathe when he had been miserable with sinus stuffiness. I mixed up a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil with 3 drops of Warrior, and he applied some to the bottoms of his feet. He hadn’t even gotten both of his socks back on, when I heard: “Is it just my imagination?” His nasal passages had caused him to feel awful all evening; after applying Hopewell’s Warrior, he acted like a 10-year-old who had just gotten what he wanted for his birthday. He reported today that he slept fine all night. - Donna J.

30. My go to for sinus infections is this: Mix 1 oz of organic apple cider vinegar with a little local raw honey, a dash of cayenne and 3 dashes of turmeric. I drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wash down with lots of water. I drink it again before lunch on an empty stomach. You could probably substitute Warrior or Plague Defense for the cayenne. This works every time for me and my friends. When I suggest it to my friends, they are very surprised that they didn't have to go in for antibiotics. - Sandy

31. 6. I was completely eager to get Breathe Easy because I knew it was safe for my two month old! I got sick with a severe cold, and then my newborn son and my husband got the same thing! I was still on the mend when Breathe Easy came, so I put it in the diffuser right out of box! Within minutes my sinuses were clearing and my baby's breathing became less of a struggle! My husband (the skeptic) came home, and he was feeling a little better within the hour! He now asks for my oils! Thank you for giving us parent-safe alternatives for little ones! - Lyz