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May help soothe troublesome skin, bone/joint aches and pains and support healthy bone and joint function (formerly called Deep Healing).

Fire Power

Used to support healthy joint and muscle function. Consider using with handy roll-on applicator.

Frankincense frereana/carterii

(Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response, blood pressure, lungs, to ease minor aches and pains and soothe skin issues including as tags and warts.


Traditionally used to support healthy circulation, bone and muscle function and to ease minor aches and pains.

Peppermint USA

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.



Formulated to support healthy bone and joint recovery from issues such as slipped disc and compressed vertebrae and to ease lower back, joint and tendon pain, calcified joints, bursitis and carpal tunnel.


Diet? One of the first things to consider when battling painful inflammation and joints is that you eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise, outdoors if possible.

Valerie Worwood suggests eliminating the following from your diet:
processed meat, red meat, alcohol, dairy products, all sugar, refined flour and related products, fried foods, peanuts, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, limes, root vegetables, tomatoes, preservatives and additives.
Worwoods suggests these foods:
fish, green vegetables (especially those loaded with calicum such as broccoli and kale), nuts, seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), whole-grain bread, chicken, figs, grapes, apricots and peaches. Drink filtered, distilled or bottled water and herbal teas.

Water? Perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself is drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. Figure this out and place the correct amount of water in glasses or jars. Adding organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey to the water is desirable (1TB ACV + 1TB raw honey per cup of water). Make sure you drink your 'daily allotment' every day. Many times our body is just dehydrated, and our painful joints are 'screaming' at us to drink!

In The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, Purchon/Cantele suggest the following "Arthritis" blend:
10 drops German Chamomile
7 drops Geranium
5 drops Birch
5 drops Rosemary ct verbenone or Plai

  • Use as a local application (diluted 12 drops to 4 tsp carrier oil).
  • After application, you can "enhance the benefit" by "getting into the shower or bath. This enables the essential oils to be absorbed and work their way into the bloodstream. The heat of the water encourages the essential oil vapors to rise, allowing you to inhale the aromas more easily and thus creating a dual application."
  • Hot Compress: In a non-reactive bowl, combine 1/2 cup very hot water with 10 drops of the Arthritis blend. Stir well to disperse the oils. Submerge a cloth just large enough to absorb all the liquid without dripping. Lay the cloth on the affected area and secure by placing a sock or glove over the compress.

Gut Bacteria May Cause Rheumatoid Arthritis by Beth Skwarecki (Science Magazine, Nov 2013)

Protease, serrapeptase and also other digestive enzymes reduce inflammation, purify blood and also help heal the gut. The gut needs healing in any type of autoimmune reaction. The dosage of high protease enzymes is very high (taken on an empty stomach), but it doesn't have to continue too long, so the cost is temporary. Longvida Cucurmin might help with the inflammation. A diet that majors in organic, colorful vegetables is important because joint pain and inflammation are often caused by toxins in the joints, and the pH balance of people with rheumatoid arthritis is usually quite acidic. So anything which strongly reduces acidity would be of help. This is where the enzymes prove important, as they help purify toxins and may help balance pH a bit too. Find Osteoarthritis Relief with Serrapeptase by Robert Redfern

Essential oils work wonderfully for joint pain. Many help reduce inflammation and increase circulation, which may facilitate the body's healing mechanism in some cases.

1. I had severe joint pain and had trouble dressing myself until I discovered MSM. I drink ½ my body weight in ounces of water daily, add MSM and citrus essential oils as desired (in glass not plastic!). I use PainX as needed, which seems to also have helped reduce the inflammation and allowed my body to heal.

2. I had joint pain in both knees which impaired walking. I used Plai and Lavender and achieved almost instant pain relief.

3. After Linda mixed up this oil, she asked me (I'm Linda's mother) to try it on my frozen finger joint. It'd been frozen for over a year and very painful, especially if I bumped it. I didn't experience uncomfortable heat with Fire Power at all, but I also didn't experience immediate pain relief either. After a couple hours I noticed that the finger moved a bit. It was bedtime, but when I awoke in the night I reapplied Fire Power. By morning I could hardly wait to call Linda. Not only did the finger move, but I also could make a fist, unscrew jar lids and there was NO PAIN! - Joan

4. Although I have arthritis in my hands, I still love to garden. I discovered something I felt I should share about using PainX. I used to use it after I gardened, but I started using it before, and the results are fantastic! The pre-application prevents the pain from ever occurring!

5. I've tried a lot of oils for my joint pain but have found that Vetiver is remarkable for this. I applied on the tender bone and surrounding tissues and felt relief within 5 minutes.

6. I have finally settled on using a blend of Vetiver, Birch and Peppermint to get relief for my arthritic shoulder. I rub it in and do very careful stretching exercises and the pain disappears.

7. I had very stiff and painful joints in my hands but am still very active. I almost resorted to using prescription medication, but then I talked to Linda. She suggested that I try her Fire Power and warned me that it might stain and so on. This blend is amazing! I was able to do heavy landscaping work around our place, and by using Fire Power, my hands didn't get sore a bit. Wow!

8. Oh Bless the Lord!!! Let me tell you our testimony. My husband came home early because of the pain in his back. I have had to dress and undress him for 2 days. I bent down to take his shoe off and he screamed in pain at the way I lifted his leg. About 10 minutes later I applied the Fire Power. I asked him if it burned and he said, "No." I went about doing my things and left him to rest. He came briskly walking in the room just a little over an hour later with a smile on his face and said "It worked!!" We are both thankful and impressed. He still has some pain, but now he can get up and move around.

9. My husband has been fighting tendonitis, so I got him a couple different things from Hopewell, and they have helped him tremendously! He went one day to help unload the semi at our Angelfood distribution, and it was really bothering him so he took some of his migraine strength Advil and it didn't help. So, I sent him home to get the Fire Power oil to try. We had just gotten it the day before so he hadn't had a chance to try it yet when he was in pain. It takes about 7 minutes to get from home to church, and before he got back, the pain was gone.

10. I injured my knee and had a badly inflamed joint. The best combination for me was: Plai combined with equal parts of Black Pepper, Lemon or Neroli, Cedarwood and Orange. I used these combinations diltued with 10% essential oil blend and 90% a carrier oil. This combination reduced the swelling, calmed pain and speeded up the healing process considerably. One application could last about 18 hours!

11. After having my second knee surgery, I applied a combination of Plai, Nutmeg and Lemon in equal amounts diluted 1:9. I put this in a roll-on applicator and applied above and below the surgical area. Tissue inflammation and swelling was significantly lower than on my other knee that had had the same surgery without the use of Plai. I didn't need to take any pain meds since this combination alone controlled the pain.

12. PainX takes away the arthritic pain in my hands almost immediately, but using Regeneration has almost completely healed my hands from having the pain to start with! - A.R.

13. After much trial and error, my husband layers on 3 blends: PainX, Strength, and Regeneration, and this works best for his arthritis. Also, rather than relying on Advil or aspirin, we fill gel caps with organic turmeric-it's a powerful anti-inflammatory! We hike 6 days a week to keep supporting muscles and joints lubricated. Many blessings! - Karen

14. I have arthritis in my knees, they sound like they have sand in them, and with my hip replacement for some reason they bother me, BUT, when I use Strength on my knees, the pain goes away. - Carly

15. I have used Pain X on my arthritic knee. It helped the pain a bit, but not a lot. I briefly tried Arctic Ice, but that did not seem to help much. Most recently I have been using plain Marjoram (with almond oil as the carrier). This has actually helped the most. It takes the pain down to about half of normal, and it feels very comforting - like a warm gentle hug on my knee. That probably sounds strange, but I don't really know how else to describe it. It just gives a comforting feeling. - Joy

16. My mother has psoriatic arthritis and uses Pain Arrest, the DermaSoothe and Nerve Pain. - Stacy

17. We've seen good results with Hopewell's Regeneration and Strength. At first, I liked Regeneration better; now I like Strength better. My husband also takes Hi-Active Tart Cherry capsules. - Theresa

18. I mixed 10-12 drops of each of Regeneration and Strength blends with almond oil in a roller bottle and use it for pain anywhere needed (usually requires two applications about 30 minutes apart), and almost without fail, my pain is gone. My 86-year-old mother has hip/thigh/knee pain that makes walking difficult. I applied this to all of those areas, and her pain was gone! She uses it daily now. I gave it to a co-worker for her knee and shoulder pain, and within an hour she was pain free. We use it for arthritic and muscle pain, plantar fascitis - you name it, it works. We love this stuff and I share it with everyone I know that has pain issues. - Kelley 

19. I mixed equal amounts (3 drops each) of Solace and Valerian in my diffuser. I've been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease (DJD, that is, osteo arthritis.) Normally, I can't even sit up at 11 pm. With fibromyalgia, I've found it useful to use essential oils that calm the central nervous system (CNS.) May the good Lord guide you to the oils that work best for you. I'm praying for you if you're reading this! - Becca

20. I had a very painful, stiff neck that had worsened over the years. When the chiropractor showed me the x-ray, he said he’d never seen a neck that bad (degenerated) on someone my age (46). He said he’d expect a neck like that on a ninety-year-old woman. His treatments did not help, and it was just too risky/painful for manipulation. A good friend suggested that I try Peppermint essential oil. She purchased some for me from a respectable company so I'd be assured that it was a very high-quality oil. I used it liberally, and it did bring relief, but I figured that it was just masking the pain. The chiropractor had not offered hope that I’d ever see much improvement, so I didn’t expect what happened. As the weeks of using Peppermint went by, I used it less and less. After six weeks, I realized that I hardly even thought to apply it. The pain had stopped triggering me to put it on. I had almost full range of movement back and virtually no pain after two months of use. My feeling is that the Peppermint helped reduce inflammation, brought circulation and facilitated my body's ability to heal. – Linda

Purchon, Nerys; Cantele, Lora, Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, 2014, page 161.
Worwood, Valerie Ann, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, New World Library, 2016, page 283.