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COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Eucalyptus radiata

(Eucalyptus radiata)
Traditionally used to support healthy immune response to infection, lung and sinus function, ease minor joint and muscle aches and pain. 


Lung Support

Lung supportive blend that may ease symptoms associated with respiratory issues and support healthy lung function. (Formerly called Lung Healing)

Peppermint India

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.

Peppermint USA

(Mentha piperita)
Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.


Respiratory Relief

Immune supportive and may ease symptoms of colds, sinus congestion, coughs, and seasonal allergies. 


COPD is the co-occurrence of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, in which the airways of the lungs become narrowed. This leads to a limitation of the flow of air to and from the lungs, causing shortness of breath. This disease is considered poorly reversible and usually gets progressively worse over time.

COPD is caused by noxious particles or gas, most commonly from tobacco smoking, which triggers an abnormal inflammatory response in the lungs. The natural course of COPD is characterized by occasional sudden worsening of symptoms called acute exacerbations, most of which are caused by infections or air pollution.

Eucalyptus radiata may be used as a rectal implant, such as:
15-20 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil (about 3%)
Place the mixture in a small syringe (no needle!) and inject into the rectum.
Retain the mixture through the night or as long as possible for best results.
Thoroughly clean the applicator after each use.

In the Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, Purchon and Cantele share this Emypysema Massage blend:
15 drops Cedarwood
10 drops Eucalyptus (they don't mention the Latin name)
5 drops Thyme ct thymol or Hyssop
Combine in a 2mL bottle

Peroxidizer - Use 3% peroxide - 3 bottles of peroxide to 5 bottles of water in a cool mist humidifier. I use the ultrasonic humidifier because it cranks out more volume. Sit in front of it and breathe deeply - pathogens in the lungs and sinuses can't live in an oxygen enriched environment. Usually the flu and so on is gone within 24 hours using this method. You can also put it by your bed or the bed of your children at night when flu and cold strikes. Some have also had good results adding a few drops of Lugols iodine solution, which sounds like a good idea to me. - Kay Ness, certified neurodevelopmentalist with ICAN

1. I have COPD, and since using essential oils now for about a year, I have experienced a lot of improvement in my breathing. Respiratory Relief and Peppermint have helped me regain activity that I thought I'd given up forever. Diffusing nightly and putting a drop on my hands and inhaling in the day, have worked incredibly well for me.

2. For my COPD, I used Rosemary ct cineole, Peppermint and Lemon. I put this blend in an empty 15ml essential oil bottle. I inhale this deeply for 2-3 minutes throughout the day, and set it on my bedside table at night. It has helped improve my breathing tremendously. Diffusing it nightly helps me to sleep better, and therefore my days are better. My overall health and activity levels are increasing. Here's the "recipe" I used:
45 drops Rosemary ct cineole
30 drops Peppermint
30 drops Lemon

3. I've been diagnosed with COPD, and when I started to come down with a cold recently, I was really concerned because I very easily go into pneumonia, so my doctor prescribed an antibiotic in hopes of stopping the cold from becoming more serious. Bad idea! After a few hours I could hardly breathe and had to be rushed to the ER. I spent over a week in intensive care trying to live through the side effects of the antibiotic. While still in the hospital, my daughter-in-law brought me capsules of Lung Support mixed with a carrier oil for me to insert like a suppository. I cannot tell you how fast this worked. The results were almost immediate. I also found that by putting a drop on my hands and inhaling helped my breathing as well. The quality of my sleep improved when I fell asleep inhaling the oil like this with my hands cupped over my nose, and that helped me gain ground, too.

4. I have COPD and have had to use a lot of antibiotics over the years for bronchitis and lung infections to prevent it from going into pneumonia, but since learning about essential oils, my life has improved greatly. I use Warrior 3-4 times daily with about 15 diluted drops in a capsule. This has worked far better than any antibiotics I've ever used, and instead of getting worse over time, I am actually getting better.
[HEO's Safety Comment: Oral use should only be considered with respect for how concentrated the oils are. HEO does not advocate internal use of essential oils without appropriate knowledge and understanding of how to administer, for what purpose, how much, which essential oils, safety concerns and so on. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D. notes that "French aromatherapy literature contains many references to using oils orally." He goes on to note that "generally 1 drop is always enough when ingesting essential oils." A potential toxicity hazard could occur when untrained people use essential oils orally and ingest too much. Keep in mind that while medical doctors or health care practitioners may prescribe essential oils for internal use, they are trained and experienced in the safe application of essential oils.]

5. My mother has COPD, and I was diagnosed with it myself a few years ago. My mother is on 24/7 oxygen and just miserable. I was very disappointed to find myself on the same path. Thanks to my friend for suggesting I try some of your essential oils, I got a diffuser and started diffusing Respiratory Relief nightly. In less than two months, I had almost no allergy symptoms anymore. When I went for my regular appointment with my doctor, she looked at my tests and asked me what I was doing. She was amazed at my improvement. I continue to use Respiratory Relief nightly in the diffuser and inhale it during the day, and I continue to improve. I have not felt any need to go back to the doctor and have been completely drug-free now for over a year. These oils work!

6. I recently went to my doctor and the diagnosis of COPD is still apparent, but I have not had any symptoms to increase for one year since the original dx. My doctor wants to know what is in the Respiratory Relief blend. I will send him the ingredients list and also include one of your cards. I have shared your cards with others as well. I am very grateful that I found your internet site. I sleep beside my nebulizer every night, and now I am used to the noise, so I can sleep through the cycles. Thank you for all that you and your family do to help others. Shalom and blessings, Sharon

7. Due to a birth defect, I've aspirated into my lungs all my life causing ever-increasing scarring in my lungs. After many years of testing, and because the doctors had to give it a name, they decided on atypical COPD. There is no medical resolution to be had. Following a serious health event, I was put on oxygen 24/7 at age 25 and told not to expect to live to be 30. I had young children and a young faith. My husband prayed for me and God instantly healed my lungs miraculously and entirely. (Medical X-rays confirmed it.) To God be the glory!!! For reasons I do not need to understand, He did not heal the anatomical defect that caused me to aspirate, so over the next 23 years the scar tissue continued to build up again.

Fourteen years ago I was placed back on low levels of oxygen, and had to increase the levels as needed. About 5 years ago I was visiting Texas and asked Linda Sherman about EO's for respiratory issues. She suggested Respiratory Relief. I began to use it by inhalation directly and diffusion. I applied it on my feet and my chest a total of probably 2 - 3 times a day for several weeks. I experienced a reduced need for oxygen (checked my O2 sats regularly) so that I now only use it at night, or if I am needing to be involved in strenuous or continuous above normal activity, or if I am going to be at a very high elevation. (I live in Colorado and am acclimated to elevations up to about 7000 feet.) I diffuse either Respiratory Relief or Eucalyptus globulus at night, but I have not used it otherwise unless indicated by special need. 

I recently began using Lung Support some as well. For the first time in many years I got bronchitis a few weeks ago while traveling. In years past, I would still have it because it would take me months to recover. Also, by using the Respiratory Relief, Lung Support, and a mucolytic blend I put together (ginger, clary sage, pine, thyme and eucalyptus in a base of mullein infused in extra virgin olive oil), I was able to shorten the critical period from a few weeks to a few days as well as keep it from turning into pneumonia (which is unheard of for me.) The whole incident lasted about 4 weeks. 

During the bronchitis event I used the Lung Support and mucolytic blends diluted in capsule form as suppositories too. That may sound like a long time, but for me it was very shortened, especially since that encompasses the occurrence of all symptoms, and the last week was nearly void of any symptoms at all. My doctor's nurse had called me on day 3 about some blood test results and heard my cough and the sound of my oxygen machine and immediately scheduled me to come in the next day. By the time I went for the appointment, my sats were back in the high 80's and low 90's without oxygen. My doctor sent me home saying she had planned on putting me in the hospital, but that there was no need to do so. She said: "Just keep doing what you are doing." It did take longer for the cough to go away, and I did stay on oxygen for about 4 weeks to help speed the healing, but I know the essential oils are the reason this episode was short lived and why I am able to be free from total oxygen dependence. I have since heard from several people that they have or had bronchitis too, and it is just hanging on for weeks and weeks. To God be the glory!!! I hope maybe some of this will help someone else. - Patty N.

8. My dad has COPD and has suffered for so many years. I have prayed and prayed for something to help him not suffer so much. I found your site and ordered the Lung Support, Respiratory Relief and Peppermint oil. After I applied the oils he said he hasn't breathed this well in a long time. - Jaime

9. My Mom always has a puffer at home for when she feels a little wheezy or tight in the chest from COPD. She rarely uses it - maybe a few times a year. When she went to her doctor last time and asked for a new prescription for it, he told her they don't make it anymore. She didn't want a different one because she is sensitive to a lot of meds and found only that particular brand worked safely for her. I gave her Lung Support and showed her how to put one drop in her palm and rub her hands together and breathe it in. She told me last time I saw her that she LOVES IT! She said it works great and she won't need to have a puffer anymore. That was music to my ears! - Margaret

10. Respiratory Relief and Lung Support are really helping me. I have emphysema/COPD, and the oils help me relax. - Dawn

11. I have chronic COPD, and since using Lung Support, I've experienced amazing improvement. My neuropathy is also much better from using the Neuropathy Spray, where nothing else gave relief. Praise the Lord! - Gary

12. I have COPD but oddly enough I don't get a lot of gunk in my lungs. I do however get a lot of drainage from my sinuses into my throat (especially after being sick a couple weeks ago with a mild cold). I suspect this is a side affect of my inhalers. I've used Lung Support on my upper chest/throat area as well as an allergy blend around my ears to make sure they drain. I've been close to more than one ear infection in recent months, and so far I've avoided a full blown infection. I know the oils work because after I use them I start coughing from the drainage into my throat. Not fun, but it's better than sitting in my head causing infections, and it's clearing everything out so I'm coughing much less this week than I was last week. - Tracy

13. Thank you for the MRSA info! After taking many essential oils recommended for pneumonia, I looked up your site and started on the sample of Mercy that I've had for over a year. I just dabbed some in and on my nose as per your info, and I truly believe this is the answer to all of my 69 years of asthma and COPD. I had a carbuncle and blood poisoning as a child. I was treated with lots of antibiotics, and I now believe this caused MRSA to set up residence in my nose and cause me a lifetime of misery in my chest. But now praise to our Lord Jesus and your info and your Mercy, I believe I have found the answer to it all. I'm feeling better than I've felt in years. Thank you and God bless your ministry. - Suzi-Annah

14. My dad uses Respiratory Relief and Lung Support for his emphysema and is doing well with his breathing. It makes him feel so much better. 

15. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had the worst lung infection again, I am in my 11th day, and your lung blends Alive and Top Gun have kept me alive. I stopped using the pharmaceutical drugs a long time ago because they have thinned my skin and lowered my immune system. The steroids have enlarged my heart. I have double lung disease, emphysema includinCOPD with some aspects of asthma attached, rendering my lung usage at less than 70%. I stopped the salbutamol and ipratropium (sp) in my nebuliser and instead have been using your lung oils with water, and sometimes  saline mixed with it. Although I have probably coughed up 4 pint glasses of nastiness, I am not so painfully breathless today, and I walked down the stairs slowly for the first time in over a week. Thank you for your oils, they are a blessing to me and are keeping me alive, for how ever long. - Dawn 

16. 4. My dad is doing so much better with emphysema after I started using Lung Support and Respiratory Relief. He is no longer using oxygen 24 hours round the clock. I thank The Lord for guiding me to your website. Shalom. - Lilian  

Purchon, Nerys; Cantele, Lora, Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, 2014, page 221.